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“Gerard?” I cried, banging on the door of his flat.
“It’s open!” I heard his voice call from inside. I entered all teary eyed, to find the place in darkness, apart from the odd candle and dim lamp, glowing in scattered places around the front room.
“What the…?” I began, still crying and walking further into the dim light.
“Shhhhh, Frankie don’t cry. What’s wrong?” Gerard walked over to me, wiping my tears away with his thumb.
“I just had ‘the talk’ from my mom, and I told her about us,” more tears leaked from my eyes, “She didn’t take it too well. She said I can’t see you anymore, but I came anyways.”
“Shhhhh, it’s okay, everything is gonna be alright,” he said, holding me close to his body.
“I don’t wanna loose you,” I sobbed into his shirt.
“Don’t worry, you wont loose me. I’ll never leave you, no matter what. Nobody can stop us being together,” he comforted me, stroking my hair.
“Gerard?” I snivelled, plucking up some courage, “I’ve made up my mind.”
“Made up your mind…?” Gerard looked at me, confused for a second, before he realised.
“I’m ready, Gerard. I wanna take our relationship to the next level. I wanna be a proper couple with you,” a smile crept across my lips as I watched his eyes shine in the flickering candlelight.
“You sure?” he smiled.
“Im sure,” I smiled back before taking another look around the room, “What’s with the candles, anyway?”
“I thought tonight could be you’re proper first time. Y’know, really romantic and stuff,” he ran his fingers through my hair.
“How did you know I would come back here?” I asked, smiling so widely that im sure my mouth reached both of my ears.
“I just knew that you meant it when you said that you loved me. I wanted things to be special, and I wanted to apologise for the shitty first time I gave you, by giving you an amazing one instead…” he smiled, stopping me from replying by kissing my deeply.
“Mikey will be gone all night, he’s spending the night with our parents, and so it’s just me and you,” he said before kissing my neck.

I followed obediently as he led me into the kitchen, which was also lit with candles and had burning Japanese incense sticks by the window.
He led me to the table where a basket of strawberries, a bowl of chocolate sauce and a bowl or cream sat waiting to be eaten. Also, two glasses of what looked like champagne were perched infront of the two seats that were waiting to be sat upon.
“Have a seat,” Gerard pulled out one of the chairs for me to sit on, and sat down on the chair beside me.
He picked up a strawberry and dipped it into the chocolate. Holding it out infront of me, he fed me the sweet tasting fruit and kissed away the chocolate that ran down my lip.
I decided to follow his lead, dipping a rather large strawberry into the cream. I moved it closer to his mouth and he gladly opened it, however I decided to be naughty and I squashed the end of the strawberry on his nose, before feeding it to him. I laughed at the blob of cream on the end of his nose, before I licked it off and then wiped it with my thumb.
We fed each other more strawberries and drank our champagne, and I was having the time of my life. Gerard’s lips crashed onto mine, his hands resting on my cheeks. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back; putting all of the love I could into it.
“Do you want to take this to the bedroom?” he smirked, breaking away from the kiss for a few seconds.
“Of course,” I smirked back between smaller more playful kisses, before we stood up hand in hand and I followed him into his room.

His room glowed with the candlelight and a slow guitar riff to a song that I didn’t know the name of, was playing quietly on the stereo.
He continued to kiss me, pushing me gently backwards until we reached the end of his bed. I sat down and laid back then Gerard climbed on top of me, still kissing me tenderly, his tongue exploring my mouth. He straddled me and began to caress my skin with his fingertips. He pulled my shirt up, touching my stomach and chest gently as he did so, and then he pulled it over my head, throwing it to the floor. After kissing a trail down my chest whilst undoing the button on my jeans, he began to swirl his tongue around on one of my nipples. I had never experienced that feeling before, and I moaned slightly as he moved over to suck on the other one. Finally having pulled off my jeans, he removed his mouth from my chest and pulled his shirt over his head, and began to unzip his own jeans. I stopped him, shocking him slightly before he realised why.
I slowly pulled down his jeans, making sure to run my fingers down his legs as I did so, feeling how soft his skin was. After a moment of heated kissing, Gerard’s hands were wandering, and his fingers pulled at the fabric of my boxers. I let my hands run down his back and tug and the hem of his boxers, longing to rip them off him. I decided to be brave, so I pulled at them until they began to slip down his legs. I could feel him smile into the kiss he gave me next. He too tugged my boxers down my legs, painfully slowly.
After discarding our underwear, we looked into each others eyes for a moment. He sat up slightly, still with one leg at either side of me, and I stared at his totally naked body that was on show infront of me. He smirked and I licked my lips. Things were about to get really hot.

He pressed his cold lips against mine one last time before he reached over to his bedside cabinet and picked up a tube. I watched contently as he squeezed out a healthy amount of the gel into his hand, and began to spread it onto his erection. I was so turned on by the sight of him rubbing himself, I almost moaned out loud, but I managed to keep it in.
“Now, are you ready?” he smirked, leaning over me and kissing my neck.
“Im totally ready, fuck me Gerard,” I breathed into his ear.
“Tell me if this hurts, okay?” he said. I could feel the tip of his hardness pressing against my backside already.
“Okay,” I smirked before he spread my legs as wide as they would go.
Positioning himself first, he then pushed his hardness inside of me. I felt a slight amount of pain at first, and I couldn’t help but let out a small whimper of hurt.
“Am I hurting you, Frankie?” he whispered.
“Keep going,” I said breathlessly. I wanted him to continue more than anything.
“If you’re sure,” he smirked, pulling out and pushing back into me.
The lubrication really helped him slide in and out with ease, and the pain had faded away after a few more thrusts. As he plunged deeper inside of me each time, the feeling got more and more pleasurable.
Suddenly, my muscles contracted and an overwhelming sensation took over me as he hit a spot inside of me that felt so good. I moaned his name loudly. Noticing that he had found my prostate, he smirked, pushing into me again, harder and faster, each time hitting the spot more, making the feeling more intense. His hand clamped around my erection and began to move up and down. The feeling of his hand around me and his member inside me made me feel amazing.
“Oh Gerard… Oh my god… Gerard… Gerard!” I moaned, rocking my hips in time with his thrusts, “Gerard, im close.”
“I love you more than life,” Gerard breathed into my ear just seconds before he exploded inside of me. Shortly after, my stomach muscles became tense and I came all over his chest. He and I both moaned together as he pushed in and out of me a few more times, before the orgasm was over.
We lay there, out of breath, our hot, sticky bodies pressed together. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held onto him tight. I never wanted to let him go. He lay next to me, still and silent, gazing into my eyes, a huge smile on his face. He cupped my face in his hands and pressed his lips to mine, in a short but tender kiss.
“I love you, Gerard,” I smiled, pressing my fingers into his waist.
“I love you more, Frank,” he smiled back, playing with my hair.

We lay there together for what seemed like hours, just enjoying each other’s company, until my fucking phone rang.

-hey. R&R’s please? Thankyouuuuuu! and by the way to everybody who reviewed the last chapter: i think i wrote francis instead of franklin because that's my friend's name, and i must have just written it and not thought about it. ahaha :D anyway, it sounds pretty funny, so im gonna leave it as it is. frank can be called francis for this story, eh? :)-
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