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Chapter 3

By: Brynn Parker


Again, Hawkeye ignored Mustang completely at work, treating him as always: like he was a child that she was babysitting for. He sighed, going through his papers with a resigned expression on his face. Even though he was dating Hawkeye because he wanted to, he had still hoped that she might cut him some slack. No such luck. Meanwhile, Hawkeye silently laughed every time Mustang would let out another slow, sad breath, her heart fluttering awkwardly in her chest. She wouldn't let on about her feelings, but she felt like a little girl with a crush. Every once and a while she would gaze out of the window, thinking and neglecting her paperwork.

It was one of these times that Mustang got one of the rare chances to chastise her for not doing her work. The others were already gone for the day (it was a holiday, and most of the officers had left...haha, convenient huh?) "Hawkeye," he said sternly.

"Hmm?" she said dreamily, turning towards him and blinking. He had to hold back a grin.

"I'm guessing you're done with your paperwork."

She rolled her eyes at him and then let out a sincere laugh, which she rarely did at the office, "No sir..." she said sarcastically.

A few minutes later she was going through some reports when Mustang's chair bumped into hers. He had pushed back the rolling chair until it hit hers in order to annoy her, and he leaned back, then said breathily in her ear, "Do you want to go out again tonight?"

She surprised him by talking to him in the same way, her hot breath warming his ear and neck, "I'm choosing the place this don't need to dress up."

He turned towards her and caught her mouth with his and gasped a little before returning the kiss for a brief moment and then pushing him away. "Not in the office, colonel," she said.

He wanted to argue that nobody else was around, but he wisely let it go. Who knew what she was planning...?


Author's Note: Just in case you're thinking it's stupid that I just added this holiday to give Roy and Riza some time alone, I didn't. Otherwise, how could Ed spend so much time in Risemboul? Hehehe. Oh. What now?


Riza walked over to Roy's house this time, a humongous place that was fitting for a high-ranking officer, but just didn't seem right for Roy alone. `It would be such a nice place if me and Black Hayate were with him...' she thought, but she banished the thought from her mind quickly. It was to early to be thinking things like that...or was it? Riza stopped for a moment and thought about it, realizing she'd loved him ever since she'd met him. So was it OK to be thinking about those things? She shook her head and continued walking. This was just too confusing.

He met her at the door in a black jacket, white shirt and black slacks, while she wore a dark blue shirt, some jeans, and a gray sweater. "I told you not to dress up," she said as he took her hand and they walked across the street together.

"I didn't," he said, giving her a half-smile, "This is not dressed up."

She rolled her eyes. "I feel like you're showing off for me."

"Maybe I am." He leaned closer to her when they walked into the park and through the trees, "I feel like I could never look good enough to be seen with you..." he looked around, "Where are we going anyway?"

"Somewhere that none of your military friends will see us," she said, "You know, since it bothers you so much..."

"It doesn't bother me!" Roy snapped, "Alright, it does bother me..."

"See...?" Riza sat down in the grass and pulled some food out of her backpack, "Here. Eat."

"So what are we supposed to do here?" Roy asked, opening the bag of chips and putting a few in his mouth.

"I don't And don't talk with your mouth full."

He swallowed dramatically, and then started laughing, "Oh, I'm sorry," he said. When she didn't laugh with her, he stood up, took off his jacket, and went and sat down next to her. "Is something wrong?" he asked, putting an arm around her.

She turned towards him, smiling. "No, it's right," she said, and then leaned into his embrace, putting an arm around his neck and pulling him to her forcefully, kissing him fiercely. It was the first kiss that he hadn't initiated, and she conveyed so much to him in that show of affection that he understood to wrap his other arm around her waist. They kissed like that for a long time until they had to pull away for breath.

"It seems like we've been together much longer," Riza stated, explaining herself.

Roy could only nod. It seemed like he could never get the better of her...she kept on surprising him, and he couldn't ever foretell what she was going to do next. Strangely enough, he liked it. Finding his voice again, he breathed in a deep breath and then let it out slowly. "Riza...I've loved you ever since you started watching out for me back during the war in Ishbal. I may have dated other women...but I just don't know why."

"I love you too," she said, gently caressing his face, and suddenly feeling very shy. Their true feelings were out in the open now. It was going to be hard to continue their games. "I...I'm sorry about how rough I was."

He smirked at her, "You don't know the meaning of rough," he said, pulling her closer to him with one of his arms wrapped around her waist and sucking on her neck. She laughed a throaty laugh and turned her head to play with his ear.

"Two can play at this game," she said, nibbling on his ear playfully.

"Don't talk with your mouth full," he muttered, making her laugh again.

"We should probably take this somewhere else..."

He stopped and looked at her, his dark eyes meeting her red ones, "Are you saying what I think you're saying...?"

"Let's go before I start stripping you right here," she growled, hastily picking up her things and hoisting them onto her back.

They ran back through the park and across the street, Roy occasionally kissing her palm or her cheek. When they got up to the house, Roy fumbled with the keys and Riza laughed at him, hiding her face to make sure nobody on the road saw who she was. "Damn it," he said, finally getting the right key and shoving it into the doorknob, only to have it not turn.

She laughed at him, then coolly turned the key in the lock and opened the door. "You really want to get inside, now don't you?" she asked.

"Where...?" he said, raising his eyebrows. She smacked him on the head playfully, probably hurting him more than was planned, but he didn't really care. He pushed her up against the wall and pushed her sweater off of her shoulders. She started to peel off her shirt...

But stopped dead in her tracks when a pretty girl's head popped up over the back of the couch. She looked groggy and confused.

"Roy...?" the girl asked, and then smiled wickedly at Riza, "Roy, I needed some comfort and I thought I could stay here for the night..." she winked at him and Riza stood there in shock for a moment before pushing him back in disgust. She picked up her sweater and her bag, and then walked towards the door, pausing for a moment.

"Let me know when you figure out what the hell you're doing," she muttered through clenched teeth.

With that, she left the colonel's house shocked, agonized, angry, and most of all, humiliated.
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