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Derrick's POV

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Sorry, I totally forgot about updating, lol. Enjoy!

Derrick's POV

Being a vampire can be very boring sometimes.

We live forever, we can't sleep, and the people I spend the majority of my time with is my family. Not that spending time with my family isn't fun and all, but it's gets kinda old, ya know? And it's not like I can really have friends, or a girlfriend for that matter. I'd have to tell them at some point I was a blood-sucking vampire, and frankly, I didn't trust anyone enough to be able to do that. And anyways, none of the girls I've met in my 143 years of being a vampire have really attracted me.

The only semi-non-boring part of my life (or un-life, whatever) is school. The drama of all the teenage lives can be quite amusing at times, but mostly it's always the same, boring things. I don't have to go to high school, but if I didn't, well, there wouldn't be much to entertain me, and I'd probably go insane.


My head snapped up to see my brother Jason standing in the doorway of my room. He wasn't really my brother, but we've been acting like a family so long, I just see him as my brother anyway. Our family was a little small; I had a brother, Jason, a sister, Cassandra, or Cassie, and a father, William. Like Jason, I wasn't related to William or Cassie.

“We gotta go, first day of school starts in...” he checked his watch, “5 minutes.”

I got up and walked out the door, “I can get us there on time.”

Jason threw the keys at the back of my head, which would have hurt with this incredible strength, if I hadn't caught them. He appeared beside me as I walked to the car, “With your insane driving we'll get there in 30 seconds. Just don't get us killed,” he joked.

I slid in the driver's seat and smirked at Jason who was already in the passenger's seat, “I think the car would be far more damaged than us if we crashed.”

I started the car, but didn't pull out yet. I honked the horn a couple of times, and a few seconds later Cassie came running out the door. She was in the back seats barely 2 seconds after she left the front door.

“Sorry guys, I spilled nail polish on my top and I had to find a new one. You know how long it takes me to do that. At first I was gonna where this cute pink blouse then I saw my new dark blue one, and it took me forever to decide which one to wear, so I tried them both on a couple of times before I finally chose this one.” Cassie said all this rapidly, only a vamp would understand a word she said, and gestured at the top she was wearing at the end. I gave her a confused look.

“That's green.”

She nodded enthusiastically, “I decided it was a green day today.”

I rolled my eyes and finally pulled away from our humongous house (or mansion, your pick) and sped down the road in my Mustang hitting 130 mph.

We arrived at school 2 minutes before the late bell rang and made it to our classes on time. My first period class was math. Even though I pretty much know everything already in math and I get perfect grades, I still hated having to start out everyday with math.

The teacher looked up at me and said, “Derrick Sorenson?”

“Yes sir.” I handed him the paper I was given at the front desk to give to my first period teacher.

The teacher, Mr. Jones apparently, showed me where to sit and I plopped down in my desk.


After class ended and the bell rang, I got up and walked out the door, and I was greeted by someone running straight into me. The girl screamed and jumped away, startled.

“Whoa, sorry. I didn't see you there,” I apologized.

She turned around, and I froze. She was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen. She had perfect black hair that fell down past her shoulders, she was average height, 5'7” probably. And she had a great body I might add. Then I noticed her eyes, they were an amazing shade of emerald green, and I found myself getting lost in them.

“You the knew guy?” She squeaked, breaking me out my daze. She blushed and studied her shoes, which I thought made her look adorable.

I laughed, “Yeah. The name's Derrick.”

I held out my hand for her to shake and she looked up and cleared her throat, taking my hand, “Holly.” Beautiful name for a beautiful lady, I almost said, but I stopped myself. No girlfriends, remember?

I noticed we were the only people left in the hall way and reluctantly let go of her hand and headed for my next class, but not before saying, “It was really nice meeting you, Holly.” I waved and walked into the classroom.

“Mr. Sorenson, you're late.” Mrs. Bryant called from behind her desk.

I turned and gave her a dazzling smile, “I'm sorry, Mrs. Bryant. Won't happen again.”

She smiled slightly, “Alright, I'll let you off with a warning since it's your first day.”

I knew it wasn't right to use my vampiric charm on people, but I didn't have time for detention today. I sat down at my desk and thought about the only thing on my mind at the moment: Holly.


At lunch I got a tray, even though I didn't eat, it made me seem more human. I looked around the lunchroom, searching for Jason and Cassie. I could feel someone staring at me and I turned around to see Holly sitting at a table with two other people. I smiled at her, making her blush, and began walking over to sit with her, Jason and Cassie could live without me. I decided sitting next to her for one day at lunch couldn't hurt. I wasn't supposed to get close to people, but I couldn't resist.

