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Chapter 38

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Gasp! Is is true!?!?!? IS IT!?!?

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The four men looked at eachother in shock and wondered if what they were seeing was actually real. The person they were looking for was right here in front of them starring back, and the worst part was, he was a vampire.

"What did you....Why are you....?" Patrick tried to make sense of everything.

"After what happened between me and Pete, I left the house and decided to do something out of the ordinary. So, I went to the Dandies, and here I am. Fine and Dandy."

"Wait are you a..."

"Vampire? Yes." Ryan answered Pete's question.

Suddenly, William appeared.

"Why hello Peter. I believe you've already met my friend Ryan." He laughed and turned to Ryan.

"Come with me. We have some things to discuss." Ryan followed his new boss out of the room and down the hall.

Pete's mouth hung open in complete disbelief. "I can't even believe it."


William shut the door to his newly furnached room, and sat down at his desk. He then signaled for Ryan to sit down across from him in the leather seat.

"Now, the whole point of this is to torture them as much as possible." William stated as he leaned back into his chair.

Ryan nodded. "How do you suggest we do it?"

William laughed. "Not we; you. With this." He reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a fairly good sized dagger.

Ryans eyes ballooned. "You want me to kill them?"

"Not all of them, just one. You told me Peter has a relationship with that short boy, didn't you?"

"Patrick? Yeah." Ryan gulped. He was beginning to think that coming here was a bad idea.

"Yes, him. See, i've been trying to get Pete to come and join our side for quite sometime, and i think if we were to kill the only person he has to live for, he'll have no care in the world as to what happends to him."

William paused for a moment then asked "Why? You aren't friends with them are you?"

Ryan thought for a moment. "Well no...but-"

"Then it should be no problem for you." William handed Ryan the dagger, and pointed to the door.

Ryan grabbed the weapon carefully, and left the room. He couldn't do it now. He had to think about it. He had never considered himself a killer. Before now he would have never hurt a fly, let alone a human being. This was going to be hardest thing he would ever have to do.

He finally came to his room, and laid down on the bed. He held the dagger in his hands and watched as it glimmered from the light of his lamp. He thought about what he was going to do with it. Was he really going to do it? He asked himself that question over and over again until his brain couldn't take it anymore. He set down the dagger on the floor, and fell into a deep, thoughtless sleep.

Yikes. Sorry about how long its been since I last updated. I'm kinda drifting away from this story a bit...No worries. I'll try to finish it if I can.
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