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Chapter 2 - Fuck! Why Must You Be So Perfect

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I stood in the kitchen trying to make breakfast for the guys, but for some reason I couldn't concentrait on anything. My mind was on other things. I finally sat down after I got the smoke detector to stop screaming. The next thing I knew the basement door came flying over and Gee was at my side.

"You alright sugar?" He asked me
"Yeah, I kinda burnt the homefries thats all." I said making Gee raise an eyebrow.
"Now thats not like you Sugar. Whats wrong?" He asked
"Nothings wrong." I said
"Come on Sugar I know you better than that." He said
"Nothin, I just need some air." I said getting up and walking into the living room where the other guys were sitting. I grabed my coat and walked outside. I walked over to the banister and got up on it and sat there. Pulled out a cigerette and lit it up and took a long drag.
"You know that stuffs bad for you Darling." A voice said behind me. I turned around to find Frankie standing behind me with a ciggerette in his hand.
"Yeah I know. Its a terrible habit." I said
"Yeah, I know also." He said
"Yeah, Ray don't like it. My parents really don't care." I said.
"Ah." He said "So how long have you and Gee been together? If you don't mind me asking.."
"About a year and a half now." I said
"Ah." He said "I've known Gee and the guys since Elemetary school. Why is it I've never seen you around school. Your in my grade arnt you?"
"I spend most of my time in the computer lab or the library." I said "I'm a big geek."
Frank laughed at the comment.
"Your not a Geek." He said "Its your own personality. I don't like using sterotypes.."

I smiled. Damn is he being so sweet. I'm starting to fall for this kid. Damn stop Ry.

"I also loving writing. Especially poetry." I said
"If you can write poetry, you can write music." He said
"I though about it." I said
"You should try it." He said

Damn this kid is so perfect... Stop Ry don't let him drag you in. You got Gee.
Just then Gee burst through the door. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around my wasit.

"Hey Hun." I said kissing him
"Hey Sugar. How are you now?" He asked
"I'm good." I said looking over at Frank. I watched Gee turn and give him a death glare that basically said 'back off'. With that Frank took one last drag and threw it and headed back inside. He turned back to me and smiled. I smiled back half-heartedly

"You alright Sugar?" He asked
"Yeah, I'm fine. Its just Ray and Bob woke me up to early." I said
"You want to go back to been?" He asked me
"Nah I'm fine." I said
"You sure?" He asked
"Yes Hun. I'm sure." I said
"Alright." He said

I walked in the house to see Ray and Bob playing video games and Mikey watching. I sat down beside Ray.

"Sorry I didn't finish breakfast." I said
"Its okay Ry, we ordered pizza." He said not letting his eyes leave the tv. I laughed at him. If I let them they'd probably live on take out, but I wont let them. They got to have healthy food too. So I do my job and help them out. These guys are my life, my family. I could never let them do that to themselves.
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