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Sharpest Lives Are The Deadliest To Lead

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Katie tells her story and Mikey and Frankie get their fortune told! =o

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Katie's POV

I told them about what happened, leaving out the kiss on the cheek and the promise of a next meeting. I didn't feel comfortable telling them that right now. I guess Meg sensed my uncomfortablyness because she said with a puzzled look, "Is there something that you're not telling us?"

"THERE IS ISN'T THERE?!" Caroline shouted slamming her hands on the table, "WHY ARE YOU KEEPING SECRETS WOMAN?!"

"Uhm.." Crap. I guess I should tell them...I mean they've always told me everything, "Well...he asked if I wanted to come over sometime and see some more of his drawings...but that's it."

"YES!" Caroline pumped her fist in the air, "NO MORE JOE!! WOO!!"

Meghan hit her over the head. "CAROLINE!"


"I know you don't C," I sighed, "but I really do like Joe and Gerard and me is never gonna happen."

Caroline rolled her eyes at me, "Yeah...sure..."

Gerard's POV

Wow. Holy shit. I can't believe I just did that...Mikey will never believe this. That Katie girl was a bit preppy, but she seemed really nice and sweet and I kinda like her. I can't wait to tell Mikes and Frank. I walked in the apartment to find Mikey and Frank fighting over a fortune cookie. "DUDES!" I said making them stop and stare at me, "Why the fuck are you two fighting over takeout food!?"

"Cause," Mikey replied, not letting go of the fortune cookie, "It only came with one fortune cookie and we both want it!"

"Split it in half!" I laughed, "coughidiotscough"

They split open the fortune cookie and each took half, "What's our fortune?" Frank asked looking at the slip of paper.

I picked it up and read it in a dramatic voice, "Love shall soon find you, but be prepared for some bumps along the way." I laughed and dropped the voice, "Well, guess you two will find some LOVE..." then I added in a lower voice so they wouldn't hear, "I might have..."

"HOLY SHIT!" Mikey shouted, "GEE MET A GIRL! Who is she Gee?"

"Well, she says you know her...her name's Katie."

"Oh yeah," Frankie gasped, "Her little sister is HOT!"

"Nah," Mikey shook his head, "I like her twin, but uhm Gee..."

"Yeah Mikes?" I inquired. What was wrong?

"Katie uhm...has a boyfriend..."

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