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Chapter 37

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Stuck in a hell hole

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After the man on man cuddlefest had ended, both Pete and Patrick went downstairs to retreive Andy and Joe. When they finally got down to the livingroom, the walls were an odd assortment of odd colors, along with the furnature, the carpet, the Tv, and the ceiling.

"ANDY! JOE!" Patrick yelled. Soon enough, the two innocent men came into the room. Fake smiles plastered they're faces.

"Hey Patrick. Hows the weather?" Joe said, skipping the real reason for his appearance.

"What the hell happened? Did you guys go power happy with the paintball gun again?" He hated saying the word 'again' but yes, it was true. Not only had this happened once, but twice.

"Fine. Yes, you caught us in the act, but don't worry, cause we'll clean it up in a jiffy." Andy said, throwing the paintball gun on the floor.

"Are you guys ready to go?" Pete asked, getting straight to the point.

Andy and Joe nodded, grabbed they're jackets, shoes and everything else, and followed Pete and Patrick outside.

It was cold and windy, pretty much like every other night they decide to go out and do something. All around they could hear the howling of the wind, and the swaying of the trees. They're surroundings almost seemed to be alive.

"Hey dudes, do you think he went back home? I mean, he did have a place to live, right?" Joe asked.

Pete nodded. "Yeah, thats a good point. Maybe he did. I don't think that-" His sentence was cut short by a loud screach.

"Somebody help me! Please!" It was a womans voice.

"Dude, wheres that coming from?" Andy looked around the area.

"Over there!" Pete pointed behind a large building. He took off in a matter of seconds, and everyone else followed close behind.

"Help!" The voice repeated.

When they got to the back of the building, there was a young girl surrounded by a large amount of vampires.

"What the-"

At that moment, everything went dark.


Joe woke up to a throbing headache, and a rumbling stomace. He looked around the room, and realized he had been here before. Yet again, the Dandies had won, and they were trapped.

"Fuck." He mumbled.

His stomach rumbled once again, reminding him of how nice a slice of pizza would taste. Pepperoni and cheese and sausage....and cheese.

The moment his day dreaming had ended, he realized that he wasn't alone. He looked down and saw Pete laying flat on the floor, with one arm lying over Joe's leg.

"Woah, buddy! Tryin to get a cheap feel, eh?" He said loudly.

Pete jerked awake, and removed his arm from Joe's lap. He sat up and watched as the room spun around and around.

"Uhhh...." he groaned.

"Where are......Wait...Oh fuck!"

"Thats what I said." Joe replied.

"Those tricky little bastards."

Pete nodded. "Yeah...." He scanned the room and found two of his other friends laying flat on the ground on the other side of the room.

He crawled over to them and tapped them on the shoulders. "Hey, dudes, wake up."

Patrick lifted himself from the ground and sat up, while Andy stayed on the floor.

"Where are we?" Andy mumbled.

"Take a look around. We're back in this stupid hell hole." Pete replied.

All head turned as a figure approached the door. A face peered in, and then the knob turned. A man in a top hat and along cape entered the room. He kind of looked like a young Houdini, but i'm sure minus the magic tricks.

"Hello Peter." The man said.

"Who are you?" Pete knew it wasn't William, he was too short.

The man lifted his head.

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