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Not Out of the Woods Yet

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When everything appears to be going right it will inevitably go wrong.

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The sun hit My face.

I woke up to find that I was next to Frankie…Still in the woods.

While smacking Frankie upside the head I swiftly hopped up and got dressed.

Frankie groaned.

“What time is it?”

“It’s time to go home. I can’t believe We slept in the forest like a common werewolf” I snarled angrily.

Frankie shrugged.

“It was worth it wasn’t it?”

I turned to look at Frankie.

These past couple of weeks were only bearable because Frankie was there, right by My side. For some reason Bobby wasn’t as brotherly as He was before. And while Frankie was filling the gap Bobby left He had filled My heart and soul as well.

“It was very worth it” I replied as Frankie stood up and got dressed.


Hand in hand We reached My house just in time to see the other pairs walk to the front of My house.

“Slept in the woods?” Ray asked.

“We all did Ray- its way too obvious” Mikey stated, rolling His eyes and realising His glasses weren’t on properly.

Lust giggled and fixed His glasses for Him.

“Come on, let’s go make breakfast- thank goodness today’s a Saturday or we’d miss school” I laughed as We all walked into the house.

Walking into the kitchen I saw Bobby, bent over the counter shaking.

“Bobby?” I asked.

“It’s Bob” He muttered.

“Fine Bob, Are You okay?” I asked.

“Does it look like I’m okay?” Bob growled.

“Couldn’t you find a meal?” Berry asked.

“You mean this is some kind of blood withdrawal thing?” I asked, turning around to look at Berry.

She nodded silently.

I turned back to Bob and attempted to walk over to Him.

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” He bellowed and ran out the door.

“We’d better follow him” Gerard stated, kissing Jazz on the cheek and walking out the door.

Mikey hugged Lust goodbye and followed His brother.

“Aren’t you coming Frankie?” asked Ray as Berry whispered something in His ear that made Him flush a little.

“No. Bob is a jerk for treating Becky like this when she’s done nothing wrong, so why should I go and see what’s wrong?” Frankie replied angrily.

Ray sighed and walked out.

“So ladies what do you want to do?” Frankie asked suggestively.

“Um…eat” Berry stated.

“Okay, eat what?” I asked as I went to the fridge.

“You can cook?” Lust asked.

“Of course I can cook. You just wait and see because before you know it you will be feasting on a masterpiece”


“I’m glad I made that phone call to the pizza place, but did we have to get 4 pizzas?” Jazz asked.

“Oh I’m as stuffed as a turkey, I ate way too much pizza. Shove me into the oven to die” Berry groaned.

“Just don’t let Becky cook you or you might end up burnt, undercooked or purple” Jazz added.

“Hey that was not my fault! Eggs occasionally turn purple due to…stuff” I tried in vain to defend Myself.

“Admit it, You just can’t cook eggs after You leave them to fester for weeks in the fridge” Lust smirked.

“Especially when a fungus starts to grow on them” Berry added.

I sighed. I was never going to live this down- and I now had an even longer time to never live this down.

“So what are we going to do now?” I asked.

“How about vampire movies?” Berry suggested.

“…Isn’t that just a little bit weird?” I asked.

“No weirder than an ice hockey player watching the Mighty Ducks” Jazz rationalised.


I was really angry after we watched Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Keanu Reeves in it.

“All I’m saying is if a vampire bites You on the family jewels You are definitely going to scream a lot more than that. What do You think Frankie?” I asked.

Frankie, who was still clutching His family jewels after that particular scene, turned to Me.

“I’m sorry, all I can think about is how damned lucky I am that You didn’t do that to Me” Frankie mumbled still in shock.

Berry, Lust, Jazz and I all turned to each other and laughed.

Our laughter was cut short by someone crashing through the window.

We froze and waited for the body to move, but it didn’t.

Lust cautiously walked over to the body and let out a shriek as the body leapt up and tackled Her to the floor.
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