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Chapter 21

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What did I tell you about the last two chapters being filled with drama?

MrSz-Or3o: I knew that would make you change your mind!
doyleangel: I hate having to write Gabe as being a horrible man, but I really hope to change that soon... or not
xStabxMyxBackx: I know. Yes, I had fun with the clothing lines, and yes, Gabe is a pain in the royal you-know-what
fob2adelaide: When guys are after one thing, they'll block out the screams of the woman - I've been there. They never back down. As for the twins... who knows? I hadn't actually thought of them lol
ficfriction: stupid FicWad... thats all I can say. And the face behind the voice is about to be revealed!

Chapter 21:

At the sound of Williams resonating voice, Gabe bolted down the other direction of the alley and out of sight, as I slid further down the wall, adding even more blood stricken gashes to my back, thankful that he had shown. I let out a sob as I blindly reached for my discarded dress, pulling it to my naked body, not being able to pull it on as everytime I moved a muscle, pain shot through my whole being, pulling a scream from between my clenched lips. William hurried over, lifting me away from the wall, inspecting my back for the depth of the gashes, helping me to replace my dress loosley. As he lifted himself to his feet, he offered me a hand up, which I refused, knowing it would only bring me a great deal of pain. William seemed to pick up on this, recrouching and lifting me into his arms, staarting to carry me back to the apartment. We hadn't even moved three paces when pain shot through my abdomen, ripping another heart-wrenching cry from me; my head burrowing into Williams chest.

"Shh Alexiz, we'll be back home soon," he whispered to me, rubbing my back whilst picking up the pace. I simply replied by sobbing into his shirt, complaining that I was worried about the twins, that Gabe was sure to have hurt them. But William never heard my moans as his concentration was on getting me back home in one piece... or at least one more piece than I currently was. I started to slip from his grasp, my arms around his neck not supportive enough of me. He quickly readjusted his grip on me, hands brushing one of the deeper wounds, startling both of us by making me wail once more. Never had I felt pain so harsh as this.

It took us only another two minutes to get back to the apartment, whose contents had visibly thinned since I was last there. The only remaining faces were those of Andy, Joe, Ryan and Pete; the first two were busy making out on the couch, the other two starting the clean up operations. William made such a noise banging the front door open that it startled Ryan and Pete in the kitchen, not even phasing the other two. William struggled to carry me through to the bedroom, where he carefully lay me on the bed, on my side so I wouldn't have pressure on my back, before walking into the bathroom in search of a first aid kit. As he returned to my side and pulled away my dress, removing my bra also, Pete and Ryan rushed into the room, the former sitting at the top of my bed, clenching my hand whilst kissing my tear-stained cheeks, the latter helping William in disinfecting and dressing my back.

"What happened baby?" Pete whispered as fresh tears rolled down my cheeks.

"H-he followed me o-outside. I-I was going to look in Labella, you know, that famous line s-store, when he started yelling. I-I was responding, and before I knew it, w-we were k-kissing. I actually en-enjoyed it. B-but I realised what I was d-doing, and asked him to s-stop, but he... he pushed t-to far," I sobbed, squeezing Petes hand and my eyes shut. I felt the cool sting of disinfectant against my back, ripping another cry of defeat from my body. When I forced my eyes open for a brief moment, I could see the blurred tears running down Pete's cheeks, and felt the softness of Ryan's fingers caressing my hips and thighs, telling me it was okay. I put up with the pain as William continued the slow torture, every stroke adding to my demise. As I felt the starchy bandages rolling around my chest and a portion of my abdomen, Pete ran a hand over my bump.

"A-are the babies okay?" He whispered in such a hushed tone, it was amazing that I even heard him. I just looked into his eyes, my soul boring into his, and he nodded, grabbing the phone and dialling Dr. Dorian, who was thankfully on call 24/7. After a hastened conversation between her and Pete, it was known that the doctor would be around in ten minutes, which amazed me, seeing as it was by this point almost 11pm. By the time she knocked on the door, William had packed up the kit and replaced it; Ryan had let himself out and Andy and Joe had retired to the drummers place three streets away. As Dr. Dorian bustled into the bedroom, William waved to both me and Pete, as if saying goodbye.

"Please William, can you stay with us tonight?" I choked out, Pete squeezing my hand as the doctor felt my stomach.

"Please William, we would love for you to. You've done so much for us... without your help, I wouldn't have even known that Alexiz had gone out and that she..." I squeezed Petes hand in comfort as William headed back to us, grasping my other hand and Pete spare hand in his.

"So what happened that has you so worried about the children?" Dr. Dorian asked as she ran her hands over the extra padding, most likely feeling for abrasions or rashes. I shook my head, silently telling the guys I couldn't tell the story again.

"She was raped," William murmered, his own eyes beginning to glaze with moisture.

"Oh my," was all she could say in reply, pausing in her examination.

"Are they okay?" I squeaked out, knowing deep down that they were, but needing to hear it from a professional.

"To me, with the simplistic equipment I have with me, I can certify that they are perfectly fine. However, if you feel worried by the time the clinic opens tomorrow, pop in at any time and I'll squeeze you in between appointments, and we can do another sonogram, if it'll help put your mind at ease." I nodded my thanks as William and Pete meekly said their thank you's, before Dr. Dorian let herself out. I let out a yawn of protest at my body still being awake after such a full day, shuffling over in the bed, still on my side, before patting either side of me, beckoning for the boys to join me. Pete almost instantly climbed on the bed, pulling me into his arms as he toyed with my hair, kissing my forehead and telling me it would all be okay, that the babies were fine. William was slightly more hesitant to join us, but he eventually did, pressing his body lightly against my back and pulling the sheets over us. His arms lay over my body, one hand intertwining with mine, the other with Pete's spare.

"Night," I whispered out, before feeling one pair of lips on my shoulder blade, the other pair on my own. As I succumbed to the pull of darkness, I heard a soft, brief smack of lips pulling apart. I knew William and Pete had kissed, and the thought of those two boys sharing an innocent kiss almost made my heart melt.

"No Gabe, please. Just stop!" He kept pounding into me, the force of his thrusts throwing me into the wall. I could feel the blood trickling down my back.

"I love you Alexiz," he replied, kissing my neck and ignoring my wails.

"No you don't. You love the fact that you're causing me pain," I retorted, before feeling skin hitting my cheek as Gabe delivered a back hand to my face.

I snapped out of my dream, body shaking softly, noticing the spot where Pete was laying when we fell asleep vacant. I rolled over the best I could with my back in shreds, facing William, who laid with his eyes open.

"It was just a dream," he whispered when he saw the look in my eyes, pulling my body to his as I let the dams break again. He lightly kissed my forehead, running his hands over my shoulders. As I calmed down, I felt the weight of the bed shift; Pete's arms encircling my waist from behind, pulling me back against his body.

"Just lay here baby, don't worry about sleep," he whispered, his head nuzzling into my shoulder. William wrapped his arms around both me and Pete, and I felt the most comfortable I had felt in a long while.
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