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Chapter 1 - Hello Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous!

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Riley meets the new gutarist of her brothers band!

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I awoke to a huge crash downstairs and almost fell off my bed. I looked over at the clock. 7 a.m. All I could think was what the hell he was doing now. I got up and trudged downstairs still half asleep.

“The fuck?” I asked walking into the living room rubbing my eyes. I looked to see a drum set lying in the middle of the living room floor with a very shocked Bob and Ray standing there.
“What the hell are you two doing?” I asked looking at them both.
“The new dude is supposed to come over in a bit with Gee and Mikey and we’re trying to get Bobs drum set down to the basement.” My brother said

Oh by the way, the names Riley Mae Toro. Ray and I are best friends, we basically do everything together. Ray and the guys are always doing something weird or dumb around this time in the morning, and yet I still haven’t gotten used to it.

“Oh that sounds wonderful!” I said sarcastically
“What’s wrong Ry Ry?” Ray asked me
“You and the guys come in here, trash the place and leave me to clean it up. Now that you got the new guy coming, that basically means, I have one more person to clean up after." I said
Ray walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. “Don’t worry Ry, I promise I’ll help you clean if we trash it horribly.” He said
I smiled at him; he always knows how to make his little sister happy. “Thanks Ray-Ray.” I said
“No problem Ry.” He said kissing my forehead.

I walked into the kitchen leaving them to the drum set. I walked to the coffee pot so I could make coffee; because I knew when the guys got here they’d defiantly want coffee. When I was done with filling the coffee pot I heard the doorbell ring and then Gerard appeared in the kitchen and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Hey Sugar.” He said before he placed a kiss on my cheek.
I smiled at him. Gees been my boyfriend for about a year and a half, at first Ray didn’t like the fact that me and him were together but then he realized he rather me be with one of his friends, then some sex crazed dude from our school.
“Hey Hun, where’s Mikey?” I asked
“He’s with Frank; they’re on their way over. I wanted to see you so I didn’t wait around for them.”
“I’m guessing he’s Frank is the name of the guy that Rays been running around the house telling me about.” I said
“Yeah, he’s going to be our new guitarist. He was in a band but they broke up and we went up and asked him if he wanted to be in our band. We needed another guitarist anyways.” He said “Plus he’s really talented.”
“Not as talent as you though.” I said smiling.
“At playing guitar he is, I suck at it.” He said smiling also.
I giggled he knew what I meant, he was just being funny. Just then the basement door came open and out came Ray and Bob.
“Gee!” Ray said “Where’s Frank?”
“He’s with Mikey.” He said.
“You counted on your brother to bring Frank, the one who stuck a fork in a freaking toaster while it was plugged in.” Ray said
“Hey!” Mikey said entering the kitchen.
“Mikey!” I said grabbing my chest, don’t you…?” I started but lost my train of thought, because behind Mikey in walked Mr. Drop Dead Gorgeous. He was shorter than the other guys with jet black hair and eyeliner.
He walked over to me took my hand and looked in my eyes, “You must be Riley.” He said with a smile. “Ray you never told me how pretty your sister is.” I felt my face getting hotter.
“Sorry Frank but…”Ray started
“She’s taken.” Gee but in.
Frank looked at me and smiled “Who ever the guy is, is a very lucky guy.” He said
“Yes, yes I am.” Gee said
Frank instantly dropped my hand and backed away, “Oh… Sorry Gee.” He said

I could have hit myself, for a minute I completely forgot about Gee. I couldn’t believe I could do that, I instantly realized that, that might come up as a little problem later in time
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