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Chapter 19

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Okai, another shocking cliffhanger. I'm getting good at these, ey?

ficfriction: Glad I could surprise you still with the antics of this story. The plan was to catch as many people off guard as possible.
MrSz-Or3o: Who knows if she's ready or not for marriage to Pete? Only time will tell. And who's saying she's even accepting his proposal?
doyleangel: Hehe, gotta love surprises, ey? Yeah, I know what you mean, but who knows if her heart does completely lie with Pete? She may be pining away for Gabe deep down. But then again, I may be planning something big, and she loves Pete more than anything she's ever known.
fob2adelaide: I know! They were gonna get married eventually, so why not throw it in after a monster fight, lol. And I'd go with your gut feeling, it most definately isn't smooth sailing from hereon in.

Let me tell you right now. Chapter 19 is wrought with drama and pain. Some bits were hard to write, and some things were hard to come up with, but I'm overall priud of how it turned out.

I have a song to go with this chapter. Play it softly in the background as you read, and stick it on repeat to get the full effects and dramatics of the text. It's That's What you Get by Paramore.

On with chapter 19:

I was gasping for air. Did Pete really just ask that? He pulled the ring box out of his pocket and flipped it open, revealing a silver ring, with gold and yellow gold leaves surrounding a heart, into which was encrusted a single ruby. Either side of the leaves were intricate swirls of silver, completing the almost historical look to it. (

I was dumbstruck, to say the least. The ring was the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on.

"It... it's beautiful," I whispered out, reaching down and plucking it out of its velvet bed. It shone of pure brilliance, the ruby glinting in the light.

"It's nowhere near as beautiful as you," Pete breathed out as I slipped the ring on, admiring the sheer beauty of it on my long fingers. I soon felt Pete's lips crashing against mine, his hands holding my face in place. His tongue was rubbing against my lips, which I soon parted, wrapping my hands in his hair. Our tongues moved together as a single entity; both Pete and I were pouring our heart and soul into the kiss. He was the one to break it though, pulling back, keeping a grasp on my face.

"Is that a yes then?" Pete asked hopefully.

"Of course it's a yes, you dolt," I replied, swatting him on the head before leaning in for another kiss. Upin breaking apart, I suddenly remembered I hadn't filled Vicky in on who the father was.

"Baby, I have to call Vicky. I haven't told her the paternity results yet," I said, pulling my head and hand away from Pete's chest.

"Okay. While you do that, I'll call Patty, Joe and Andy and tell them of the engagement. Is it okay if we have a party here to celebrate tonight?"

"No, it's totally fine by me. I wouldn't mind inviting Panic and the TAI boys either, if I'm allowed," I replied, blinking up at Pete before pulling out of his embrace.

"It's as much of your engagement party as it is mine. I don't mind who you invite," Pete laughed, heading down the corridor to the bedroom where he left his phone. I located mine on the coffee table and dialed my little sister's number. On the third ring, she picked up.

"Alex, stop it... hello?" I giggled into the reciever before speaking.

"Nice to know my sister's love life still remains."

"Haha. What do you want?" She replied seriously.

"So no hello then? I'm ashamed of you Vicky." I could hear movement in the background.

"Yeah yeah. Hello Alexiz. How is my big sister on this fine day?"

"I'm fine thanks Vicky and yourself? And did I hear Alex get up and leave just then?"

"I'm good, and yes. To what do I owe this pleasurable conversation?"

"Well... I got back the results from the paternity test about five or six days ago, I honestly cannot remember, and I wanted to tell you who the father of my twins were."

"Oh my god, tell me sis!" She squealed. Let me tell you something, hearing Vicky squeal into a phone is a rare occurance... more rare than say... a photo of Pete without any tattoos.

"Here's the weird, yet somehow wonderful thing. Both Pete and Gabe are the father."
Gabe's POV

"Let me get this straight. Both Gabe, lead singer of the band I'm in, and Pete, hottie extraodinaire from Fall Out Boy are the fathers to your twins?" I heard Vicky say into her cell. The baby is partly mine? And we're having twins?

Too many thoughts and emotions were swirling through my head at this point. All I knew for certain is that I would have to fly to Chicago to see Alexiz at once. So I booked myself a plane ticket over the phone as I drove to NY Airport with all my might, hoping to get her to change her mind.
Alexiz's POV

I hung up after my conversation with Vicky, informing her of the paternity status and of my soon to be Mrs. Wentz status. Next on the list to call was one Ryan Ross, my new best guy friend, seeing Andy was too occupied with Joe.

"Hi Lex," he sang cheerily into the phone.

"Hey hun... what are you so happy about?" His airiness was some kind of confusing, playing tricks on my mind.

"I get to speak to one of my best friends," he replied, and I chuckled at the cuteness of him.

"That's so sweet of you. But there's something I need to tell you," I continued.
Ryan's POV

"Pete... proposed to you?" Don't get me wrong, I was happy for Alexiz. But somewhere inside of me, a little piece of my heart broke. It was then I realised I cared for Alexiz deeply, and I didn't want to see her get hurt again. I was going to be the best friend I could possibly be for her, never letting her down in times of need, never allowing anyone to hurt her, or to hurt her babies.

"Engagement party.. tonight? Of course we'll all be there. Can Brendon bring Kristin?" I asked as Brendon started mouthing 'Kristin' to me.

"Of course you can sweetie," Lex replied.

"Okay, we'll see you at Pete's place at 6-ish then," I said, hanging up.
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