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The Masses Attack!

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-08-06 - Updated: 2008-08-06 - 532 words

I jumped up frightened for Lust and knocked over a lamp by accident.

The lamp rolled across the floor to illuminate the face of the attacker and I realised- it was a cheerleader from school.

“We know You’re the ones that are killing Us off- We don’t know how though so We figured We would beat the answer out of You” snapped the cheerleader- I think it was Cassie.

“We?” asked Frankie just as what was left of the football team and cheerleading squad came through the already broken window.

All up it was about 40 teens glaring at us.

“Look guys You have no proof that We did anything wrong other than We don’t get along, so just go home and I’ll fix the window myself” I proposed while Berry tugged on My arm.

“What!” I exclaimed looking at Berry, who was pointing to outside the window.

There was only a glimmer of sunlight left.

I shrugged.

“You wanted the truth about how You’re buddies died? Well You’re going to get it” I growled as I started to change.

Cassie leapt off Lust as She changed and I grinned as We suddenly had home team advantage.

“It’s just a shame You won’t be alive to tell anybody about Us” I smirked.

“Leave some fun for Us” Gerard added as all the guys except Bob came into the room.

I lunged at the nearest footballer and drained Him in less than a minute- a new record for Me.

I decided early on during the screaming and growling that I should drain as many victims as I could and then go back to them later to tear strips off.

Frankie had the same idea and occasionally We caught the same victim, draining them twice as fast.

I marvelled at how strong His thirst was- I left dainty wholes in My victim’s necks, but Frankie tore the jugular vein out to suck as much blood as possible.

After we did a head count and found that all 40 cheerleaders and footballers were now bloody and dead on My living room floor I began to think.

“You know, the whole ‘it’s an animal attack’ isn’t going to cut it this time. One lone animal can’t do this sort of damage” I reasoned licking the blood off my fingers.

“So what are we going to do?” Ray asked while hugging Berry close to Him.

“We are going to have to dump the bodies and leave this town for another one” I reasoned.

“What about Our parents? Someone is going to notice when We don’t turn up” Mikey questioned.

“It’s easy. We will make them think We have moved. All We have to do is get Our parents out of the way” I replied.

“I’m not sure if I can kill my mum” Gerard mumbled.

“How about telling Her the truth” I replied.

“Would that work?” Mikey asked.

“I don’t know. Since My mum is dead I never really got the chance to tell Her, but I suppose if You want to tell Your Mum You can- Anyone else want to do that?”
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