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" Send out the search party, Kill him if you have too. "

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" Into the night they go searching for a girl that's gone ".

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Hi buddies this update is for you SO WHERE IS MY REVIEWS!? anyway i have decided that with every update i do i'll give you a link to look at a picture of gerard my life just is'nt right without staring at him so here goes at the end of this chapter there will be a link look at him and tell me what you think enjoy!.

[*The night had been cold and very windy and the air moist and wet but high, michelle, and april continued to look the block had been dark now and the streets empty no sign of linden anywhere so they all walked to the arena where the my chem. concert had tooken place at but no one was there april beganned to cry her beloved daughter was gone her only child how would life be without her?

" Don't cry " high said touching her back " we'll find her " " i hate the person who is doing this! " april responded looking at her " we have to find her i'll kill if i have too " and michelle and high looked on they could in some ways feel her pain. Little Linden was april's bestfriend and her only child because after linden was born april had gotten in a accident that had ruptured her womb stopping her from having kids april then promised that she would forever take care of linden and always keep her happy no matter what happened so when this took place april was distraught she had every right too.

The tour bus was quite warm and quiet now everyone had went to bed frankie being so tired he did'nt make it to his bed, ray and mikey sleeping on the nearby couch, and bob sleeping in his blanket in the front of the bus. the driver was listening to his ipod so he could'nt hear anything " what's your name? " gerard suddenly asked looking deeply at her but linden did'nt answer she was scared " hello? " he said putting the pencil down " it's linden " she responded silently " aww cute " he said " like london but not " linden stared trying to be intimidating " how old are you? " he said " um 13 " she replied " you look younger " he said growing silent again. And his hand came up to touch her hair " it's so pretty " he said more to himself and she looked at his now his hair was truly gorgeous so black, so straight, so long.

" what are you going to do to me are you going to kill me? " linden said " no why would i do that? " he replied " that's what most kidnapper's do " linden responded " well not me i'm a celebrity i could'nt get away with that " " well you can't get away with kidnapping me either " linden told him " don't worry " gerard laughed " i don't plan on keeping you for long " " so you are going to kill me? " linden said " only if you want me too " gerard replied.

The 3 had been out there for hour's now and there was no sign of little linden and her kidnappers april had instructed they return home and wait for her to come back because she might and they did'nt want to miss her when she did. michelle and high stayed over april's house camping out downstairs with the light's on the plan was that they would'nt go to sleep because they wanted to be up when she returned but it was evident that this could'nt happen so they would take turns sleeping while one would stay up. It was decided that michelle would sleep first and april and high would stay up and that's what happened.

" Tell me high " said april " do you think my little linden is dead? " " no! " said high strongly but quiet like " she is'nt gone she can't be " " you know? " said april turning to high " there is little chance that anyone ever recovers a kidnapped child " " well not in this case we have to keep faith " hig answered and for the next 3 hour's the 2 of them stayed up april occassionally crying and high there to comfort her.

That night the my chem. tour bus had came to a stop along an abandoned street in the middle of what seemed to be like nowhere Gerard had now went from momentarily staring at her to staring at her so hard that linden had began to blush the back of her ears were burning and her cheeks tingling her hands were sweating and her throat was dry. Gerard's eyes left burns along her legs, waist, throat, face, and body in a whole he at times licked his blessed lips and had hinted sex things at her. Linden had never been so crazingly frightened before because in this glow the moonlight left Gerard illuminating like a sexy vampyre his eyes seemed to glow and his teeth glistened at this moment in time Gerard wanted to fuck her.

Linden sat scrunched against the wall of the bunk with her arms pulled up over her chest and her legs drawn up to her chin she looked at him as he looked at her she was soft looking in this glow of light her black hair highlighted with silver strays of moonlight her face looked pale and round and her lips like blushed strawberries her body was thin and her eyes glowing a cold blue. He could tell that she was scared but her eyes proved otherwise they told him to come here, to take her with such force that she would be sore for weeks, they said for him to break away her little girl shame and craft her as his woman there was somethig about her innocence that made him feel insane.

So suddenly but slowly bit by bit Gerard eased up to her with slow deliberateness he came up slightly pluckering his lips to kiss her and the whole time he moved his eyes stayed fixed on hers he would never blink first she would coward to him but at the same time he wanted her strong. Gerard liked docileness but he wanted a girl that would fight him back to keep her independence and sanity he wanted linden to be scared but he wanted to personally make her that way first he did'nt want her to come prepared Gerard loved to break people then remake them instilled with his wants, needs, and values he wanted her to resist him...and that is just what she did.

And when his lips almost met hers and as they softly collided little linden quickly bit down on his bottom lip squirting the blood from out of them and all over his teeth and hers " ah! " Gerard yelped jerking back covering his bleeding lip she sat there staring at him her eyes challenging him and then swiftly his hand came up to smack her left cheek. The sound was thick and flesh bounding knocking her face away from him her hair moved to cover her face as she sat not facing him " bitch " he whispered now standing up and grabbing her wrist. She instantly looked at him but only for a moment until she beganned to jerk away from him she kicked and grunted hard but her little girl strenght was no match for him so she beganned to scream and Gerard was scared but only for a moment.

He did'nt want Frankie, Ray, Mikey, or Bob to hear this they would question why he had a little girl in here so he pushed her down crashing his body ontop of hers they fought she pushing at him and he grabbing her wrist to only hold them over her head he then kneeled down and bit her bottom lip ringing pain through her face only for a minute shutting her up but she moved her head making him let go of her busted lip then she did it again crashing her forehead against his.

Gerard fell back deeply closing his eyes the pain was warm and deep moving all down his body he managed to still be ontop of her but his weight was'nt as strong he looked at her deeply before he kissed her and for a minute linden could'nt move. His blood from his busted lip and the blood from hers mixed seeping deep into eachothers open scars and erecting pain from the both of them. it was a burning sensation that drove the mind wild and the body crazy it quickened the heart and burned the lungs and brought painful tears to the eyes his fingers entangled with hers and his legs kept hers still linden was in painful heaven.

But she could'nt breathe and if he kept this up she would suffocate what a pretty way to die she thought so to save herself she would have to defy him again and she did snaking her hands up under his shirt to his back and scratching him Gerard shot up allowing her to get up and run she went for the front of the bus with him straight behind her.

Frank, Ray, Mikey, and Bob was out there but linden did'nt care she ran anyway good they were deep sleepers they did'nt hear anything. By now the bus driver was sleep tilting over in his chair and linden and gerard ran right pass him but he too did'nt wake up linden had pulled the door open and breathed deep before looking back gerard was coming for her and she knew that this was her chance she could escape and on the count of 3 she did

Dashing out into the midnight air....

And she was free.

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