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Frankie's Dark Side

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A horrible home that no one should go home to.

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Everyone nodded except Frankie.

“I’ll come with You then, Everyone else can go back home. When You have finished at home though come back here with whatever You want to bring (within reason) and We will get rid of the bodies then” I finished and walked out the door with Frankie.

It wasn’t until halfway down the block that I reached a hand out and stopped Frankie.

“We are going to kill your parents” I stated.

Frankie nodded with determination on His face.

“Doesn’t that mean anything to You?” I asked.

“Yes. It means I’ll be free of Them forever” Frankie replied and started walking again.

I caught up with Him just in time to walk up the pathway to His house.

I’d never seen a real foreboding house before, but this house looked dilapidated and dark.

As We walked to the steps I could hear a woman screaming.

Frankie took My hand, squeezed it, and opened the door.

A Woman lay crumpled up in a heap at the bottom of the flight of stairs that lead to the second storey of the house.

I knelt down to Her and almost wept.

There wasn’t an inch of Her that wasn’t bruised, Her hair was matted with blood, and She was dying.

“Don’t pity Her. She brought this on Herself” Frankie growled.

“How?” I asked, shocked that Frankie’s words were dripping with anger.

“By staying with him” Frankie nodded towards the stairs.

I turned to look at a balding, fat, sweaty man who smelled of too much bourbon.

“Whose this you brought home Frankie? A girlfriend? Or a prostitute?” He slurred.

I cringed. Frankie’s drunken dad started heading down the stairs as I picked Frankie’s Mum up and clutched Her close.

“That bitch never gives Me what I want, but I bet a slut like You can” He gleefully slurred.

“You keep Your hands off of Her” Frankie growled as He met His dad at the end of the stairs.

“Big man now huh? What are You gonna do shit bird?” Frankie’s Dad growled as He leered at His Son.

In one swift movement Frankie clutched either side of His Dad’s head and ripped it off, watching as His dad’s body slumped to the floor.

Frankie’s mum let out a whimper.
“What are you going to do about Her Frankie?” I asked as He threw His dad’s head across the room.

“Kill Her of course” Frankie muttered.

“You can’t!” I cried as I clutched Her close to Me.
“Why not? She never protected Me or even Herself from Him”

“Frankie just look at Her! She can’t even defend Herself from a mouse right now! She’s damaged emotionally and physically. How can anyone defend Themselves from that?” I cried.

Frankie made a move to grab Her out of My arms, but I stood up and walked quickly backwards.

“You can’t kill Her! Not now, not ever!” I cried, tears streaming down My face.

“She’s dying anyway Becky, there’s nothing We can do” Frankie pleaded.

I shook My head and pulled Her closer to Me.

“Becky…She’s gone” Frankie whispered.

It was then that I realised that She was growing cold in My arms.

Frankie gently took Her out of My arms and placed Her on the floor.

“There wasn’t anything You could do. Even if We had saved Her She’d probably have wasted Her life on another guy like Dad” Frankie bitterly muttered.

“She’s Your mum! How can You say things like that?” I asked.

“Because I hated and loved My mum at the same time. She was the only reason I stayed here- to make sure She didn’t get killed. But at the same time I hated the fact that I had to stay, when all She had to do was leave”

“So You just wash Your hands of Her now that She’s gone” I croaked as I wiped the tears away.

“Of course not. I keep the fond memories of Her in My heart, but everything else of this life I forget about and move on” Frankie whispered.

I nodded and walked with Frankie out of the house.

When We reached my house I noticed a pickup truck on My lawn.

We walked into My house to find Everyone in the living room with bags.

“How’d it go?” I asked.

“Our mum knew what was going on, so She told Us to keep in touch somehow” Mikey replied.

“And My Mum and Dad reckon I have gone nuts so They are sending Me to an insane asylum…but I don’t think I’ll be going” Ray smirked.

“So what’s with the pick up truck?” I asked.

“That was My idea, I mean We need to get out of here fast so I borrowed it” Bob answered as He entered the room with two bags.

“Oh and I buried the bodies as well as got Your bag ready. Feel free to go upstairs and chuck in anything else You wanted but We will be leaving in about 10” Bob added.

I nodded and went upstairs as Frankie and the Others chatted.

Looking around My room I couldn’t see anything that I wanted so I went to walk out of the room when something red caught My eye.

I turned to look in the direction that the colour caught My eye in but all I found was the pickup truck outside the window.
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