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" Lies, Lies, Lies tell them to me over again ".

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" Fantasies for the weak at heart ".

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Harrow hello i don't have much to say this time around um enjoy kay!

Or not...little author joke no offense!

Linden took off running the area around her was huge and spacious and so very dark the wind constantly hitted her in the face but she did'nt care she had to keep running her very life depended on it this man was dangerous as much as he was fine as hell and although he told her he would'nt hurt her she knew that lies were for the faint of heart. Ofcourse he would tell her this to get her to lower her guard and then when she would be stupidly calm and relaxed he would hurt her and those were the worst kinds of shameful death's.

It seemed like she ran for hour's and the street was never ending it was apparent though that she was in the country because her surroundings were vast and wide and now the ground began to become covered in grass and suddenly

She fell.....

High back at april's house shot up from her slumber she could have sworn that she heard calling and crying was it just her imaginations playing tricks with her? she sat around looking at the wall's and floor it was still dark outside and the window had been left open allowing a slight breeze. She then looked to her right only to see michelle and april sleeping that sure was'nt the plan. April had had tears streaming down her face though even in her sleep and she looked somewhat old now. Earlier that night april had told high why she could'nt stop crying so much linden had been her only child and after linden was born april had gotten into a fight with linden's father he had beat her tearing the delicateness of her womb stopping her from having kids

linden was all she had.

Hour's from then linden woke up noticing that she had been laying down in tall and very thick grass it was somewhat wet around her and she had noticed that her leg was in pain linden had slipped down a slight hill and had rolled down here she did'nt hear any sounds of Gerard anywhere and wondered did he know that she was here. Linden slowly got up and beganned to walk she dragged her weight slightly limping and hopping along the ground she attempted to be quiet and tried not to move so much hoping that she would'nt give her position away.

From at the end of the field of grass she could see a gas station and she suddenly knew where she was. Thanks to the rising sun that showered it's light now she could decipher her surroundings this gas station linden had visited before and she knew the guy here. He was a mexican guy and he had always gave her hot, mexican, lollipop's and candy april had once worked here before she got a better job and although she was far from home being in the country although she lived in the city

Linden from this distance could definently make it home so she dashed out of the grass to only be hit in her right cheek by a pair of pretty pale hands....

She crumbled onto the floor where she stayed for a minute holding her bright red cheek and slowly she looked up to see Gerard standing there his hair completely covering his lovely eyes his lips had stopped bleeding a long time ago but a indent of her bite marks only made them a prettier red and slowly he said:

" Did you think you could get away from me? " and by the collar of her shirt he grabbed her picking her up and taking her off. Ofcourse foolishly again linden began to fight him she pounded his broad chest with her fist, and attempted to wiggle free but Gerard was ever powerful holding her close to him with his arm's firmly around her waist.

Gerard with linden in tow began to trek the hill that she first fell down causing linden to lean in towards him she could see his eyes. In the sunlight he casted a glance so beautiful that it could suffocate the chest, in this lovely light his eyes were so gorgeous that every lash was accounted for and every bit of wonderful rays got caught and made them glitter like tear's, and in this world his face seemed to glow like an infant angel radiating innocence the kind that was so pure it made everyone else thus envious.

And he leaned in and fed her hungry lips with sweet kisses.

Linden could'nt resist him not anymore who could? he had for now beat her down with love and made her his angel his kisses was sweet and gentle and so childlike as if he had never kissed before. He continued to carry her keeping his eyes on hers and although he did this he was upset he would punish her he would but for right now he would treat her nice cover her in kisses that would drive the mind wild and cease the hating he continued this until he got her to the bus and as he climbed the steps and went pass the seats he noticed her eyes had closed and little linden had drifted off to sleep.

From up under the sheets the bed was soft and warm and smelled of lavender and bleach it was an enveloping coolness that came from the depth's of the mattress and the bed itself was the softest any skin could feel. It quickly conformed to the body and matched linden's every curve she was layed near the wall where her body was gated in by Gerard's.

He slowly removed his shirt as linden's eyes flutterd open to watch him his stomach was lean and his chest broad and pale his arm's were so chiseled and indicated not over bearing muscle's but prominent ones, his waist was thin and pale and his shoulders was masculine but delicate his hair was so black the blackest ever and hung to his smooth collarbone. He inched into bed with her leaving his pants on and there he stayed staring straight into her eyes they told him that she wanted him, that she loved him and ached for him to be inside of her but her eyes held something else and it was defiance...

It radiated of independence and self disobedience she still would defy him no matter what he did or how he did it he wanted her to be afraid of him he wanted her to obide by his ways but she still would'nt do it...

And he liked it.

So slowly he put his hands over hers and led them to the buckle of his belt and the zipper of his jeans and made her unzip them he had no boxer's on so her hands instantly found his now erect member he stared harder into her eyes he was getting aroused off seeing her hate for him for taking her away from her mother. He slowly guided her hands up and down his dick and made her rub her fingers over the tip with her left hand he made her hold it in place while she rubbed him with her right he fought hard not to close his eyes he needed to see her hate him.

Everything moved so slow as her hands engulfed him in heat and the precum dripped out it was murder in itself not to close his eyes it felt so good and his mouth slowly began to part and fall open he tightened his throat so that he would'nt moan and clenched his stomach so that he would'nt come. He now beganned to move his hips against her hands and pumped his body in rythym the feeling of cumming was unescapable now and he warred not to drift his eyes close he wanted her to see how his eyes would glaze over as he would cum and she did.

It was deep and hard as he came fast and quick each release was like a tidal wave starting off small and getting so big that he just could'nt breathe his body rocked with shocks and his toes curled and his tongue found the roof of his mouth and stayed there it was beautiful, it was gorgeous, it made him free but it was'nt enough this was'nt enough he would have her he would wait but not long he had to be inside of her he needed that without it he would die.

The ejaculation jerked tears to his eyes and they fell freely as he leaned over to kiss her she had been staring that's all she could do he was just beautiful that's all he was no more complicated than that and as she fell to sleep she fought not to cry she did'nt want to love him not a man that was a kidnapper, not a man that would hurt her mother because by taking her away that's what he was doing but she slept and she slept good

with her hands buried in his pants.

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