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Chapter 1: I know that laugh.

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He's dreaming again, but this time it's so much more then that. What's happening to Gerard and who is it that hanuts his sleep?

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Disclaimer: Don't own them. I only own the plot.

WARNINGS: I could possible be insane, we all could be. Swearing, bad language, violence, sexual situations and more to come later. But it's all in good fun.

Chapter One

"Mikey? Is that you?" Gerard called out to the dark clad figure drowning in shadows.

The undistinguishable figure simply laughed.

Gerard shivered, he knew that laugh, he just couldn't quite place a name to the sound right now, he was to busy trying to get his bearings.

"You've heard this laugh for 30 years Gerard and you still can't figure it out," the voice echoed all around him. A voice, just as familiar as the laugh.

"Where am I?" was the first thing he just had to ask.

The figure didn't speak; it merely crossed its arms and sighed as though bored with the same questions over and over again.

Somehow, Gerard already knew where he was. He was dreaming, again, he had to be. The only problem was it felt so real.

He could remember their performance that night, the band, they had done so well. They only had a few more shows to go until they were done touring for as long as they wanted. It would be the first real break any of them had ever had since the band first began.

Gerard couldn't wait because lately, he had been so exhausted, so tired, so distant. Yet, he didn't let any of the band see, it was important that they finish the tour on a high. Still, every night when he got back off that stage and back onto the bus or the hotel room they were staying at, he simply crashed.

And, every night, the same dream. The same voice, the same laugh, the same questions he would ask that would always go unanswered. But tonight, it was different.

Tonight, he could see a shape, a figure, even if it was donned in shadows, he could still see it and that had never happened before.

He squinted even though there was no light and it really wasn't that far away. Nothing but darkness; no face, no features, no texture, just black. But he knew this person, everything about them was so familiar, even the stance, even the outline of their body.

"Look around, tell me where you think you are," the dark figure answered.

This was also new; Gerard had never once got an answer out of the mysterious voice.

Gerard did as he was told, but there was nothing to see. Nothing at all. All that was around him was fog, nothing but thick, blinding fog, the only thing he could see besides his own body was the shadow. He was definitely dreaming then, no place in the real world was like this.

"I'm dreaming, I have to be," he responded, realising the bored shadow was waiting for him to say something.

The figure laughed again and began clapping. "Oh well done, you're smart. Naturally, I already know just how smart you are though."

"What? You don't know me!" he protested angrily. He didn't like anybody presuming they knew him. Yet, if this was a dream, of course he would know him, because he was in his head after all.

"I think you'll find I know you better then you know yourself Gee. That's why I'm here now you see; I'm here to help ... well, sort of."

The shadow didn't laugh this time, it merely uncrossed it's blackened arms and took a few steps toward him. He squinted again, why couldn't he make out who it was?

"Who are you exactly? And how can you help? You said it yourself, I'm only dreaming."

Even though the words escaped his mouth, he knew this was no ordinary dream; it was so much more, it felt so real.

"You know who I am, you're just afraid to say it. And I can help because I'm everything you always wanted to be but never could. As for the dreaming part ... sometimes dreams can be real Gerard."

It took a few more steps towards him and then suddenly, a light, seemingly out of nowhere seemed to flash across the shadowed man's features and Gerard gasped in surprise.

"Y-you're ..." he began, but he never got to finish.

The figure frowned at him, the expression so familiar, why wouldn't it be? And then, just like that, he smirked and a loud yell pierced his ears as he heard the cry, "WAKE UP!"


Gerard opened his eyes and jolted upright, arms flailing around everywhere, trying to find the source of the noise.

"Woah! Someone's a little groggy," Frank announced as he hit Gerard's hands away from him.

It had been his own small guitarist that had excitedly jumped on him and yelled in his ear, waking him from that horribly vivid dream.

"Oh man ... Frank you're an asshole," Gerard moaned, sinking back into his pillow as his heart slowly steadied.

It was just a dream, all just a dream, he told himself. But something just didn't seem to sit right.

