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Chapter 3: Who's the Guy???

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Courtney's colleagues start questioning her night and who on earth is her boyfriend...

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She left for work in her Mercedes-Benz; she drove out of the apartment building car park, and stopped by Starbucks to pick up a coffee and food for breakfast. In the Starbucks store, she gained a lot of stares as her neck is so obviously covered with Gerard’s hickies. The old Starbucks counter girl---Sally saw her and smirked.
“Rough night?” Sally asked, with glints in her eyes.
“You can say that.” Courtney replied, and smirked.
“Lucky guy.” Sally stated, she knows Courtney’s long-term guy is Gerard Way, and always joke with both of them everytime when they are in the shop.
She continued on her way until she has finally arrived at the Quantico, F.B.I offices, she passed through security and made her way to the B.A.U. Once she got there, she sat down in her cubicle, and had her breakfast, she’s still too early.
“Hey…you are early…a little earlier.” A voice said.
She turned to find one of her upper heads---S.S.A Aaron Hotchner standing and smiling.
“Yeah…well…I don’t want to be late in.” Courtney stated.
“Are you ready for the meeting and the profiling?” Hotchner asked.
“Why don’t you grab whatever you need, and we will wait for the others in the conference room.” Hotchner said.
She grabbed her coffee, pen and notepad, walked up the few steps up to the half-landing with Hotchner, to the conference room. He then noticed her neck.
“Hey, Highmore…your neck…” Hotchner pointed at her neck.
“Oh…yeah…that…hickies from my boyfriend. My long-term serious boyfriend absolutely loves giving me hickies.” Courtney replied.
“Hickies? Boyfriend?”
“Yes, I’ve known and been with him ever since high school. With the hickies, what about Haley? Don’t you give your wife hickies?” Courtney replied and asked.
“Nah…me and Haley both hate hickies.” Hotchner replied.
“Oh…well…” Courtney trailed off.
They went into the conference room, sat down and started going through the murder case. When about 25 minutes later, the other cohorts came in.
“Good afternoon…” Hotchner greeted sarcastically, clearly suggesting that they are late.
The other cohorts: S.S.A Jason Gideon, S.A Derek Morgan, S.A Jennifer Jareau, S.A Emily Prentiss, S.A (Dr.) Spencer Reid, S.A Elle Greenaway and Penelope Garcia, came in and sat down. Loud My Chemical Romance’s “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” music could be heard playing and blasting out of Elle’s I-Pod headphones.
“Oh…this band saved my life.” Elle stated, as she turned her I-Pod off.
“I love this band!” Garcia gushed, and the others nodded in genuine agreement.
“That’s why I don’t say anything about my relationship with Gerard.” Courtney thought to herself quietly.
The meeting and discussion soon started, even though the discussion was carrying on as normally would, but Courtney’s neck certainly earn quite a lot of glances from her colleagues throughout.
Finally, after the discussion ended when they finished their reports and the profiling, everyone started looking at her; J.J is the one who started to quiz her.
“Highmore, my friend, please tell me…aren’t you originally from New Jersey?” J.J. asked.
“Yeah…of course.”
“And were you from Newark?” J.J asked.
“Well, I must say you and your boyfriend must have had a really busy rough night last night when I called.” J.J said.
The others stared at her, eyes wide.
“You have a boyfriend?” Morgan asked.
“Yes, ever since high school. Back in NJ.”
“So your neck with all the hickies…it wasn’t just a one night stand?” Elle asked.
“No! Do I look the type that has one night stands?”
“Who is he? What’s his name?” Garcia asked.
“I’m not saying. He’s shy but he’s a really sweet guy.”
“Why won’t you tell us? We are all just looking out for you.” Reid said.
The others nodded fiercely in agreement.
“What’s with the questions? I’m grateful for you guys, but seriously please no more questions about my personal life.”
“Fine…we will let it go. Stop asking anymore questions.” Morgan stated after awhile.
“But, I must say…your boyfriend’s voice sound so amazingly and genuinely like the voice of my favorite charismatic frontman of all time.” J.J stated casually.
Courtney’s eyes grew wide all of a sudden. Everyone knows that it’s Gerard Way J.J is talking about, everyone in the unit practically worships Gerard Way and co. Courtney then put the 2 and 2 together.
“Ah…I see now…with the New Jersey questions…” Courtney said.
“Yep…smart girl. So…Gerard Way…” J.J trailed off.
Everyone stared eyes wide at her…she laughed it off.
“Please don’t tell me that you guys are thinking that I’m going out with Gerard Way?” Courtney asked.
“You are going out with him, aren’t you?” Gideon asked.
“No! My boyfriend’s voice just sound like him, that’s all. But I can assure you my boyfriend is not Gerard Way.” Courtney said.
“That voice I heard is distinctively Gerard Way’s.” J.J stated.
“You are going out with Gerard Way?” Garcia asked, with excitement in her eyes.
“No, I’m not!”
“Don’t lie!” Prentiss stated.
“I’m not!”
“You are!” Prentiss stated.
“I’m not!”
“Oh…you are so lucky!!!” Elle said.
“Elle! I’m not going out with him!”
“Then tell us who he is.” Reid said.
“Why?” Hotchner asked.
“I told you because he’s shy.”
She stood up from the chair to leave.
“Please Courtney…as a friend, tell us are you or are you not going out with Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance?” Morgan asked.
After a few minutes of silence…
“No…” Courtney replied, and began walking out of the room, with a smile threatening to escape.
“You lie! I can see a smile coming on!” Morgan said teasingly.
“Stop it, guys! It’s not funny! Stop asking me questions and don’t profile me!” Courtney stated.
However, the questions continued, and her colleagues still tried to profile her.
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