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Like Star-Crossed Lovers

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an odd encounter on the way to the store.

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Meghan's POV

The rest of the day went by just like the morning. Mikey was really awesome and really cute! I liked him and I think Katie could tell even without reading my mind. He probably didn't like me like that though, but I hope he does...

After school we headed back to our apartment. "Caroline, can you pick up the living room and Katie can you run to the store and pick up a few groceries for the rest of the week while I get started on dinner?"

"Kay!" they both replied in unison as Katie headed out the door.

"So Meggie," Caroline spoke from the living room, "You like Mikey?"

"NO!" I shouted back a bit edgy. Fuck, I thought, she's gonna know I'm lying.

"Puh-lease Meg!" Caroline rolled her eyes as she walked into the kitchen, "It's so obvious! I mean you look at him like you used to look at Ry-"

I cut her off as I pushed her against the wall, "Do NOT mention you-know-who. EVER."

She pushed me off and went back to the living room.

Katie's POV
I headed towards the grocery store, my head lost in my own thoughts for once instead of someone else's. I wasn't paying attention when I bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry!" I said as I snapped out of my thoughts as I looked at who I bumped into. He had black hair that went a bit past his ears and hazel eyes that you could get lost in.

"Hey," the mystery man replied with a friendly smile, "It's no big deal. It's my fault anyways. I was doodling."

He held up a drawing pad with a drawing of a window with rain pattering outside and broken glass on the floor. It looked amazing. "That is amazing." I gasped.

"Really?" He looked puzzled, "It's not my best work...but I guess it's okay. I'm Gerard Way by the way."

"Katie Ross." I smiled up at him. He was a good 3 inches taller, "I know your brother. My twin sister was his guide. He told me you were an art major, but I never thought you'd be that're amazing!"

"Why thank you!" He smirked, "If you want you can come over sometime and look through some other ones I have..."

"Yeah," I giggled, "I'd like that."

"Kay. Well, I gotta get back to class. Until then my dear!" He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek as he scurried off in the opposite direction I was heading.

Oh my God. What just happened? Oh crap. What about Joe? And I didn't even look into Gerard's thoughts. It's not like I couldn't, I just didn't want to. And how come when he kissed me, Joe didn't even cross my mind? Uh-oh. This can't be good.

I quickly continued my walk to the grocery store, grabbed what Meg had asked for and headed back. As soon as I got back, Meg was putting dinner on the table. "There you are!" she squealed, "I was getting worried."

I rolled my eyes and laughed, "I'm fine, mommmmm!"

I noticed her twinge a little as I said that. Oh, she must still feel bad about the "accident." Crap. But she was like a mom to Me and Caroline...Ugh! what was I thinking saying that. "Sorry Meg. I-i didn't mean..."

She smiled and laughed, "Katie who'd you meet?" She completely ignored my comment from before, shrugging it off like nothing even though you could tell it made her guilty.

Just then, Caroline entered. "I wanna know who you met."

"Let's sit down for dinner first and we'll talk over dinner," Meg interrupted before I could reply, "I didn't make all this food just so it would get cold!"

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