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Chapter 15

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(Brie’s POV)

I don’t know how long I sat there but when I looked up the place was empty and the librarian was standing over me. “I’m sorry, Miss. But its time for me to close up now.” she said as politely as she could.

“Oh, no I’m sorry I just got entranced with this book. I’ll just leave now.” I handed her the book and walked out the door. I had no where to go, after sitting there for hours I realized, what I already knew from the start. I had no one. I walked down the street. I’d never felt so alone even with Gerard walking right next to me. It had gotten dark outside, but the street was lit up with clubs and restaurants that were opened late.

I kept walking until I thought I’d gotten far enough away from the noise that I could sleep. I turned down a dark ally and found a semi dry card board box. I crawled in side, and tried to get comfortable. This would be my bed for the night.

“No, get up Brie we are going to find you a room or something.”

“How?” I asked the voice inside my head. I didn’t have any money, or anywhere to go.

“Get up and let’s go find big crowd.” I could hear a smile in his voice.

“What are we going to do there?”

“You remember all of those stealth exercises that Dr. Breinhart made you do?”

“Yeah,” suddenly I got what he was saying. I got up from my almost bed and headed back toward the crowd. I knew that I really didn’t fit in with the crowd at the moment, but these were the only clothes I had. I started jogging through the crowd on occasion I would bump into someone picking their pocket, they wouldn’t know about it till they went to by a pretty girl a drink.

After I thought I’d had enough I went into the nearest alley taking the twenty wallets out and counting the money. “Heads up Brie.” Gerard said. I looked up to see two guys, before I could react. The tallest I’d say he was about 6’5” grabbed me by my arm and pinned me to the wall.

“Hey there aren’t you a little young to be out this late all alone?” I’ve been told many times I could pass for a high school student.

“Dude you really don’t want to do this.” I said unfazed.

“I think we do.”

“I know you don’t, trust me it’s for your own good. I’ll even let you take the money.” I was trying to be reasonable. I could tell though that this guy and his friend shared half a brain.

“Well aren’t you generous?”

“I thought I was yes.” I said.

“Brie, he has a knife.” Gerard said.

“Which one?”

“Which one what doll?” the man said.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” I said.

“The one that has you pinned, the other one has a gun. Quit playing around and get rid of them before someone sees.” the men were talking to me but I was busy telling Gerard not to tell me what to do. “Block,” he yelled at me. My arm flew up to block a punch from the man who had me pinned. I realize it was a little too late as his fist connected with such force. I hit my head on the wall. Now I was mad my lip was bleeding and I had a head ache.

“You could have waited ‘till I finished my conversation.” I said. I pulled my other arm free. I could have gotten free a long time ago but I wanted to give them a chance to run. He took out his knife and lunged at me. I grabbed the hand with the knife, and flipped him so that he landed on his back. Taking the knife from his hand, and quickly throwing it so that it stabbed the other one in the chest. It happened in seconds. Then I went to the first guy and bent over him as he tried to get up.

“I told you that you didn’t want to do this.” I punched him once in the face and he was out. I went around gathering the money that I had rightfully stolen. Now to find a decent room and some clothes.

“Then we go looking for me right.” Gerard said.

“Right,” I said even though I still wasn’t convinced he really existed.
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