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Chapter 2

By: Brynn Parker (who does not own Full Metal Alchemist)


The next day things were perfectly normal at the office, though when Hawkeye walked into the office, Mustang's insides went in knots again. He had to fight to keep his cool. 'Damn it...' he thought, 'I can't believe she can do this to me.' He'd always thought that when he and the attractive young sharpshooter finally did get together, he would be the one showing her the ropes. But this was a new, different, completely unfamiliar Riza Hawkeye, and he was finding out that...he liked it.

"Good morning colonel," she said when he walked into the office, "Late again. I got you yesterday's paperwork along with today's, so I suggest you get to work."

Havoc sighed from his own desk. "Why are we stuck here doing nothing all the time? I thought this was a promotion!"

"Oh, things might get interesting soon enough, but I guess you and the others can leave for now. I won't tell on you, and I'm sure Riza won't either." She blushed slightly and he chuckled. So that was her weakness.

Havoc jumped up and was out of the office in a few minutes, Fury and the others quickly going after him.

There were a few moments of uncomfortable silence before Hawkeye cleared her throat. "It's Hawkeye in here, colonel."

"Oh, alright," Mustang said, smiling. She glared at him and the smirk was wiped off of his face and smacked down on the desk. "Ouch..." he muttered.

She turned back to her work, content with the reaction she'd gotten, and began going through her papers, finishing the last one off with a quick signature. "I'm done," she said, "But you know I'll find out if you didn't do your paperwork...and I'll see you tonight, right?"

"I'll pick you up at seven," he said, smiling up at her, "And uh...wear something nice."

"See you at seven," she said as she walked out the door, "And I thought you'd like to know the Elric brothers are back."


Author's Note (VERY IMPORTANT! NO JOKE!): OK people, it might be kind of hard to understand this next part if you haven't read my EdxWin fic, Loving a Dog of the Military, so...if you don't get it, you should read the other fic. Sorry if you don't like EdxWin, but all of my stories are going to run together, know what to do.

You should read the story, but I'll give you a summary anyway: Ed visited Risemboul and he and Winry slept together. That's all, you could probably figure it out on your own (and you should read my other story!), but if you wanted to know, there you have it.


"I couldn't help it...Winry's just so beautiful...and she wasn't stopping me..."

Mustang froze. He hadn't expected that...he knew that Ed's problem was that his feelings for Winry had probably changed, but...he hadn't thought that the young alchemist would go that far.


Mustang cleared his throat and quickly resumed his pacing, "I wasn't talking about that," he said shortly. "But, if you did know that she could be in danger from your enemies now, and if she...needs you to commit now..." He hoped this wouldn't upset Full Metal...that kid was like a time bomb.

"I hadn't thought of that! Are you sure my enemies could find her?"

"Only if word gets out, which I'm sure it won't if I know you," Mustang said, then thought about it for a minute. The same thing could happen to, she could take care of herself. "That's why I don't get into serious relationships with anyone."

"Oh, I thought you were just a bastard." Great. Now he was upset. And what he was about to say could upset the kid even more...

"And in regard to commitment..."

Ed cut him off. "Yeah, I know. Pinako already gave me a talk - Winry's grandmother."

Mustang's shoulders slumped in relief and he let out a sigh, and then added a smug remark before he let Ed go. Edward Elric left Mustang's office with steam practically rising from his head.


Roy stood at Riza's apartment door, looking at his watch. He started to get a nervous feeling in his gut and he closed his eyes and wished it would go away. He wasn't going to go into teenage boy mode around this woman, the one woman that he'd been waiting to take out on a date for years. It was true; he'd been attracted to Riza ever since he'd met her years ago, and ever since then they'd been working side by side.

His jaw dropped when the door opened. There stood the most beautiful woman he'd ever gone out with, he was absolutely sure. Riza was wearing a long, light blue dress with a slit down the side, and her hair was down around her face. The only thing that betrayed the fact that she was a sharpshooter was that he knew that her bag was just large enough to fit a pistol.

"Is this too much?" she asked, "I mean, I know the kind of places you take those women, so...I didn't think it would be possible to overdress."

"No, that's..." he looked up at her, raising an eyebrow, "How do you know where I take girls out on dates?"

She blushed, but was completely honest with him, "Maybe I was just a bit jealous..."

This made him - the cool, composed, womanizing Roy Mustang - blush.

"I don't know anyone else like you," he murmured.

"I know," she said, smiling, "Now let's go."

She got in the car with him and the driver turned around as Roy told him where they were going. "Wow," Riza said, "Now I feel underdressed."

