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Chapter 4: Random Play

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Mikey, Ray, Frank and Bob go over to Gerard's place...

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While Courtney’s at work, still being loaded with the same questions over and over again, Gerard is in their apartment, with Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob over for the fun of it. They sat round in the living room, food and drink everywhere, when they are choosing another movie to watch, Mikey and Ray started messing around the apartment.
“Wow! Bro…dude…you didn’t tell me that you have an Iron Maiden dartboard!” Mikey stated excitedly.
“Yeah…my baby got it for me when she went to London.” Gerard responded, all smiles as he thought of Courtney.
“Oh…you are so lucky to have such a sweet girlfriend!” Mikey stated.
“I know…I’m the luckiest guy!” Gerard said, with a grin.
“Hey…Gee…where are all the other soda, drink and stuff?” Ray asked.
“In the kitchen, help yourself to them.” Gerard replied.
Ray went into the kitchen; Bob and Frank are still picking and choosing, while Mikey stood staring at a wall.
“You like her, don’t you? A lot…” Gerard asked, understanding his baby brother.
Gerard knows he’s staring at the photograph of Courtney with her close friend and colleague---J.J, when they were in Paris together.
“Have you met her yet?” Mikey asked.
“I really want to meet J.J.” Mikey stated.
“I could probably talk to C about it, and see what she thinks.” Gerard stated.
Mikey whined.
“Don’t worry about it, bro.” Gerard said.
Ray finally came back out of the kitchen with food and drink, once he put them down on the coffee table. He chucked a box of Trojan and Durex into Gerard’s laps.
“Gee, dude…you two are running out of Trojan and Durex…you know…” Ray stated.
“Oh yeah…thanks for reminding me. Me and C need to stock them up again.” Gerard stated.
“I think these two packs could probably last me a few more days.” Gerard said.
“A few more days?!...Man…you two are animals at it!” Ray stated.
Gerard didn’t respond or anything, but he has a goofy grin plastered onto his face.
“Dude…you two are just like bunnies. Never stopping…last week when we were here, I remember clearly that you had 12 boxes of them in your cupboard!” Frank stated.
“I know!” Gerard responded, still stuck with a goofy grin on his face.
“God, bro… When do you two ever have time alone to yourselves when you don’t do it?” Mikey asked.
“Look…whenever I come home or when she comes home, we get home…we get tired out and stressed...We need relaxation…” Gerard said.
“& sex is a sure way to relax?!” Bob finished for him.
“Yes…for the both of us…and for your information, we both absolutely love to satisfy each other.” Gerard added.
“So…you two are…”Frank started.
“Physically active…or should I say…sexually active.” Gerard finished for him, a wide grin on his face.
The others shook their heads. They know that they both love each other very much genuinely and very dearly, they know that Gerard & C make the perfect couple, but they never thought in Gerard’s and C’s private life, they could be so…active. For the rest of the time, Gerard and co. just watched, talked and played video games until it hit around 3:30pm, they tidied up the place and left Gerard alone to prepare dinner for his dearly beloved.
At around 5pm, C arrived home safe and sound, once through the front door, she saw to her great surprise, a table set for two, with a single rose in a vase in the middle of the table.
“So…how have you been, my lovely?” Gerard asked, extending his arms out.
She chucked her stuff aside and walked right into Gerard’s welcoming embrace; he hugged her close and kissed her forehead.
“Everything is all fine at work. How about you and the boys?”
“Well, all we did are all stupid guys’ stuff.”
“So…I see…horror movies, video games, talking…”
Gerard nodded.
“Yep…and we also talked about sex…”
Courtney rolled her eyes and frowned.
“I don’t need to know that!”
“Baby, sugar…we are guys…we think with our…”
She silenced him with a longing kiss on the lips. He grinned.
“That’s nice!”
“Come on…let me go now. I need to go and get changed.” Courtney stated.
“OK…and oh…Ray reminded me today that we are running out of Trojan and Durex…We need to get them stock up again…” Gerard said.
Courtney laughed.
“Of course…I will stock them up in a few days’ time when you are off on tour.”
“Cool! & oh…get a variety too!”
“Don’t worry, I will…honey!” Courtney stated and laughed.
Gerard finally let her go to get changed.
“Quick…go and get changed, and come back out for dinner.”
When she walked off into their bedroom, he took his chance and smacked her on the buttocks playfully, earning himself a squeal from her. He laughed at that. She came back out of the bedroom, dressed in casual clothes; she finds the table now all laid out with deliciously looking Italian meal. He smiled at her and went round the table, and pulled out a chair for her to sit in.
“M’lady.” Gerard stated.
“Thank you very much, honey.”
“You are very welcome…my darling.”
They both sat down and started on their dinner; they kissed and talked about the day.
“So did your friends asked you about the hickies?” Gerard asked, smiling.
“Yes…in fact they did. I told them that I do have a long-term serious boyfriend.”
“Did they ask who?”
“Yes…they did…they kept asking and asking.”
He reached a hand across and held her hand in his.
“You didn’t tell them who…did you?”
“No, I didn’t…but they did take a wild guess.” Courtney replied.
He grinned widely.
“Wow! They are smart.”
“Yeah…and since you were moaning so loudly last night, my friend---J.J could hear your voice. She said that the voice sound exactly and genuinely like yours.”
He laughed.
“& did you confess?” Gerard asked.
“Confess??? No, of course I didn’t.”
His face turned a sad expression.
“Gee…baby…I don’t want to tell them because I want to keep my privacy.” Courtney stated.
She held his hand up to her lips and kissed it.
“But what if when I make a public announcement? Let say if we are engaged?”
“Baby…I love you so much! I promise you that I will tell them when the time’s right…okay?”
He smiled, all happy again.
“Oh…yeah…my colleagues tried to profile me today, which wasn’t fun.”
He laughed out loud.
“Oh…my poor baby…turned an innocent victim…did you?”
He hugged her close, and planted kisses all over her cheeks and neck.
“So…you wanna kick start for a new day tomorrow?” Gerard asked.
“Sure…babe…I’m totally up for it!”
He smiled; he lifted her up over his shoulders and carried her into their bedroom, and kicked the door shut to start for a new day.
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