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Chapter 3: Faking It & Pretence

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Becky Swale pretends to have a lot in common with Gerard...

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Over a week passed, the 9 new students finally warm up, and they have all finally become more reassuring and confident with themselves.
“I’m very glad that you guys are more confident and less shy.” Becky stated.
“Well, it’s all thanks to you really.” Grace said, smiling.
They all sat around each other in the classroom, talking to each other. The others nodded in agreement.
“Yeah. You’ve helped us all a lot.” Ray said.
“I was only fulfilling my duty. Plus, I know how it feels, like when it was my first day here.” Becky said, smiling.
Gerard blushed at that point, Becky smiled even wider. She had really taking a liking to him.
“You know what, Mr. Way? I really like it when you blush!” Becky stated.
Gerard smiled back with a mischievous grin on his face. Everyone else looked from him to Becky, back and forth, exchanging glances. Everyone knows it that Gerard had taking a liking to Becky…a lot. Mikey, sat next to Gerard, playfully nudged him in the rib.
“Go on, bro. Tell her how much you like her.” Mikey said cheekily.
“Sush! Shut up, Mikey!” Gerard stated sternly, his face the color of crimson red.
He looked up at Becky with embarrassment and intense shyness, while Becky stared back with wide eyes, stunned with surprise at what Mikey just said.
“Becky, please ignore my brother. He was just messing around.” Gerard stated.
“That’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Becky stated, hiding her disappointment.
Gerard smiled gratefully, and then delved into his rucksack, while Mikey looked at Becky seriously, and mouthed: “He really does like you…a lot!” to her. She smiled, hoping what Mikey said was true, and really hope that Gerard will be asking her out. Out of his rucksack, Gerard took out an issue of X-Men comic to read. Becky looked over; her eyes grew wide…so like Devon, she thought.
“So I guess you like Stan Lee and John Kirkby’s works, do you?” Becky asked, with glints in her eyes.
Everyone else looked up at her, surprised, especially Gerard.
“Wait…you like X-Men?” Ray asked.
“Oh…hell yeah. Stan Lee and John Kirkby, I think…from my POV, are the greatest comic creators ever!” Becky replied and lied.
Sitting a few tables away, Devon’s other classmates-Soph, Angelica, Sienna, Gill, Buddy, Greg and Dan overheard their conversation, and exchanged incredulous glances.
“What? She doesn’t even like comics, it’s Devon who does. Why is she pretending?” Gill asked.
“Peer pressure.” Greg replied shortly.
“No way. Come on, these nine kids are new to the school. It should be peer pressure on them, not Becky Swale!” Sienna stated.
“You guys! Come on! It’s obvious that she likes the guy a lot.” Dan said.
“Who?” They all asked.
“Gerard. He’s pretty cute and attractive to a girl like Becky. So why wouldn’t she try to attract his attention?” Dan replied.
The others nodded in agreement.
“God! I can’t wait till Devon and the others come back. I’ve missed them hell of a lot!” Angelica stated.
“I don’t like pretentious Becky.” Soph stated.
The others murmured in agreement. Back to Becky and her new classmates…
“So you like X-Men then?” Gerard asked.
“No…I love it! My favorite character has to be Wolverine, and my favorite X-Men villain has to be Mystique.” Becky replied/lied, as she recalled Devon’s favorite X-Men characters.
“Wow! So do I, I…I mean Wolverine is my favorite character of all time. I’m not too sure about my favorite villain though.” Gerard exclaimed.
Becky smiled, with her mind trying to recall every single thing Devon has talked about with comics and X-Men stuff.
“But yeah…my favorite issue is the one where Wolverine got crucified with…” Becky started.
“With the wooden X.” Gerard finished for her, grinning widely, as he thought that Becky certainly has a lot in common with him.
Becky stared at him, eyes wide with shock and surprise.
“That’s my favorite issue too.” Gerard explained, smiling.
“That’s Devon’s favorite issue…” Becky thought to herself quietly.
“Wow…that’s so cool! Well, apart from Stan Lee and John Kirkby. I also love Grant Morrison’s works. I love how he always messes up the story plot lines and he always goes off tracks.” Becky continued, recalling what Devon said.
Gerard stared at Becky with disbelief, the others stared at them incredulously back and forth.
“This is freaking amazing!” Mikey exclaimed.
“Were you guys separated at birth or what?” Frank joked.
“What?” Becky asked, puzzled.
“I love Grant Morrison too! I think he’s a total genius!” Gerard stated, still stunned.
“Well, what other comics do you like? I also love “V for Vendetta” by Alan Moore, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Superman and Hell Boy definitely!” Becky said.
“God! I do too! I love all comics, I’m a total comic fanatic!” Gerard replied and grinned.
“Wow! You two have so much in common!” Bob said, genuinely intrigued.
“It’s always so hard to find someone who has so much in common with you.” Kelly stated.
Becky and the others laughed at this.
“You are so right, Kel.” Becky said.
At a few tables away, Soph, Angelica, Sienna, Gill, Greg, Buddy and Dan shook their heads in disapproval and frowned at what Becky was doing…faking it all and pretending.
“I’m willing to bet if it’s Devon right there, she would definitely kick Becky’s ass. And that Gerard boy would probably be falling onto his knees, falling in love with D.S. Coop.” Sienna stated.
“Yep, but she’s not here right now.” Greg said.
“Yeah, but we all know her pretty well. She doesn’t care about having a boyfriend, nor does she care whether she attracts boys’ attention.” Buddy stated.
Then, the bell rang for the end of lunch recession. Soph and co. got up and left.
“Well, I ought to go now. I have a Geography lesson to get to. I will catch up with you guys later.” Becky stated.
Becky got up from the table and left.
“Yeah sure, we will catch up with you later.” Ray said.
Everyone stared at Gerard.
“What?” Gerard asked.
“Go after her!” Ray replied.
“What for?” Gerard asked.
“Ask her out. We all know that you like her a lot. I’m sure she does too.” Mikey said.
“No.” Gerard said.
“Why are you so shy? We all just realized you guys have so much in common!” Frank said.
After a few minutes of persuading and talking, Gerard finally got the confidence. He left the table and ran after Becky. Becky walked along the corridor, she later heard running footsteps behind her.
“Hey, Becky. Wait up!” Gerard said.
Becky stopped, turned round and smiled.
“Becky, there’s something I really want to say.” Gerard stated.
“What is it?”
“I like you a lot. What Mikey said was true.”
“Really? I like you a lot too, Gerard. I just thought I should let you know.” Becky said.
“Well, and now since we have so much in common…”
“Yeah…thanks a lot to Devon.” Becky thought happily to herself.
“I was thinking if you will go out with me sometime, starting tonight?” Gerard asked shyly.
“Yes! I’d love to!” Becky replied excitedly.
With a big smile on her face, she hugged him tightly.
“Let’s say at 6pm?!” Gerard suggested.
“I will be there.” Becky said.
“OK! I will catch up with you later then.” Gerard said.
“Yeah, definitely.”
Then they walked their separate ways. A few seconds later…
“Wait!” Gerard stated.
He ran up to Becky, and kissed her on the cheek.
“I will see you tonight.” Gerard said.
Then Becky walked onto her lesson, she smiled big and happy…God! How happy she is! &…how she wishes Devon is right here right now, she really need Devon’s help right now.
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