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We Need To Talk

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Heyz, Here's the next chapter ;D. I actually have chapters 4-7 already written, but I'm only updating when I get some reviews. More feedback is what I need please!

“I... I- uh..” I stuttered trying to come up with a believable explanation, because surely I couldn't tell him the truth, “I fell...?”

Derrick was fuming, but I didn't understand why he would get all upset about an injury. Especially an injury on me.

“You fell?!” He asked skeptically.

I nodded my head weakly and he sighed, exasperated. His dark gold eyes locked with my emerald colored ones and they softened dramatically, realizing he was scaring me. He looked away resting one hand on his hip while the thumb and forefinger of the other pinched his nose. What's his deal?

When he turned back and looked down at me his eyes were pure gold again. He put both of his hands on my shoulders, “Tell me the truth. Who bit you?”

“Who b-bit me?” So I was bitten. I mean, I realized this before, but it could always have been something else. And what did Derrick know? If he's asking who bit me, then obviously he knows about vampires. I felt the chill of his cold hands on my shoulders, and I studied his abnormally pale skin, unusually colored eyes, and almost inhuman beauty. Maybe he's a vampire?

“Maybe you could tell me.” I said, finally able to speak normally. Derrick looked at me skeptically, again.


I hesitated, I was about to tell him what happened to me last night. What if he's not a vampire? And this is just a big misunderstanding? Would he believe me? Probably not. He'd ship me off to the nearest mental institution. But I was confident my suspicions were correct so I continued, “Look, Derrick, I don't know who bit me. All I know is someone broke into my room through a two-story window and sucked my blood. I figure it was a vampire, as crazy as that sounds... I figure you're a vampire, too.”

Derrick stared at me, his mouth agape, in complete shock. He took a step back and swiftly whirled around, he looked over his shoulder at me with an unreadable expression before running off with inhuman speed into the forest that surrounded the school. I stared after him, unable to move, my mind racing.

What just happened here?


When I arrived at home about 20 minutes later, I immediately went straight to my room. Shedding my jacket and messenger bag I always had with me, I plopped onto my bed with my arms spread out and stared at the ceiling, motionless.

My mind was like a messy office, the thoughts all jumbled and confusing. I decided I needed to organize before the headache I already had got worse. So I neatly filed away my thoughts in the filing cabinet that was my mind.

The first drawer of my mental filing cabinet was filled with thoughts of what had happened to me just last night. That was sorted, not too much stress there. I knew what had happened, a vampire bit me and took my blood. Yep, that's nothing to worry about, I thought sarcastically. I still wanted to know who took my blood without permission, and only one person could help me with that.

The second drawer though needed some serious dealing with. This one contained my confusing and stressful thoughts of Derrick. He's a vampire, I know it. I don't know much about vampires, but what I've read fits him exactly, besides the bursting-into-the-flames-when-going-into-sunlight thing. And somehow, even though the fact that he was a blood-sucking monster was supposed to, it didn't scare me. The drawer was slightly neater, but for it to become less jumbled, I needed to talk to Derrick. He's got some s'plainin to do.

The third and last drawer contained this thought and this thought only, and it probably troubles me even more than the others: Why don't I just forget any of this ever happened? Pretend it was just a nightmare resulting from watching too many scary movies late at night? Forget I ever met Derrick? Forget that vampires actually exist? And go on with my life normally? Why didn't I? It was a cowardly solution to my problems, but a solution nonetheless. Suddenly I realized I already knew the answer to my question, it was because I'm probably the most curious person on the planet, any mystery sucks me in and I won't forget it until I've solved it. And right now, I've got one of the biggest mysteries staring me in the face, encouraging me to do something about it: Vampires. Obviously, Derrick falls under that category, so forgetting him isn't an option either. Satisfied with that drawer, I mentally shut it, locked it, and threw away the key. Reducing it to yesterday's news.

My throbbing headache began to subside, but my stomach was still twisted in knots from stress and worry. It was probably never going to go away. I rolled over onto my side and hugged my knees, closing my eyes. Eventually I drifted off into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

“Holly! Dinner!”

My father's voice calling from the bottom of the stairs startled me from my sleep. I stretched, yawning, and got out of bed feeling more refreshed than this morning. I walked down the stairs and into the dining room where my 12 year old brother, Zach, was setting the table. I went over to him and smacked him on the side of the head.

“Ow! What was that for?!” He yelled angrily.

“For making me late for school today, you little midget,” I replied messing up his blond hair. Me and Zach are complete opposites, he has blond hair while I have jet black, his eyes are light blue and mine are an emerald green. He took after our mom, and I took after our dad.

He smoothed his hair, smirking, “I don't know what you're talking about. You're so forgetful... you probably just forgot to turn your alarm on,” he said casually with a shrug setting down a fork, the smirk still plastered on his face.

I raised my hand to smack him again, but my mom walked in saying, “Holly, please stop hitting your brother in the head.” She set down a dish of lasagna and walked back into the kitchen.

He smirked again and stuck his tongue out, but what I said next made him scowl, “OK Mom, I won't hit him in the head again. He has such a low IQ, he needs to keep all the brain cells he's got.”

“Alright, kids, stop fighting and let's eat dinner in peace, please,” my dad said as he sat at the head of the table.

After dinner, I went straight to bed since I had no homework. I changed into a big t-shirt that hung loosely on my slim frame and some comfortable shorts. I snuggled up in my warm blankets, for once today not thinking about vampires or anything else making my life complicated, and fell into a deep 9 or 10 hour sleep.

Derrick didn't show up at school the next morning. So much for talking to him. Right now, I was in the cafeteria at lunch, sitting with my friends. I had been eager for this period all morning, waiting to see Derrick and get some answers out of him, but he wasn't here. I sighed, my head in my hands, looks like the first 2 drawers of my mental filing cabinet were staying untidy for another day.

“Holly? What's wrong? You okay?” Nick asked poking my arm to get my attention.

“She's been acting like that all morning,” Emily said worriedly, “Yesterday, too.”

I turned to face my two best friends, they were both frowning at me in concern, “I'm fine, guys,” I reassured them and forced a smile, “Just... stressed.”

“You know you can tell us anything. If you're having some problems, we can help you out,” Nick said.

Emily grinned, “Yeah, we got your back, Holly.”

I genuinely smiled this time. I realized how lucky I am for having such awesome and caring friends. I wanted to tell them everything: about the vampires, about Derrick, about getting fed on. But I couldn't. My smile dropped back into a frown. Like I said, they are my best friends, and I would never want to lose them, and that could happen if I spouted my crackhead story.

“It's nothing, really. Nothing I can't handle by myself.” I felt bad for lying to them, because somewhere deep down I knew all this lying could end badly, “But thanks for caring, I appreciate it.” At least that wasn't a lie.

Nick half-smiled, still sensing there was something wrong, and I wasn't telling them. He was like that, I've known him for so long he can almost read me like he reads books. Emily smiled though, and hugged me.


After school I sat down at my desk and started on my homework. The teachers had loaded me with essays and assignments. I sat tapping my pencil thoughtfully on my desk, my mind on anything but homework.

Suddenly there was a knock on my window, three steady knocks actually. A little scared I rose up from my chair and couldn't decide whether to run or open the window. Common sense told me to run, curiosity told me to open the window. After much internal debate, curiosity won over common sense in the end.

I walked slowly over to the window, feeling like one of those horror movie characters that everyone in the audience is yelling at to not open the window. Suddenly a saying popped into my head...

Curiosity killed the cat...

I opened the window and suddenly Derrick was standing in front of me, “We need to talk.”

...and satisfaction brought it back.

You know what to do. ;)
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