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For All These Times

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Devon Sidney Cooper---beautiful, sexy, enigmatic, multi-talented dark horse with potential and promises, and all the sassiness! She’s the secret comic lover, talented artist, and literate. She re...

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“Why do you even like that crap?” Becky asked her best friend-Devon.
Devon put away her new issue of X-Men comic into her messenger bag, and smirked.
“Because I like it, I like the storyline, and I love the artworks.” Devon replied.
Becky Swale rolled her eyes. She absolutely loves her best friend-Devon Sidney Cooper, her personalities with her “I-don’t-give-a-damn” sassy attitude. Devon Sidney Cooper, a.k.a D.S Coop, is popular, a major athletic jock, a MVP, along with her other close sporty pals.
“Well, do you have to be so obsessed with them?” Becky asked.
“It’s healthy to have an obsession.” Devon replied, smiling smugly.
Becky shook her head.
“These are for geeks and nerds!” Becky stated.
“So are you calling me a geek or a nerd?” Devon asked, with a questioning look.
Becky blushed.
“No! Of course not! That’s not what I meant!” Becky stated hurriedly.
“Whatever…I’m just kidding with you.” Devon said, and then laughed.
Devon took out her art pad and started sketching. Devon is one multi-talented girl, a total dark horse with potential and promises. She’s beautiful and certainly is seen as a fox. When you look at her, she doesn’t give out the impressions to be a geek or a nerd, she’s not one, with her “ace-ing” in every subject.
Devon and Becky had been close best friends ever since little, they’ve helped each other through a lot, especially Devon with Becky, and Devon had been really helpful to Becky. Whenever Becky needs help or advice, Devon would always be there.
Now Devon will be leaving for 3 weeks with her other close pals on a school athletic sport trip. Becky is worried and concerned again.
“How am I going to survive without you for three weeks?” Becky asked during break time.
Devon laughed.
“Oh Beck, you can survive without me! I will only be gone for 3 weeks.” Devon replied.
“Yes, but you are the one who I always go to for help and advice and hang out with.” Becky stated.
“Becky…you are mature and old enough to handle your own situations, and to make the right decisions. Don’t worry about it.” Devon said assuringly.
Becky feels relieved by Devon’s words. Devon is always the more mature one, the one who is more responsible, and now she’s going to have to survive without her. Little did she know that she later on will need more help, suggestions and advice from her mature best friend during the time she’s not here, when she needs Devon the most.
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