"You alright Gee, you don't look so good." Frank put a hand to Gerard's forehead and crinkled his eyebrows together in concentration.

Gerard laughed. "I'm fine Frank, just tired. Now quit touchin' me."

Gerard tried to bat his hand away but Frank was too quick and he moved his hand away and jumped off his bed before he could even make contact with him. But he didn't leave him alone just yet, he merely sat on the floor beside his head looking slightly concerned.

"How can you still be tired? You've been getting nearly twelve hours sleep every night and you know how much of a miracle that is on tour. It's like you're in a coma."

Frank giggled, but the concern was still painted all over his face. Gerard simply rubbed at his eyes sleepily. What could he say to him? There was no way he could tell Frank about the dreams, about who he saw in them last night, it was all too weird, it was all too real.

How could it be so real?

"Hey, he's finally up," Bob announced, walking into the bus, clearly they had stopped, their drummer usually liked to go for a walk to stretch his legs whenever they pulled up at a location. He just got antsy.

"Oh come on, I'm just getting into holiday mode that's all," Gerard defended himself, sitting up and stretching his back as he realised he wasn't going to be able to sleep any more with all the commotion.

"Holiday mode? We still got tonight’s show Gerard. Nice to see you're already looking forward to taking a break from us," Frank said, still sitting on the floor.

Frank smiled, but it seemed slightly strained. He seemed nervous about something, a little distant perhaps, Gerard wasn't sure, but it unsettled him slightly, he hated not being able to read Frank.

Gerard was just about to ask Frank what the matter was when the window just to the right of where they were all grouped together was hit by something heavy and shattered with the force of the object. Gerard saw it coming and leapt off the bed helping Bob grab the unsuspecting Frank and pull him away just in time. The three of them tumbled onto the ground, staring at the mess and trying to figure out what in the world just happened.

"What the fuck?" Frank asked, looking thoroughly shocked at having been pulled rather unceremoniously by his two band mates.

Next thing they heard hurried footsteps from outside and the door burst open. A very flustered looking Ray inspected the window then bit his lip nervously as he saw the three of them huddled on the floor together.

"Oh shit! Everyone okay?" he asked, rushing to their side and inspecting everyone roughly.

More footsteps followed and a very pale, very nervous Mikey appeared where Ray had just been moments ago.

"Fuck! I'm so, so sorry, everyone alright?" Mikey asked, watching them all trying to get to their feet.

"Sorry? You do this Mikey?" Gerard stared at his brothers pale face in confusion, then he noticed his brother was missing a shoe. Seeming to catch on, he glanced at the shattered glass and sure enough, right in the middle of the offending mess, was Mikey's other shoe.

"W-we were just playing kick-ball ... I told you these shoes were too big for me!" Mikey defended himself, trying to hide the foot without a shoe behind his other leg as though hoping no one would notice.

Frank was still lying on the floor; a shell-shocked Bob was still hovering protectively by his side when suddenly the smaller man burst into a fit of laughter. Bob looked utterly offended that Frank found the whole thing funny enough to laugh this hard over.

"Oh fuck, that's too funny," he squealed happily as he clutched at his side, rolling around the floor with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face.

Gerard watched him until he felt himself start to laugh. After all, the whole thing was extremely funny.

"And this is why people shouldn't play kick-ball in steal cap shoes," Ray announced, trying to stop his own smile from forming so that Bob wouldn't feel quite so alone; he clearly wasn't finding this amusing.

"Man Mikes, you're worse then me at that game," Gerard mocked his younger brother loudly, trying to raise his voice above Frank's hysterical laughter.

Mikey rubbed the back of his head nervously as he held back a smile, clearly not wanting to laugh when Bob didn't find it quite so funny and at the realisation that someone could have seriously been hurt.

"Shut up Frank, it's not that funny," Bob complained, looking agitated.

"How could you not find it funny?" Frank asked, composing himself enough so that he could at least sit up.

"Because that was the window closest to me you idiot. Now I'm going to have a draught."

