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Chapter 2: The Newbies

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New arrivals in Devon Cooper's high school...

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Four days…Devon and her fellow MVPs had gone away from Lincoln High; everyone in school misses them and questions each other their whereabouts. They were talked about in school for ages until they were finally forgotten about when 14 new students were introduced in, and attracted the whole school’s attention.
Becky sat in her usual assigned seat in her form room, stared miserably at the few empty seats that were originally occupied by Devon and some of the other MVPs. She wonders where they are now and what they are doing. She was brought out of her miserable self when her teacher came into the classroom, followed by the headmaster-Mr. Hewes, and nine new kids on the block. 5 boys and 4 girls stood up in front of the whole class, being examined by Becky and her classmates with curiosity and interests.
“Today we have admitted into our school 14 new pupils. 9 of them are to be assigned to this form group, while the other 5 are in the other forms.” Mr. Hewes explained.
“I expect you to treat them all with kindness and respect, and be helpful when they are stuck.” Mr. Hewes added.
Mr. Hewes left the room leaving 9 new students along with Mrs. Shayes standing in front of the class. Mrs. Shayes had the 9 kids introduce themselves.
“Welcome to Lincoln High. Please say a little something about yourselves each.” Mrs. Shayes stated.
Becky and her other classmates later learned that their names are Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar, Grace Madison, Kelly Guillory, Mika Huddleson and Renee Hart. They were then later assigned a seat each, sitting around Becky, apparently make her feel really important.
“By the way, this is Becky Swale; she’s a veteran in this school. I’m sure she can help you all out a lot.” Mrs. Hewes said.
Becky turns around to smile at them reassuringly. They smiled back shyly and blushed, blushed with a fact that a beautiful veteran girl had just smiled at them with assurance and confidence. At break time, as Becky led the 9 new kids around the school ground, she was later introduced to the other 5 new kids, all guys…all pretty shy and close friends with her new classmates; Adam Lazzara, Bert McCracken, Big Worm, Geoff Rickly and James Dewees.
“Wow! It’s very nice to meet you all. Welcome to Lincoln High.” Becky stated.
The new students didn’t say much, remained silent, but smiled shyly and nodded in return. Becky smiled kindly.
“I know it’s going to take you some time in getting used to the school. But don’t worry, everyone’s nice and friendly in this school, so don’t be scared.” Becky said.
Around the school, while Becky acts as the tour guide, and sat with them together during lessons and lunch time. The other pupils would look over and talk, some even would walk over to their table and to make a few introductions.
As the new kids being shy as they are in a new surrounding and all, when in fact, the boy called Gerard would blush a deep red and smiled shyly everytime whenever Becky talks to him, it puts a smile on her face, as she certainly has taking a liking and attracted to the new cute boy.
“It all takes time; they should start warming up to the school and us sooner or later.” Becky thought to herself as she smiled to herself.
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