“Hey Hotstuff,” A girl with blond hair stepped in front of me, “Why don't you come sit with me?”

“I -” Before I could say anything, she started dragging me to a table and pushed me into a seat.

She sat down next to me, a little too close, and said, “I'm Abby.” She was trying to be seductive. It wasn't working.

I got up, leaving my tray on the table, “And I don't care.” I gave her a smile and walked away. I was about to go to Holly again, but I heard my name being called, “Derrick! Over here!”

I groaned and turned to see Cassie waving at me from an empty table where she sat with Jason. I went over and sat down, “Hey guys.”

“So, how was your first day of school so far?” Cassie asked, as enthusiastic as always.

I shrugged, “Fine, I guess.”

I noticed how many people were staring at us and whispering to their friends. Many girls were eying me and waving, I ignored them. I turned my gaze to the only girl I was interested in, Holly, while Cassie chattered to Jason.

Right at that moment, I wished I wasn't a vampire, that way I could be friends with her, maybe more if I was lucky. But there was no cure for vampirism. I sighed.

After lunch I decided if I was going to make this any easier on myself, I needed to stay away from Holly. If I let myself get too close, it probably wouldn't end well. I was a vampire and she was human, and I hadn't missed how delicious her blood smelled earlier. Even though I drink animal blood, human blood does tempt me sometimes, and if I wasn't able to control myself around her, I could end up killing her.

She was in two more of my classes and so was that airhead Abby. I tried to ignore her the best I could, but it was hard. After school ended I walked out of the building slowly, by the time I got to the parking lot there was only one person in it, Holly. I watched her walk to her car, but she suddenly stopped and turned around. Milliseconds before she saw me I dashed behind a car 20 feet away. Through the window I saw her trip and start to fall, and almost unconsciously I quickly caught her.

She turned and stared at me for a second before giving me a confused look. I smiled at her, “You're pretty clumsy, huh? First running into me, then tripping on air.” I pulled her up onto her feet.

She blushed, making me smile wider, “Thanks for catching me.”

“You're very welcome.” I told her. Her hair that had been covering the side of her neck all day had been thrown back slightly somehow when she tripped, and I noticed something that made me very, very angry. A bite mark. Somebody had bitten her.

I brushed back her hair all the way, I could smell vampire on her, but no one I recognized, “How did this happen? Who did this?”

“I... I- uh..” she stuttered and paused, “I fell...?”

She fell?! “You fell?!” I yelled skeptically.

She nodded her head slightly and I sighed turning away, pinching my nose. Who could've bitten her? Nobody in my family. A rogue vampire maybe? Probably. I glanced at Holly, she looked scared. I had scared her. I softened my voice and put my hands on her shoulders.

“Tell me the truth. Who bit you?”

“Who b-bit me?” She looked deep in thought for a moment staring at me, “Maybe you could tell me.”

“What?” I asked. What was she talking about? Did she think I bit her? No, she couldn't know I was a vampire.

She hesitated then said, “Look, Derrick, I don't know who bit me. All I know is someone broke into my room through a two-story window and sucked my blood. I figure it was a vampire, as crazy as that sounds... I figure you're a vampire, too.”

I stepped away from her, shocked. How could she know? She was way too perceptive for her own good. I whirled around, I had to get out of here. I looked back at her for second before racing through the forest.


I was at the mansion within 2 minutes and I ran straight to my room. I sat down on my couch, since I didn't have a bed, and thought.

Holly knew I was a vampire. Should I tell my family? That would be the right thing to do, but how would they react? They might want to get rid of her or something. I couldn't let that happen. What am I going to do? I dragged my hands down my face in frustration. This was not good.

I laid down, resting my head on my arm and stared at the ceiling, still thinking. I looked over to the window and it was nighttime. The clock on the wall said I'd been thinking for hours. And I still didn't know what to do. I needed to tell my family. I got up and started pacing.

My family would never hurt her. Never. I know that. So why don't I go tell them? Then I realized it was because they would want to confront Holly, make sure they can trust her. I don't think she could handle finding out my whole family were vampires, not to mention be in the same room as them. Maybe I should prep her? Talk to her. Then tell my family. Sounds like a plan, I thought to myself.

When I looked at the clock again it told me it was an hour after school the next day. Wow, time really flies when I'm thinking. Impatient to get going, I jumped out my 3-story window instead of using the door and ran in the general direction of Holly's house. I guess you could say vampires have a built in GPS system, makes things easier to find.

When I arrived at her house, I sensed where her room was and found her window. I jumped up and gripped the side of the window and knocked three times. I heard her get up and walk slowly to the window before flinging it open. I flashed in and appeared in front of her, “We need to talk.”

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