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New Pet

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Mick finally moves in with Tommy, but he gets an unexpected suprprise when he learns 'his' lover, is a 'dog' lover.

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Author's Notes: Hey, Fang here to help you out throughout the story! Normal quotes, such as "Sentence." Are obviously normal speech. Mainly from the human characters in the story. :)
Single quotes, such as 'Sentence.' will mainly be used by the dog. Since it can't speak, that's the quotation I'll use to show you what he's thinking. However, italliced single quotes, such as 'Sentence.' are used to show the human characters thinking. So what for the differences.
Single words in itallic, are used to put tension or sarcasm on the words. "Right..." or, "Are you serious?" Bold, will only be used for titles or such things.
Okay, well I hope you enjoy the story! Don't worry, this won't come up again.
Tommy unlocked the door to his house with a stupid looking grin plastered across his face. Mick couldn't do anything but smirk too. He was finally moving in with Tommy. They have officially been a couple for three months now, and now they'll be living together. Mick couldn't think of any greater joy.

The both walked in and Mick looked around the place. It was nice. The walls were painted a nice turquoise, There was a purple carpet that covered the living room, and the kitchen was so organized, you wouldn’t have thought that this house was own by the Tommy Lee.

Tommy grabbed Mick's bags and as he walked down the hall, he looked over his shoulder and just said, "Make yourself at home!" So he did.

He walked into the colorful living room and took a seat on the black leather couch. He looked around the room some more. He noticed the oak coffee table that sat in the middle of the room, the book shelf that stood at the end of the couch to his right, although it didn't have that many books on it. He nodded appreciatively. He liked this place already.

There was a dip in the couch next to him, and he looked over to see this fairly big Rottweiler/Border Collie. Mick stared at it. It had the large, Rottie physique, with the Collie tail. It had the same Rottie color pattern, though where it should have been brown, it was white. I was a beautiful dog, just big!

'Oh god, he's got a dog.'
'Oh god, he's got a boyfriend.'

Just then, Tommy walked back into the room and saw these two staring at eachother. "Oh," He started. "I see you two have already met!"

"Yeah yeah yeah."
'Yeah yeah yeah.'

They both turned away from eaother, Mick shifting further down the couch, the dog moving to lay down on the other side. Tommy just sat down in between them and started petting the dog. "Well, Mick, this is Bear." 'Yeah, whatever.' Then Tommy leaned down and nuzzled the mutt. "Teddy Bear, this is my new boyfriend, Mick!" 'Yeah, whatever.' Then Bear got up and shuffled out of the room.

Tommy snuggled closer to Mick and laughed. "Aw, don't worry about him, he don't bite or anything." Mick just looked down at the younger man in his arms. "With the size of that thing, getting bitten is the least of my worries." Tommy just let out a small laugh and snuggled closer into Mick's arms.

Mick sighed. 'This is definately going to be interesting
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