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Welcome Home

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Getting out of town and getting out of town fast is the only way to go.

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~Hey guys just a quick note. I see alot of people reading My fan fic but I don't hear what You guys think- olease let Me know if I'm doing a good or bad job!~

Carefully I slid My window open and slowly lowered My body out of the window and onto the ground.

At least that was how I thought I was going to do it but gravity had another plan.

I stood up after My short fall to the ground and walked over to the truck.

There didn't seem to be anything strange about the car, but as I turned away the red light blinked on.

I turned back and noticed it was coming from the bottom of the car.

I slid under the car on My back and took a closer look.

It appeared to be a beeping small machine attatched to the car- almost like a tracking device, so I ripped it off, slid out from under the car and threw the device into the shrubs outside My house.

For some reason I didn't want to tell the others, or let them know I was outside, so I climbed up the wall and back into My room and then proceeded to walk down the stairs as if nothing happened.


“For the last time Gerard I will NOT join You in a round of 'pop goes the weasel'” I snapped as I saw the sign for Vegas.

“Why are We going to Vegas?” I asked Bob, who was driving.

“Because nobody notices a dead body in Vegas” Bob replied.

“So…where are We going to live?” asked Frankie.

“Anywhere We can find really. The best places to hide are factories and warehouses so We should head there first. Next We will go enrol Ourselves in school-“

“What about Our home registry Jazz?” Ray interrupted.

“I was getting to that. We make it up and make sure that wherever We pick has a phone that is constantly unavailable. Technically We are old enough to enrol Ourselves so parents won’t be a problem. Then, to keep Our funds going we start robbing Our victims of free cash which shouldn’t be a problem or anything. Lust should be able to create a credit card to hack into other cards which will also help Us get more money. That way we will not have to get a job and keep Ourselves comfortable through the day hours” Jazz finished.

“No need to go to factories- I used Mum’s credit card to get an apartment here that’s not far from the school” Bob stated.

“Oh” Jazz replied.

“Your used to living in dank corners aren’t You Jazz” I smirked.

Driving through Vegas I noticed a lot of flashing lights and seedy characters on every corner.

“It’s like an all You can eat buffet” Frankie grinned.

“It’s 6 in the morning Frankie, You can’t eat until tonight” I reasoned.
“Might as well go look at Our new home” Berry stated.

Bob nodded and headed down the street.

The apartment was a block away from a food pantry, a starbucks (big surprise) and a tattoo parlour.

As we walked up the stairs I heard “vampires huh?” from above us.

I looked up to see a Woman with frizzy red hair and a crystal ball.

“What are You talking about?” I asked as We reached the floor We were living on which was the same one She was standing on.

“You’re not the first group of vampires to live here” She giggled.

I smiled nicely, took the keys off bob and slipped them into our new home.

I opened the door to reveal a room worthy of being called a penthouse- except the rent was for a small room.

Peach wallpaper, cream carpet and sunflower yellow curtains on the person sized windows.

“Did the Brady’s live here?” Mikey asked.

“We can always redecorate” Ray replied.

“Let’s just rest until night time, it’s been a long ride” I reasoned and walked into the first room with My stuff.

As I was unpacking I felt arms wrap around My waist.

“Welcome home” Frankie whispered in My ear.

The next thing I knew I was in bed and dreaming.
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