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Chapter 20

by RyanRossLuver


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Thanks for all the warm responses for the last chapter. I hope this one makes up for the disappointing amount of drama... this has it all in.

ficfriction - so happy you loved it girl
PanicFOBAcademy26 - yeah, we're joining you in the ranks of marriage, and double dating is definately on the agenda.
doyleangel - I know lying doesn't get anyone anywhere, but in Gabe's case, it does. And yes, that does mean drama drama drama
MrSz-Or3o - you are allowed you own opinion for her relationship. However, I will bring on the drama.

This chapter is for my new good friend, and party planner (lol) Chloe, i.e. TheTrohmanator121. I hope this is good enough for you.

Chapter 20:

By 7:30, the engagement party was in full swing. It was only a tiny number - the Fall Out Boy's, Panic At the Disco, The Academy Is..., Kristin, Holly, Travie from GCH and Hayley from Paramore, seeing as she was engaged to Spencer. The only thing that struck me as odd was that when I needed to talk to Pete about something to do with drinks, seeing as I wasn't allowed alcohol, I couldn't find Pete anywhere. When I started asking people where he had run off to, all I got was "have you checked the kitchen" or "maybe he's in the bathroom". Now let me set something straight right now - when Pete decides to go off on his own without telling anyone, he can be gone for a long time. His record so far that I know of is a week. So that's why I was beginning to panic.

Of course, while he was gone, everyone was coming up to me and congratulating me on both the baby and the engagement, rubbing my stomach lightly and asking how do I expect to handle twins. I just laughed at them, sitting down on the couch next to Holly.

"So, you like the ring?" I asked her, as she was silent when I first showed it off.

"Of course I do honey. It was my stupid hormones that stopped me from telling you earlier," she replied, smiling sweetly at me.

"Oh boy do I know how that feels. I've got two of them growing in me... Pete's and Gabe's nonetheless," I laughed, feeling the couch sink on my other side. I turned, hoping it was Pete, dicovering it was actually Ryan. I smiled at him, before leaning against his side, continuing my conversation with Holly about babies and marriages. After a laughable admittance from her, the door to the apartment opened; Pete entering with a box in his hands. I ran over to him, intruiged by what the box could possibly hold. Everyone else gathered around us upon seeing a present.

"What is it?" I asked timidly.

"Well, it's for you, so open it," Pete said, setting the box on the ground. I bent down, opening the parcel, and the contents were too cute for words... tears were welling in my eyes.

"She's beutiful," I whispered out, picking up the tiny English Bulldog puppy, cradling her in my arms, loosening the pink ribbon around her neck.

"I'm so glad you like her. I've had my eye on her for weeks now, ever since she was a baby pup, seeing as you keep badgering me for a new puppy," Pete replied, taking both of us into his arms, the guests cooing over the cuteness of the new family addition.

"Does she have a name?" I questioned, stroking her soft fur and nuzzling her head.

"Rigby. And I know she and Hemmy will get on like a house on fire." At the sound of his name, Hemmingway emerged from the bedroom and headed to his master. I placed Rigby on the floor by my feet, and Hemmy had a good sniff of her, before barking in approval and washing her side. Everyone let out an 'awe' at the cute antics. Soon the crowd dispersed, and I sat back down on the couch, this time chatting with William Beckett and Pete.

That was until the door came crashing open and a pissed off looking Gabe stormed into the apartment.

"So Alexiz, when were you going to inform me that you were having twins? And that they were mine?" He started. Now normally, I would be paralyzed in fear at such an abrupt arrival and outburst, but I wasn't. In fact I was the complete opposite.

"How dare you accuse me of tiny things like that, when you dump me for your ex, barge into my apartment unannounced, and start causing a riot!" I exclaimed, standing and walking to him.

"I wansn't even with her! She just decided to make her way back stage and seduce me! I forgot she lived in Adelaide!" Gabe continued, his voice rising with each sentence spoken.

"Of course you's be saying that now, as you find out that I've found love once more and that I'm finally happy. Just face it Gabe, you're only ever happy when I'm hurting,"I screamed, the tears rolling down my cheeks.

"I'm not happy when you hurt Alexiz. I love you. Why would I ever want to hurt you?"

"Because it's what you do best. You hurt Kristin when you were with her, but we both forgave you. You abused Jessie as Cobra was beginning to make it into the news, but no, girls still lined up to be with you. You were always promising you'd change your ways, but I knew that you were just a lying, ignorant bastard!" I screeched, as Pete and Ryan hurried over, separating me and Gabe. I sobbed into Ryan's chest as Pete ordered Gabe out. I'd never been so happy to be with Pete in my life.

Everyone started heading over to me, comforting me, apologising for the hell that Gabe put me through, telling me their awe at how I was having twins with two fathers. After half an hour, I was sick of everyone in the apartment trying to make me feel better, so I decided to go for a walk, telling William where I was going, as Pete was busy dealing with a drunk Travis.


I shuffled past the shops lining Abbots Street, turning down the alley that led to my favourite shop in all the world - the alternative merch store. It held merchandise by band members who had fashion labels not so well known of. In this one place, it housed Leathermouth merch (Frank Iero); Fuck City (Andy Hurley); Clandestine (Pete Wentz); Saint (Hayley Williams) and The Really Really Really Tight Outfits District (William Beckett).

Just as I entered the alley, I felt a pair of hands grab my arms and pin me against the wall.

"Never, and I repeat, never yell at me like that again," Gabe pleaded, his grip remaining loose.

"And why shouldn't I? We're not together anymore, and it's not like you're ever gonna win me back. And also, it was all true. You are just a tormenting pain in the -" My sentence was cut short as Gabe's lips lowered on mine. A moan passed my lips at the feeling of his on mine once more. Instinctivly I deepened it, wrapping my now free arms around his neck, giving into the temptation that was Gabe Saporta.

He ran his hand up my bare thigh, sliding under my 50's style cocktail dress, continuing up to my core. His other hand slipped round my back and unzipped my dress, while my hands worked nimbly on his buttons. He shed his shirt as I shed my dress, his hands working on his pants as I pulled him in for another kiss. Once we were both down to our bare essentials, and he was kissing my stomach, it hit me at what I was doing.

"No Gabe," I whispered out, pushing him away from me. He ignored me, and pulled of our underwear, kissing back up my body, his erection mere millimetres from my entrance.

"Stop Gabe," I said, but he just hushed me as he plunged into me, coaxing a scream from my lips. Tears were running down my face once more as Gabe pounded into me, my bare back scratching against the brick wall. I could feel my skin tearing and blood start to trickle out of it, running down my back. I kept screaming for Gabe to stop, but he remained silent, trying to coax me into the unruly act.

He began kissing my neck, thrusting further and deeper into me, wails ripping from my mouth. Soon he was spent; pulling out of my body and getting re-dressed. Only then did he notice the tears. He seemed to think I was in pain from being with Pete, or being pregnant.

"Shit Alexiz, can I do anything to help you?"

"I think you've done enough. Just get back to New York and not bother Alexiz or Pete again."

You like? Two quick things - Rigby is a new addition to the Wentz household, so I just had to include her in this. The clothing lines by William and Hayley are completely made up, with thanks to Chloe for the name of Williams line
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