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Chapter 39

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That night, Joe awoke with a startel. For a moment he thought he had heard someone speak. He turned to Patrick to see if he had spoken, but Patrick was fast asleep, drooling on the floor. Pete and Andy were also sleeping peacfully on the ground. Thinking it was a dream, he laid back down in hopes to fall back asleep.

"Hey." it was that voice again.

Joe turned towards the door, and now there was a figure standing in the way.

"Ryan?" He guessed.

Suddenly a light turned on, revealing that it was in fact Ryan. His face was blank, and his body seemed tense. He took one step further into the room, and it was then that Joe noticed the dagger in his left hand.

"What are you doing?" Andy asked as he awoke.

Ryan never acknowlaged Andy, or anyone else in the room. He continued to move slowly toward the other side of the room. Towards Patrick.

"Get away from him!" Joe yelled.

Pete woke up abruptly, and looked around the room. It took him no time for him register what was going on. As Ryan lifted the dagger in the air, Pete got up and ran at Ryan, throwing him against the wall.

Patrick opened his eyes to see what all the commotion was. Putting on his glasses, he saw both Pete and Ryan fighting eachother on the ground. It didn't take him long to see there was a weapon in the midst of all this.

Pete swung punches at the opposing fighter, hoping to knock him unconcious. The boy on the ground fought back with the knife, sticking it anywhere he could get it. Pete screamed as he threw the boy against the opposite wall. He grabbed the bloody knife and threw it to the ground. Making one last swing, he threw his fist at Ryans head and knocked him unconcious.

Pete stood, breathing hard as he looked down at the floor. He turned to Patrick and smiled and walked towards him.

"Pete...." Patrick put his hand over his mouth in terror.

Pete tilted his head in confusion. "What?"

"Your.....Your bleeding." Patrick pointed towards his chest. Pete looked down.


Man SO sorry about how long its been since i've posted anything. Life is crazy, stressful. You know how it is. I've pretty much gotten bored with this story, but i'm gonna do the best I can to finish it for the people still reading. (if they're are any) hasta la vista, baybay.
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