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Medicine Man

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The words being exchanged between Maddie and Dr. Burgum was like a foreign language to me and I found myself more interested in the tree outside the window.

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Chapter Eleven

#21 in "101 Things To Know Before Becoming A Father": Keep Her Close During This Time. She Needs All The Help She Can Get.

I lay in my bed on that dreary morning staring at my ceiling fan as it spun around and around. My covers lay around me as if I had just wrestled them for the championship and "101 Things To Know Before Becoming A Father" lay loosely in my hand, the page number forgotten but the words etched in my brain. In just a couple of days Fall Out Boy would be leaving for Warped Tour and no matter how hard I pushed it back down inside of me guilt kept rising up. I would be leaving Maddie here for a good two and a half months…alone. Well, she did have Josie, but really…Josie? But she had been expecting this. I had told her! I had told her the first time we met I was in a band and not home very much. I wouldn't allow myself to feel guilty…I just wouldn't!

As I fought my brain back to soberness I heard a soft rattling coming from my bedside table. I turned to look at my phone vibrating so wildly that any second it was going to end up off the table and onto the floor. I reached for it with the energy one has in the morning and barely rescued it from its downward fate.

It continued to tickle my hand with vibrations as I checked the caller ID: Maddie.

"Hey!" I said taking the phone to my ear. "What's up?"

"Good you're up," I heard Maddie say with a sigh.

I glanced over at the time clock which read 9:30. Of course I was up. How lazy did she think I was? I was about to express this when I was cut off.

"Look, you doing anything today?"

I racked my brain for the slightest reason I would have to say 'yes' to this question…no, nothing. "No, why?"

I heard Maddie give a relieved sighed and went on. "I forgot to tell you that I have a doctor's appointment at 10:30…can you take me?"

Hm…doctor's appointment/lay around….smelly clinic/cheetos…doctor's appointment for your child/be a lazy ass! "Yeah, I can take you."

"Great!" I heard Maddie say and just knew she was giving a full smile. "So be here soon 'cause we have to get going."

"Yeah, I'm already out the door," I lied and I reluctantly sat up.

"Okay see you in a bit."

"Yeah, bye," I said bringing my phone down and throwing it somewhere on my bed. Okay who was I kidding 9:30 was too early to be up.

After grabbing the first clothes I saw and putting them on I was finally out of my bedroom door. It was a slow journey down the hallway and into the kitchen, but I received a present for my efforts. Andy was there with his girlfriend Holly, brightly up and eating.

"Andy," I said making my way over to him. "You haven't been here in like a month."

Andy gave a lazy laugh and continued to eat his cereal. "I had to come back to get some stuff for tour," he said.

I nodded knowing I hadn't even started packing for tour. "Hey Holly," I said giving her a casual greeting.

"Hey Patrick!" She returned her dark eyes surprisingly sparkly in the morning. Holly was a petite girl with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She was 'take no bullshit', 'let's make-out now' type of girl…or at least that's what Andy said.

"I gotta get going you two," I said unenthusiastically. "Maddie has a doctor's appointment."

Andy made a small sound of understanding and wished me luck. As I made my way over to the door I heard a familiar noise.


I sighed and turned back to Andy. "It's for you," I said before wrenching the door open to see Pete standing there. Without a word I moved past him and out the building door.

The small room they had stuck Maddie and I in was no bigger than my bedroom back at the apartment. After the nurse that looked like Rosie O'Donnell had left us I found not much to do but stare at the pamphlet she had handed me. It was about a developing baby I think, but I soon discarded it seeing as the pictures were making me nauseous. I chose to instead fix my gaze on the various tools in the room before I heard the door open. A tall man strode into the room with a smile as white as his hair.

"Patrick," he said advancing on me with an outstretched hand. I rose from my chair with less grace than expected and took his hand. "I’m Dr. Burgum. Maddie mentioned you on her first check-up, but it's nice to have you here to experience it."

"Um…yeah," I said sounding like a foolish teen.

Dr. Burgum returned a smile none the less and moved to the awaiting Maddie on the table. He grabbed the clip board Rosie O'Donnell had left and sat down to study it. "So how are things Maddie?" He asked not looking up from his studies.

"Well it's been tough this last week," she responded shifting in her hospital gown. "I've had these pains right here," she said presenting a spot for Dr. Burgum to see.

"Well…," He said scrunching his face in thought. "Those could be signs of premateral hoading of the adomen…"

"Do you think I need to take Arisol for that?"

The words being exchanged between Maddie and Dr. Burgum was like a foreign language to me and I found myself more interested in the tree outside the window. It looked like it might actually rain today.


The rain thoughts were put on hold when I heard Maddie call my name. My head spun back to very bright eyes looking at me.

"Dr. Burgum asked you a question," Maddie said.

"Um…sorry," I apologized quickly.

Dr. Burgum smiled like it was no big deal while Maddie sent me death glares. "It's no problem Patrick," his voice boomed. "I was just wondering if you had any questions."

"Um…no," I said shuffling my hands. How could I have questions about something I knew nothing about?

Dr. Burgum smiled again and returned to his clip board while Maddie continued to look at me with her blue eyes. I couldn't tell if they were saying 'pay attention' or 'fuck me'. I chose the second.

The fact that Maddie was showing so much leg in her hospital gown oddly turned me on. It was a fact that everything this girl did somehow turned me on. Even now when I knew she was mad at me. I have had no contact with her since that night long ago in her apartment and I was craving more. Wasn't there some kind of rule saying I was allowed to sleep with my child's mother anytime I wanted? There had to be. I would be checking "101 Things To Know Before Becoming A Father" when I got home.
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