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“Frank!” my mom shouted me from downstairs.
I dried my eyes on the sleeve of my hoody, and headed down the stairs.
My mom sat at the kitchen table, staring at me as I walked down the hallway towards her.
“What’s up, mom?” I said, slightly worried.
“Frank, I think it’s time we had a… talk,” she smiled as I took a seat infront of her, “last night, I watched a programme on the television about teenage pregnancies, and well, most of the people on the programme were your age, so… I guess I just wanted to make sure you understand everything you need to; as you are nearly 16 which im sure you know is the age at which you can have a sexual relationship with somebody.”
I wanted to laugh so much.
“A little late on the lecture, mom,” I mumbled, a little louder than I should have.
“What did you say?” my mom looked quite shocked.
“N…Nothing,” I lied. I could tell that she had heard me. Shit.
“I heard what you said Frank,” she didn’t know what to say.
I remained silent and I could feel my cheeks burning as they went red.
“FranKie,” my mom said, taking my hand in hers on top of the table.
“What?” I pretended I didn’t know what she wanted, which didn’t work in the slightest.
“Frank, you know you can talk to me about this kind of stuff,” she smiled trying to gain eye contact with me, “Now tell me, why did you say it was ‘a little late on the lecture?’”
“Why do you think?” I said, not wanting to talk about it.
“Frank, I know it’s a hard topic to discuss, but I need to know, im your mother, I will always be here for you,” she said, lovingly.
“It’s not like I got anybody pregnant, mom, so you don’t really need to know,” I said, trying to pull my hand away and stand up. She gripped my hand and told me to stay seated. I obeyed.
“Are you sure, Frank?” she said, still concerned.
“I’ve never been surer in my life,” I replied truthfully.
“Did you use protection?” she asked, patting my hand.
“No,” I remained truthful.
“How can you be so sure that you didn’t get her pregnant? Is she on the pill?” my mom asked, frowning a little.
“I’d be really damn scared if that were true,” I said, letting out a small laugh.
“This is no joke Frank. Does that mean she isn’t on the pill?” she raised her voice and gripped my hand tighter.
“Nope, definitely not on the pill,” I tried not to laugh again.
“Then, how can you be so certain that she isn’t pregnant? Frank, if you didn’t use any form of protection, and she isn’t on the pill, then the chances are pretty slim that she isn’t pregnant. You did have sex with her, didn’t you?” she frowned, puzzled.
“Of course I had sex, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if I didn’t,” I couldn’t help it, I laughed.
“Frank this is no time for jokes, there is something you aren’t telling me and I don’t like it. Can she not have children, is that why you are so certain?” she asked, getting mad.
“Exactly. Definitely can’t have children. Now that would be weird,” I smirked.
“Frank, wipe that look off your face and tell me what’s going on!” she shouted.
“Have you noticed how I haven’t used the words ‘she’ or ‘her’ in any of those sentences that I just said?” I smiled, waiting for a reaction.
“Francis,” she replied sternly, before her grip on my hands tightened to the point where my fingers went white, as she began to realise what I meant.
“That’s right mom, I was the ‘girl.’” I whispered.
She was speechless for a few seconds before she finally managed to say one word, “Who?”
“Gerard,” I smirked.
“Gerard Way?” she went as pale as a ghost, “You? My baby Frankie? And him? 22 year old man, Gerard Way?”
“Im not a child anymore, mom. I had sex with Gerard Way and I liked it. Do you think it’s wrong?” I said, proudly.
“He’s a grown man! He’s a sick man!” she exclaimed, a look of disgust creeping across her face, “Frank, you are never going around to his flat ever again!”
“You can’t stop me! I don’t care about the age difference, and I don’t care about the fact that he’s a guy. I love him, mom. We are in love. Why should we have to hide it?” I protested.
“He’s 7 years older than you! That is sick! You are only 15; you don’t know what love is. Love is wanting to spend the rest of your life with somebody, and missing them even when they are in the same room as you, Frank! What you and Gerard have is not love, it is just Gerard being a sick, sick man and deciding to take advantage of a young boy because he can’t get anybody his own age! I can’t believe it! I thought he was a nice young man, but I must have been wrong!” Ive never heard her shout so loud, “Get to your room, you’re grounded!”
“You’re kidding, right?” I laughed in her face, “You think you can ground me and everything will be alright? You can’t stop me from seeing him. We are in love mom, whether you like it or not! And guess what, im going over to his place right now, and im going to have sex with him again. I might even let him suck me off again! I know it might be hard for you to believe, but I love that man more than anything, and I want to be with him, so I will!”
“You aren’t going anywhere young man!” my mom cried, trying to stop me from walking out of the door. She stood infront of me, pushing me backwards.
“You can’t stop me, mom. When we made love it was the most romantic, amazing experience of my life. I loved every second of it. The feeling of him inside me and the feeling of his hot, naked body against mine,” I lied, yelling at her.
She frowned and screwed up her face, “Frank! Be quiet and go to your room!”
“No, mom. You wanted to talk about it, well im gonna talk about it. I loved how our sweaty bodies rubbed together and how his lips sucked on my neck as he pushed in and out of me. I liked the noises he made, and the way he made me feel when the experience had reached the end. I love him, mom. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You can’t take that away from me,” I yelled, a tear rolling down my cheek as I pushed past her and ran out of the door, leaving her stood there staring into space, completely stunned.

I ran all the way to Gerard’s place, not caring who saw me crying. Now I knew how I felt about Gerard. I knew that I was ready. I had just confessed everything to my mom and I was definitely ready to take our relationship to the next level. I loved him so much it hurt, and all I wanted right now was to be with him, in his arms, holding him tight and not letting go. Although I may have lied about how romantic and amazing it was to be with him like that, I still knew that it was what I wanted and that it was the best first time I could have ever wished for, simply because it was Gerard that I was with, and not some girl who I barely even liked. I loved him.

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