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"We don't sit at the table when people are eating." 'But, it's called a /family/ dinner!'

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Mick sighed as he rubbed his eyes. He looked across the table where Nikki was writing some new lyrics, or something. He didn't care anymore. He rubbed the back of his neck and sighed again.

Nikki got frustrated and put the pen down. He then looked across the table and asked, "Alright Mick, what's the matter?" Mick looked him in the eye. "Oh, I'm sorry." He groaned. "Was I bothering you." "Yes, but that's not what pissed me off the most." Nikki answered as he scribbled the pen randomly over the page. "We can't get any good pens around here? What the hell?" He trailed off, searching for another pen while Mick started telling him what's wrong.

"Did you know Tommy had a dog?"
"Uhh huh." Not in the drawer...
"Then you seen how god damn big this mutt is?"
"Yeah." Not ontop of the fridge...
"Well, this dog take up like, two thirds of the bed itslef!"
"Right." Not in the cupboards...
"And I think that mutt knew he was doing it too! 'Cause he pushed me off that be with quite a bit of force."
"There you are." Mick looked up, just as Nikki got up from looking under the fridge. "Were you scared? It's okay, you're home now." He said and he sat back down at the table and contiued writing.
"And you're not even listening." Mick got up and went to walk out of the room when Nikki grabbed him gently by the arm. He gave Mick a serious look, straight in the eye, and said, "Mick, don't upset the dog. Whatever you do. He's not like Whisky was. Just. Don't. Do. It." He let Mick go and let him walk off. He shook his head and continued writing down his lyrics.

That night, Mick was sitting at the table waiting for Tommy. His back was just killing him that day, so Tommy said he'd cook. Tommy set the plate infront of Mick, and kissed his gently. Tommy then went back to the kitchen counter and was chopping dog food up in a bowl.

Clank, clank, clank.

The dog dashed all the way down the stairs and ran into the kitchen, jumping up into a chair at the kitchen table. Mick just gave him a cold stare on continued eating. He was shocked when Tommy came up and place the bowl of slop infront of Bear on the table. He snuggled the dog and cooed, "There you go Teddy Bear. Your favourite!"

The dog let out a happy 'woof' and shoved his nose right into the bowl.

Mick opened his mouth to protest but the phone rang. Tommy looked up. "Oh, I'll get it!" He said and strutted out of the room. Mick couldn't help but stare at this ass as he walked out.
He then shook his head and looked coldly at the dog again. Bear, stopped eating to look back at him.


Mick stood and grabbed the bowl and tossed it into the living room.

'Hey man, I was eating that!' Bear started whining.

Mick then pick the massive dog up and carried him into the living room as well.

"We don't sit at the table when people are eating."
'But, it's caled a family dinner!"

Mick put him down and the rubbed his soar back, which was more soar now. He groaned as he sat back at the table and started eating again.

'Oh, so that's the way you think it's going to be, eh?'

Bear stood and walked back into the kitchen. He looked up at Mick. Mick just looked down and said, "No begging either!" And then he flicked Bear in the nose.

'Oh, no you didn't!'

Bear jumped up, and with his fore paws, shoved Mick, right out of his seat and onto the floor. He then sat back up in his own seat as Tommy walked back in.He gasped when he saw Mick on the floor, and Bear whining.

"Mick, what happened?" He helped him back into his chair. "It was your damn dog!" He said and pointed at Bear, who continued whining. Tommy looked at Mick. "Well, where's Bear's bowl?" Mick just pointed into the living room. Tommy went and retrived the metal bowl and placed it back infront of Bear.

"That wasn't very nice of Daddy, was it?" Tommy cooed. Mick looked up at him.

'I'm not that mutt's father!'
'That man is not my father!'

Mick rubbed his eyes and finished eating. He walked out of the kitchen just as Tommy started eating and Bear was almost finished himself.

"Where are you going honey?" He asked.

"I'm too tired. Just going to bed a little early." He said without looking back. He just kept walking until he was in his bed.
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