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Love Undercover

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Courtney Highmore is a smart, intelligent, beautiful, and well-respected F.B.I agent who works in the Behavior Analysis Unit (B.A.U), with her cohorts being her really close friends as well as bein...

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“Hey, baby. Come to bed with me.” Her ever-so-loving boyfriend stated, sitting up in their comfortable double bed.
Courtney Highmore looked back at her sweet rock star boyfriend, she smiled at him.
“So sexy!” Courtney thought to herself.
“Yes, honey. I will…just let me get washed up first.” Courtney stated, and walked into their ensuite bathroom.
“How was work? Busy day again?” Her boyfriend asked.
Courtney wiped her face dry, and let her hair down. She came back out of the ensuite bathroom with her bathrobe on; she walked over to their bed. He crawled over to her, his skilled fingers untying her bathrobe.
“Same old, same old. But fun though, I love helping people.” Courtney replied.
She stood by the bedside, letting her boyfriend do whatever he wants, while she ran her hands through his thick black raven hair. She smiled down at him, she loves him so much, the loving sweet guy and also the famed, successful, sexy frontman of a brilliant rock band. He peeled off her bathrobe slowly, his hands caressing her smooth, soft skin, and lips kissing her abdomen.
“How about you, Gee? How was your day?” Courtney asked.
“Same old…show on MTV, interview…stuff like that.” Gerard replied, still kissing her body.
“Uh…huh…” Courtney responded, hands round her back and she unclasped her bra.
She dropped her bra on top of Gerard’s head. He looked up at her with a really goofy grin, she smiled back.
“I love you, sugar.” Gerard stated.
“I love you too, so much!” Courtney stated back.
“So…how are things going? The world tour fully planned yet?” Courtney asked, her hands running through his hair.
“Hmm…” Gerard responded.
Courtney looked down and smiled. There he was now reveling himself in kissing her tummy button, his tongue occasionally lapping out to lick her. She giggled, she lifted his head up, and she leaned down and gave him a very loving kiss on the lips, which earned her a moan from Gerard.
Gerard then held back and crawled back to his original position, lifted the quilt up and patted the empty space next to him. He smiled at Courtney with a seducing manner. She smiled back and got under the quilt cover, getting comfy and cozy with him. He cuddled her close, kissing her tenderly on the lips, her bare back and then her collar bone.
“I love you so much, sugar.” Gerard said, while pampering her.
“I love you too…ever so much, baby!” Courtney responded.
He moved his touching and kissing down her neck and chest, as he got on top of her. She rolled her head back, eyes shut and completely enjoying all the sensations he is giving her.
“I love it whenever you pamper me!” Courtney stated.
“I’m glad I can be of service. Plus, it’s a bonus for me; you know how much I love pampering you.” Gerard responded sweetly.
Courtney ran her hands through his hair; she smiled as she remembers when they first met in Hemingway High School…he was the shy, talented loner kid, while she was the popular beautiful smart school girl. She remembers how shy he was the first time he asked her out, and she surprised him by saying yes. She chuckled to herself out loud, and this got his attention.
“What’s so funny?” Gerard asked.
“Sorry…honey…I was just remembering how shy you were when you asked me out for the first time ever…that’s all.” Courtney replied.
Gerard rolled his eyes, and continued to pamper her, earning himself several moans from Courtney. He smiled to himself with pride and proud ness. Then, her Blackberry rang, and started vibrating by their bedside table.
“Oh…man! I really need to turn my Blackberry off the next time.” Courtney said.
He chuckled at that. She picked up the call; it’s from her colleague---Jennifer Jareau, a.k.a J.J…
“Highmore here…how may I help?” Courtney asked.
“Hey, Court…it’s J.J here.” J.J replied.
At the point, he trailed his fingers down her tummy…while she held her mobile in one hand, her other hand was stroking his hair.
“What’s up, J?” Courtney asked.
“We’ve just had another case, a double homicide.” J.J replied.
“Yeah…so Gideon and Hotchner want us to come in earlier tomorrow, an hour earlier. Is that alright with you?” J.J asked.
By then, Gerard had slipped his hands under her bottom underwear piece, and began massaging her there, a definite foreplay which turns her on completely.
“Ah…ah…ah…Yeah…of course…J.J…that’s absolutely fine.” Courtney replied, slightly moaning.
J.J, on the other hand, started to feel slightly awkward.
“Are you alright, C?” J.J asked with concern.
“I’m alright…thanks for asking.” Courtney replied steadily, while trying to control her temptation to moan out loud.
He looked up at her, smiled slyly; all she could do was to smile back and encouraged him to go on with his foreplay.
“I will come in earlier tomorrow. OK?” Courtney stated.
However, when he started stroking her down there, she couldn’t help but moaned out loud, earning herself several loud moans from him.
“Err…am I distracting you from something?” J.J asked.
“Kind of…”
“Oh gosh…I am so sorry for distracting you at this time.” J.J said.
“That’s alright…it can happen to anyone…Oh…ah…god!” Courtney responded, and couldn’t help herself from moaning.
“I love you so much, Courtney, babe!” Gerard eventually moaned out pretty loud enough for J.J to hear it.
“Well…err…I’m going to hang up now. I’m so sorry for distracting you.” J.J said.
“That’s okay…”
“I will see you tomorrow then…” J.J said.
“Yes, of course…Bye then.”
“Bye.” J.J said.
Courtney finally hung up and switched her mobile off.
“Why do you have to be so cheeky, boy?” Courtney asked, reveling herself in the sensations he’s giving her.
“Because being cheeky is fun, and I love all the teasing and pampering I give you.” Gerard replied, while slipping her underwear off.
Courtney laughed.
“Well…I’m sure I’d love a cheeky boy.” Courtney stated.
He chuckled a little.
“What was the call about?” Gerard asked.
“Nothing much…just that I have to go into work a bit earlier tomorrow…an hour earlier.” Courtney replied.
“Earlier? Must be serious…” Gerard stated.
“Yeah…double homicide.” Courtney said.
“Oh…” Gerard stated, and stopped all his teasing for a short while. She knew something’s up.
“What’s wrong, honey?” Courtney asked, her hands still stroking his hair.
“Homicidal psychopaths?! I hate to think about them, I hate to think you and colleagues going after them all the time. I get sick and worried about you getting hurt.” Gerard replied.
“Oh…honey…baby…You don’t have to worry about me. I have protection gear with me all the time, plus…I’m a pro. So…please don’t worry about me, okay?” Courtney stated.
“But…” Gerard started.
She silenced him by kissing him lovingly on the lips.
“No but…I love you so much.” Courtney said.
“I love you so much too.” Gerard said back sweetly.
“No worries…okay? Just make love to me now, honey.” Courtney stated.
Without a second thought or another word, he smiled down at her and very happily obliged and made sweet love to her throughout the night.
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