"No," Roy said, leaning towards her until his breath made her hair brush against her neck, "You look beautiful." It was almost as if they were in a fight; Roy felt like they were in an intellectual game. She blushed, and he realized he had just earned another point. She was testing him, and he had to prove to her that he was was a nice change.

"You're not used to this, are you?" she asked, looking straight into his eyes and pushing him back by his shoulders, "I'm not kissing you...not yet anyway."

He laughed and she wanted to bite her lip like a little kid. She'd gone out with other men before, but deep down she knew that Roy was the man she'd been waiting for. She knew he'd always thought she was inexperienced in this regard, and he was now finding out exactly how wrong he'd been. He, and probably everyone else that knew her as Lieutenant Colonel Hawkeye, had completely underestimated her.

"I really hadn't expected this from you," Mustang said, taking her hand as the got out of the car, "Riza Hawkeye...I would almost say that you're more experienced than I am."

"I'm good at controlling the situation, I thought you'd have figured that out by now from work."

"I should've," he said, "But I didn't." He laughed a little, "God, I feel so stupid."

"You have a good reason to," Riza answered, "So...why are you taking me to a nicer place than your other dates?"

"Because you're better than any of them, I can tell."

She wasn't fazed by the compliment, "Well, I knew that, but I didn't think you did. The girls you date are sellouts; otherwise they wouldn't fall into your bed like they do."

"Oh..." he grinned, "That's harsh."

"It's true."

"Excuse me..." the host asked, "Table for two?"

"Yes, please," Roy said.

The host took them to their table and Roy immediately tensed up when they sat down. "Shit..." he cursed silently.

"What is it?" Riza asked.

"Armstrong's here...didn't you see the sparkles when we came in?"

"No," Riza turned around, laughing a little.

"In case you didn't know, we're not supposed to be here together...if anyone - anyone - saw us together, they could report us to the Fuhrer and transfer you or demote me!"

"Roy, calm down," she said, putting one of her hands on his, "Would you know it was Riza Hawkeye if you saw this woman?"

He grinned, "Well, of course I would..."

"But nobody else would," she persisted, "Just say some other name if they see you and ask who I am, alright?"

He looked down, suddenly realizing all the problems being with another officer could bring up, "Riza...this isn't going to work," he said, looking up at her.

"Oh, come on," she said, "When you're the Fuhrer, you can do whatever you want, and until then, we just won't tell anyone."

"You're used to this..."

"My parents were pretty strict when I was younger, that's all," Riza said, shrugging, "I got used to having to keep my relationships secret."

"Speaking of..." Roy said, "I had a very interesting conversation with Full Metal earlier."

"Did you?" Riza asked, frowning, "In regard to relationships?"

"I'm only telling you this because I feel like I can trust you," Roy said, "And Full Metal needs someone to count on if something happens to him and...well, he slept with that girl."

"Winry?" Riza asked, her eyes widening. Roy nodded and she closed her eyes, sighing and leaning on her hand exasperatedly. "That's not good."

"I was thinking the same thing," Roy said, "Full Metal's got lots of enemies, and if they found out that he had someone other than his brother, some vulnerable girl that's not under protection like Al, they could..."

"...use her to get information about you or anything else Full Metal's involved in," Riza finished, "He should have thought about it first."

"Some people do too much thinking," Roy said, gazing at her seriously. She blushed.

"You wouldn't mean me, now would you?"


After dinner, Roy got out of the car and walked Riza to the door when he dropped her off.

"I'm really glad I've gotten to know you Riza," Roy said, "Why don't we do this again next week?"

"Alright," she said, pushing her hair back behind her ears, "Well...goodnight." She turned to go, but he caught her wrist and spun her back towards him, pressing her up against him.

"I don't get a kiss?" he asked, smirking.

She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, "That'll have to do," she said teasingly, then turned around again, but he still held on to her. She rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to say something, but he silenced her by pressing his mouth to hers. She melted into his arms, opening her mouth and battling her tongue against his. She pulled away from him after a few moments and he let her go up the walkway. He started to follow her and she quickly turned around and put a hand on his chest, pushing him to arm's length. "It's only the second date," she said, "And I'm not like all those other girls."

He turned around and muttered, "God, do I know it."

A pebble promptly made contact with the back of his head and he reached back, sighing. This was going to be a challenge.


When Riza got inside, she quickly kicked off her shoes and bit her lip, squealing like a teenage girl, then slowly calmed down and sat down on her bed, sighing. "I have got him wrapped around my finger!" she said to herself.

Black Hayate cocked his head and looked at her, confused.


Author's Note: Yes, I know Riza just squealed like a little girl...but that's alright...right? I know that the characters are slightly OOC, but still, I always thought this was how they would act.
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