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She laughed nervously and said. "What?" I merely smiled more. "You're hot!"

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Chapter Twelve

I had survived my first pregnancy check-up and the 1 hour 22 minutes and 20 seconds I had spent in that hospital was enough for me. Maddie and I climbed back into the car and were passing streets on our drive back in no time. Maddie hadn't said anything to me since her one 'Patrick' back in the room. I couldn't tell if she was really mad or just not talkative today so I didn't say anything back. And that's how the drive went…silent…until…


I looked over at Maddie in her passenger seat. Her face was staring forward, but I briefly saw her glance at me.

"Patrick," she said in the whiniest voice I had ever heard her use. "I really need to pee."

I couldn't help but let a small laugh escape as she started to wiggle about.

"Shut up!" She said more Maddie-like with a hit on my shoulder to accompany it.

I stopped my laughter at once. "We'll be at your house in 15 minutes," I reassured.

Maddie wiggled some more and sighed. "I don't think I can wait that long."

I sighed at her impatience thinking it couldn't be that hard to hold it.

"Your house is closer. Take me there."

I looked at Maddie like she was kidding. Why make an extra stop when we didn't need to?

"Patrick…," Her pleading blue eyes got me every time.

"Fine," I said taking my first right towards my apartment. This has to be worth some points.

"C'mon…c'mon," Maddie pleaded at my side as I fiddled with my keys.

I kept my laugh to myself as I finally stuck the right key in the door. It was amazed that it was even locked. I was sure Andy would still be here, but I guess he had more important things to do.

As soon as I had successfully pushed the door open Maddie sprinted by me with a shove. I was knocked inside by the burst and saw Maddie disappear into the hallway. I gave another small chuckle as I made to close the door behind me. I was thinking something chocolate sounded good when an outburst came from the bathroom.


Oh no! Our toilet was stolen!

Maddie's figure appeared in the hallway, her hands firmly on her hips and a look that I had seen one too many times before.
"Um…it's not in the bathroom?" I asked probably looking as confused as I felt.

Maddie gave a huff and ascended on me in very fast movements. "Pete told me it was here in your bathroom, so where is it?" She demanded.

"Pete told you what?" Oh gosh now she was talking to Pete. Anything could come out of that guy's mouth and he wouldn't even know it.

"The picture Patrick."

Oh no! Okay, okay. Stay calm. Act dumb. "What picture?"


I noticed whenever Maddie was mad a small glint in her eye almost seemed to grow red. It was like hell was rising up inside of her ready to kill. In this case, kill me. "Okay, okay," I caved shielding my face like a cowering boy. "So I might know what you're talking about."

To my surprise Maddie gave a closed lip laugh and spun on her heels. "I know where it is," she called moving towards the hallway again.

She couldn’t possibly know where it was. I mean, I didn't even know where it was, but what if she found it…mistakenly. Oh Shit! "Maddie wait."

I sprinted down the hallway and into my open bedroom door. There sat Maddie searching through my things like the rabbit for Trix.

"Maddie, it's not here," I said coming towards her to get a good view of just where she was looking.

"Not here, eh?" She said standing up triumphantly clutching the picture firmly in her hands.

"What's that?"


"Okay, okay, so I took it."

The look on Maddie's face was enough to make a coyote howl. Her disappointment always made me feel like a child. I knew she was a strong person the day I met her, but now she was just downright Goliath to my David.

"Look, I'm not sorry either," I said surprising myself with the boldness I sent. Then to my even greater surprise Maddie's face softened. Then it hit me…that scheming, little… "You didn't have to go to the bathroom did you?" Maddie edged away. "You tricked me to bring you here so you could look for the picture." Maddie's lips stayed pierced and I gave a hardy laugh. "Now who's the liar?"

Maddie gave a frustrated huff. "Look I had a right to do that," she defended.

"Oh yeah." Was all I could come up with and I quickly grabbed for the picture in her hands. "Well I have right to keep what's in my possession."

Maddie's face showed shock and then, for some reason shear happiness. "Oh yeah," she smirking closing the gap between us. For some reason the glint in her eye this time was sending my body heat waves. Her hand reached for my shoulder and pulled me closer. Soon I felt her breath on my face and she smiled leaning in to kiss me. The erotic pleasure I got just from her lips contacting with mine was crazy. I felt my body shudder and then instantly crave more. I found myself pulling her closer with my own hands and finding a new way to make her moan in my mouth. Then as if my favorite song was pushed on pause, she pulled away. It took me a while to regain my composure, but once I did I opened my eyes to see Maddie smiling victoriously in front of me. In her right hand, clenched tightly was the picture. All I could do was let my mouth go agape. She had tricked me. I didn't even realize she had taken it.

"I call fowl play," I said throwing my hand as if throwing a flag in the air. "That was dirty."

Maddie just smiled and put a seductive finger to her lips. "What are you going to do about it?"

She should know me better than this by now. Maddie gave a small squeal as I engulfed her in my arms pulling her down on the bed.

"Patrick…no," she laughed as I reached frantically for her arm.

"You asked for it," I merely uttered straddling her and pinning her arms above her head. Then I looked down at her fading smile and felt the excitement again.

She laughed nervously and said. "What?"

I merely smiled more. "You're hot!"

Maddie gave a loud laugh at this and wiggled helplessly below me. "Not exactly the best pick-up line I've heard," she teased.

"I'm not trying to pick you up. I already have you."

At these words Maddie made to sit up and I fell off of her seeing her crystal eyes never leaving mine. "Okay," she said throwing the forgotten picture somewhere on the floor. "Let's fuck!"

Before the words could register in my head Maddie was back on me and all my fantasies from earlier were coming true.
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