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“What?” I snapped.
“Frank, sweetheart, please come home,” my mom said on the other end of the phone.
Gerard could see the anger and frustration in my face. Kissing my cheek gently and smiling so beautifully at me, he managed to calm me down enough so that I didn’t shout at my mother again.
“Mom, im old enough to make my own decisions. You aren’t going to stop me from seeing Gerard. I’m staying here tonight,” I said, making my opinion clear.
“But Frank, you are only 15. You are still a young boy, he’s a grown man. You are not staying there, come home, please,” she begged.
“Mom, I’ve told you a thousand goddamn times, I love him. I don’t care how much older than me he is. You never had a problem with me staying over here before, why should you start now, just because me and Gerard are in a relationship. I thought that you would be happy that I am happy and in a serious relationship. Im growing up mom, face it. I bet if Gerard was a girl you wouldn’t mind,” I began to raise my voice. Gerard grabbed my hand and squeezed it to remind me that he was there for me.
“Frank... I…” she stuttered.
“Look, mom. I am in love. If you do not like it then tough sh…” Gerard cut off the phone before I could say it. I smiled, looking deeply into his big hazel eyes. Our lips collided as I crawled up on top of him.
Being her typical annoying self, my mom rang back seconds later, expecting me to answer and carry on talking to her. She had pissed me off to the point where I would be extremely nasty if I spoke to her again, so instead I just pressed the answer button, rested the phone on Gerard’s pillow, and carried on kissing him. I could hear her shouting my name down the phone. It was actually quite amusing.
I moaned and chanted “Gerard” over and over, and I could tell my mom was getting annoyed.
“Frank Anthony Iero, stop that now!” she cried down the phone.
I just laughed into another deep kiss with Gerard, at her poor attempts to stop us.
“Frank, come on, stop it, she’s getting annoyed,” Gerard smiled, trying not to laugh. I heard my mum shout “Damn right I am annoyed with you!” before I ground my groin into Gerard’s making him moan my name loudly. I laughed and hung up the phone, my mom still screaming at me on the other end.
“That was fun,” I smirked, “Lets go get cleaned up.”
“Sounds good,” he smiled warmly, getting out of bed followed closely by me.
Gerard grabbed us both a towel and we entered the bathroom. With no need to undress, we both hopped into the shower together, washing each other’s body’s in turn. Gerard sure knew how to make me feel special. That night was the best night of my life, despite the fact that my mother was being a bitch. I loved the way Gerard made me feel like I was the only person in the world that mattered, and how he spoiled me and made me feel loved. I didn’t need drugs to make me feel on top of the world, I had Gerard.

After we had cleaned ourselves up, I put on a pair of Gerard’s boxers and one of his hoodies which was too big for me so it buried my tiny body, and Gerard put on some clean boxers and pyjama bottoms and a white t-shirt which was slightly too short so some of his skin was exposed.
We decided to make some popcorn and watch a film together.
The feeling of his body against mine and his arms wrapped tightly around me made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Gerard pressed his lips against mine, in a tender and romantic kiss. It was then that Mikey walked in.
“Frank, while im here can I talk… whoa!” he said, standing staring at us for a few seconds, “Never mind. I see you are busy, Im just gonna grab my shit and leave.”
“Mikey, wait!” Gerard called to his brother.
“I’ll go get him,” I said, telling Gerard to stay where he was.
“Mikey?” I said, opening the door to his bedroom to find him sat on his bed, tears rolling down his face.
He quickly wiped them away, “What the fuck do you want?”
“I came to see if you were alright, and to see what you wanted me for,” I said calmly, sitting beside Mikey on his bed and putting my arm around his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.
“Well, if you really want to fucking know, I came home to get my toothbrush, ‘cause I left it here, and I decided that seeing as you would be here, I would talk to you about something that has been bothering me all fucking day!” he began to shout.
“What’s up Mikey?” I said, rubbing his arm.
He shook my hand away, “I wanted to ask you about what happened at my party, y’know, if it meant anything. Obviously it meant fuck all, ‘cause you seemed pretty happy with your tongue down my brother’s throat! I thought you were straight anyway, that’s why I wanted to talk to you!?”
“What about your party…?” my mind had gone blank, I didn’t remember anything that happened at that party. I was confused.
“We kissed Frank! Don’t tell me you don’t remember… we fucking made out for at least five minutes!” he yelled, another tear escaping.
“Oh my god, Mikey. I do remember. Im so sorry,” I apologised, a tear now running down my cheek, “I can explain!”
“You’ve made it quite clear, Frank,” he snapped.
“Look, Mikey, I am really sorry you had to find out this way. I am in love with your brother. We have been a ‘couple’ for a few weeks now, and I know it may seem too fast to be saying “I love you” but I really do love him. Im so sorry Mikey,” I snivelled.
Mikey realised how upset I was for upsetting him, and his arm crept around my shoulders, “Im sorry I snapped Frank, it’s just, I wanted to know about that kiss we shared because… well, because I sorta like you.”
“What?” I was shocked and needed him to repeat what he had just revealed.
“I like you Frank, as more than a friend. I just thought you were straight and I wondered if you only kissed me because you were drunk. You seem pretty close to Gerard though, and im not going to try and break that apart,” he said, hanging his head in shame, “Just forget about it. It was stupid of me to think you might like me back anyway.”
“Mikey, I had no idea, I…” I was speechless.
“Just forget it…” he began.
“Mikey, how can I just forget that my best friend ‘sorta likes me.’ I fucking cant. This must be hurting you. Im so sorry, Mikes,” I said, “So, how long have you… y’know?”
“What? Liked you, or been gay?” he laughed a little.
I smiled, “Both.”
“Well, I realised I was gay after about a month of being friends with you,” he explained, blushing slightly.
“We’ve been friends for about 2 years now…” I said quietly.
“So, that gives you both answers,” he whispered.
“Mikes Im sorry,” I couldn’t think of anything else to say to him. I couldn’t believe that all that time we had been best friends, he had wanted to be more, and all this time he hasn’t felt confident enough to let me know that he was gay.
“Frank, you don’t have to be sorry. Im just glad that you’re happy,” he faked a smile. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be with him. We had some great times together, and each day I spent with him was never dull. Gerard slipped out of my mind for a moment, as I tried to remember what that kiss felt like. Closing my eyes and not realising what was going on, before I knew it our lips were touching. My fingers ran up and down his spine and his hands were tucked into the back of my boxers. Could this really be happening? Should this really be happening?

-Thanks for all the great ideas guys! You'll be glad to know i edited the first draft of this, the soppy version where Frank cries, to this version which is a little more amusing and fun. R+R's please?-
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