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4 Girls For 5 Guys...Wait

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Young Vampire Love Is In The Night.

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"Did You see Mitch run?" Frankie grinned as He licked the blood off His face.

"And then when He screamed like a girl" I giggled.

"Only because You bit down hard on His neck" Frankie smirked.

I nodded.

Frankie stopped for a second and I turned to look at Him in the moonlight.

"What's wrong?" I asked, staring into His ruby red eyes.

"You missed a bit" Frankie answered, touching My face with a finger.

"Help Me get rid of it" I smiled, pulled Him close to Me and stared up at Him.

Frankie softly pressed His lips against the corner of My mouth and licked at the blood I had left.

I moaned softly and moved My face so that Frankie was softly kissing My bloodred lips.

Frankie hungrily started to lick at My bottom lip, begging for Me to open My mouth.

I wrapped My arms around His neck and opened My mouth, pulling Him closer to Me.

I never wanted Him to stop kissing Me.


"So why did You pick Me?" I asked.

"Because I liked You, You knew more about what I was and You were still mortal. Not to mention Your incredibly hot" Jazz grinned at Me.

I smiled. I couldn't help it.

Jazz was just what I wanted in a girl- beautiful, insightful, crazy as hell, and immortal.

"So, Are You ready for Your first kill?" She asked as She held a struggling chearleader by the neck.

A growl formed in the back of My throat as I lunged at the screaming chearleader and sunk My fangs into Her neck, letting the warm blood glide down My throat.

After I drained Her I dropped Her corpse like an empty chip packet and pulled Jazz by the waist to Me.

She smiled and licked some of the blood off of My face.

"How do You feel?" She whispered in My ear.

"Still hungry" My voice rasped as I sucked hungrily on Her bottom lip.


"Do You still remember Your first time?" Mikey asked.

"Which first time would that be?" I asked.

Even in the dark I could tell Mikey was blushing.

"I meant Your first kill" He whispered.

"Not really. I only remember the feeling. This incredible feeling of euphoria, and afterwards a need to feel that way again" I smiled.

"A-and Your other first time?" Mikey stammered.

I turned and walked over to Him.

"It was like this" I whispered, wrapped My arms around His waist and pulled Him close to Me, gently kissing Him.

I could feel His arms wrap around My body and grip Me tightly.

That simple touch wasn't going to be enough for Me.


"So why do They call You berry?" I asked as I discarded My second victim- the first didn't fill Me up.

"Because when I feed I like to hold the body up over My head and let the last drops of blood fly down into My mouth. The drops of blood look like ruby red berries and when I was mortal I loved fruit"

"You mean You don't eat fruit anymore?"

"I do, it's just it doesn't taste the same as it used to. Blood just tastes better than berries now" She shrugged.

"I want to watch You feed" I rasped softly.

She nodded and dissappeared for a minute.

When She came back She was holding a struggling cheerleader.

Berry peirced the girl's neck fiercley and, in one swift movement, lifted the girl above Her head.

I watched on as the blood flowed steadily from the girl's neck wound and into Berry's waiting Mouth.

After Berry had finished and had thrown the body to the ground I noticed that Berry had missed Her mouth.

A few drops of blood fell against Her neck.

I slowly walked over to Her, grabbed Her by the waist roughly, and started to lick the blood off of Her neck.

"Berry suits You for another reason" I mumbled into Her neck.

"What's the other reason?" She half asked, half moaned.

"You taste like berries" I mumbled as I kissed My way up Her neck to Her mouth.


I walked casually along until I spotted Her, bent over one of the corpses the others had left behind.

I walked closer until I was a few feet away.

She paused and turned to where I was.

"Aiden right?" I asked, stepping out of the shadows.

"What do You want Vampire" She growled.

"I want Your help"

"Why should I help You?"

"Because if You do, You won't just kill Me, but all the vampire's in this town"

"What's Your name?" She asked.

"Bobby" I answered.
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