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Shut Up And Let Me Go

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A stupid beat wouldn't leave my head the next day when I stepped up to Maddie's door. It was a song I knew, but the words just wouldn't come to me. Odd how that frequently happens I thought as I ...

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Chapter Thirteen

In the form of deja vu I found myself staring at my ceiling fan once more. Only this time I was naked and Maddie lay next to me. Much better scenario if you ask me. I rolled over placing one of my arms over the sheet covered Maddie.

"Gosh I wish you could come on tour with me," I smiled.

Maddie gave a short laugh and looked at me. "I bet you do."

I smiled even bigger and leaned over to give her a kiss. As soon as our lips touched I felt a rush. Maddie was a great kisser. She had these tricks she would do like pulling away a bit to extend her tongue between us sending sensations between our mouths or she would kiss just my bottom lip and then nibble on it slightly. It always sent me shivers.

All these tricks though went unseen as Maddie pushed me away. "You have to pack," she stated simply moving to get out of the bed.

I saw her gorgeous body walk before me to get dressed and I sat up feeling robbed of a good moment. Then I scanned my awaiting luggage seeing them completely empty and knew Maddie was right. I turned back to her and saw her fully clothed now. Damn clothes!

"I'll come see you tomorrow before we leave," I said watching her collect herself.

"K," she simply stated. "I'll see you then."

I nodded as I saw her exit my room. I laid back down on my pillow and smiled. Maddie sure was something. Just thinking about her got me hot again. I shuddered from the sensation and peeked over my bed hopefully. Lying on the ground, as if claiming its spot for life, was Maddie's picture. I smiled and reached for it.

I probably was packing for five minutes when I realized just how hungry I was. I abandoned the job and walked out of my room into the kitchen. I stopped though as I saw Pete sitting at the table, a cup in his hands and a smile on his face.

"Pete," I said giving him little attention and moving towards the fridge instead. "Don't you live somewhere else?" I just heard Pete give a small laugh as I dug for anything that looked good. "How'd you get in anyways?" I asked resurfacing and looking at him.

Pete gave a small smile and covered it quickly with his cup. After replacing the cup back on the table he answered. "I was lucky enough to run into Maddie at the door."

Oh no! I shut the fridge and waited for Pete to go on.

"You guys have a quickie this afternoon?" I swear Pete needed to get a new face because I was sick and tired of that grin.

"Don't pretend like you know what went on," I said hoping he in fact didn't know what went on.

Pete just laughed and took another sip of his drink. "Oh, I know."

I walked over to the table and looked down at Pete grinning again. "Well at least I have a girl to bang."

"So you admit it."

"I admit nothing," I said moving to grab a bag of chips off the counter. "That's all I will say," I added making my way back to my bedroom.

I heard Pete give a hardy laugh behind me and call. "Well hopefully it'll hold you over for two and half months, cause you're not banging me on this tour."

He heard a door slam next.

A stupid beat wouldn't leave my head the next day when I stepped up to Maddie's door. It was a song I knew, but the words just wouldn't come to me. Odd how that frequently happens I thought as I gave three sharps raps on the door.

I wasn’t surprised to see the familiar Josie answer. A less than welcome look plastered on her face.

"Hey Josie!" I smiled. I wouldn't let her ruin my good mood.

I saw her face scrunch in confusion and it only made me smile brighter. "You're too happy," she commented moving aside so I could walk in.

I just smiled brighter as I stepped into the apartment. Josie traveled to sit on the couch and retrieve a book lying on the side table. She then buried herself behind it. I followed her and sat down feeling as if that familiar beat was leading my steps. At my presence Josie lowered her book and gave me a deathly glare.

"Um…Josie," I said. "I was thinking that since, well that we will be seeing a lot of one another why don't we have a proper introduction." Josie gave me a look that clearly said 'are you kidding' but I continued anyway. "I'm Patrick Stumph. I'm 21, in a band, and I like the color green, sunny days, and oddly the smell of oranges." The last part had a lot to do with Maddie, but she didn't need to know that.

Suddenly Josie's face turned into a smile. Actually, it was a very creepy smile. "I'm Josie," she responded. "I hate bands, green, sunny days, and boys!"

"Um…okay," I said feeling as though this girl was going to be my 'Debbie Downer'. "Well, what's your sign?" I asked instead.

Josie gave me a shake of her head before yelling, "MADDIE" and disappearing behind her book once more.

I saw a tired looking Maddie appear from the hallway immediately. She gave me a sigh and went for the kitchen. "Nice talk," I said to Josie before getting up to follow Maddie.

Maddie was digging in the fridge when I entered the kitchen area. She grabbed a bottle of water and shut the fridge in a huff. Then she turned to me with a look of pure frustration. "This sucks Patrick," she said plainly moving around me to sit at the peninsula. "I'm achy, tired, and just in a bad mood." I didn't know if I was supposed to respond to that. "And to top it all off…" Okay good I didn't have to. "I have to work a double shift today."

"Um…I'm sorry," I said making it sound more like a question than a real statement.

Maddie gave me another sigh and twisted off the cap of her water bottle. "These pills Dr. Burgum has me on are seriously not helping," she said before gulping down a large amount of water.

I reached across the counter to lower the bottle from her lips. "Is there something I can do?"

Right away I knew I had said the wrong thing because the ferocious Maddie came out. "Yeah you could keep your sperm away from my eggs!" She said getting up from her place and storming back into the hallway.

I stood confused on the spot wondering how my trip to Maddie's to say goodbye had turned into our first big fight…about what? I had no clue. I glanced at the clock knowing I didn't have time to work things out now or even if she would be in the mood to try. I sighed instead and walked to the door. I had just opened it when I heard a distant snicker. I turned around to see Josie on the couch in full laughter. Laughter I had never seen her issue before.

"Bye Patrick," she said with a smile.

"Yeah Bye," I said totally confused. Then I left the apartment feeling the complete opposite as when I had entered.
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