At this, Frank only laughed harder causing Bob to lunge at him, pinning him to the ground and punching him in the arm. Naturally, the pain Bob was causing Frank only made him laugh more and Gerard watched on, trying to hold in his own hysterical laughter.

Mikey still didn't find it funny enough just yet, not when Bob would no doubt make him pay when he woke up sick because of the broken window. Ray was already wrestling with Bob, trying to get him off Frank as the small guitarist was still giggling to himself.

"It's cool Bob, we'll put some boards up or something," Gerard explained, wiping away a stray tear that had escaped his eyes from all the laughter.

"Yeah, it's only for two more days anyway, then you'll be home," Mikey added, hoping to ease Bob's wrath a little.

Bob stopped hitting Frank, Ray stopped trying to wrestle Bob off Frank and everyone stared at Mikey, the laughter dying down. It was simple words, simple and true, yet it seemed to have a bigger impact on them all then expected.

This happened often lately. They all wanted a break, they all needed a break, but every time they were reminded that they weren't going to see each other every day, weren't going to play every other day, their spirits sunk ever so slightly. It was going to be weird, not being with everyone in a home that actually stayed still.

"Oh come on guys! We have to get over these attachment issues," Ray announced, rolling his eyes at their behaviour.

Their spirits were higher as they set off cleaning the bus and it didn't take long before Gerard was yawning and rubbing at his eyes tiredly again. The distraction of the breaking window had caused him to completely forget about his dreams of late. Now he was getting sleepy and they were once again all he could think about.

Grabbing his smokes and his lighter, he told everyone it was time for a smoko and he stepped outside into the cold afternoon air. At least, he assumed it was afternoon; the problem with touring was that you never really knew what time it was. You slept when you could, it didn't matter what time it was. All they knew was that they had their last show tonight at 8pm, then a long bus trip and an even longer flight home tomorrow.

"Man, that was too funny," Frank announced as he to stepped out of the bus and joined Gerard in lighting up a cigarette.

Gerard smiled and nodded in response. He didn't feel much like talking, he was getting tired, he had to stay awake, they had a show and he needed to psyche himself up more.

"You okay Gee? You seem - I dunno - a bit out of it," Frank shrugged, clearly unsure whether it had been the right words he was looking for.

"I'm alright ... just tired. It's going to be weird staying still for so long," he forced a smile, knowing that Frank would reassure him somehow, he always did. He was good at that, but he didn't really know the full story, he didn't know anything about the dreams.

"Na, it won’t be so bad Gee. You got Lynz, you guys will be too busy doing sappy lovey-dovey gay couply stuff like me and Jamia to notice that you aren’t rolling to a new town every night." Frank blew his smoke into the air.

Gerard nodded and smiled a little more enthusiastically this time. Yes, he did have Lindsey and it would be nice to finally start a life with her, but it still didn't change the fact he was going to miss spending so much time with the guys. Frank was going to be living a good hour away from him, Ray was a whole city away, so was Bob until he could find a new place of his own and then there was Mikey. His own brother was only a half-hour drive away but it was going to be the first time in his life he had really ever been so far away from him.

Maybe it was the fact that he knew he was going to miss his friends that made him have such a restless sleep at night. He liked to think so, because that way he was sure it would all go away when he finally settled down into his real home, with his wife.

"You know you're probably right. After all, we'll visit each other all the time ... right?" he asked, voicing the one concern that was really on his mind. It was important that he still kept in contact with Frank; they just had a special sort of connection.

Frank looked at Gerard almost sadly, but then his face broke into a smile and he reached out and pulled Gerard into a tight hug. It was warm, it was friendly, it was just what he needed and he hugged Frank back, breathing in the strong smell of cigarette and sweat.

"Do you seriously even have to ask?" Frank said in response and he pulled away, punching Gerard playfully on the arm just to show him how stupid he was being about worrying so much.

"Thanks Frankie," was all he managed to say, lowering his head to hide the stupid smile he had on his face. Truth was, he felt much better now.

Frank rolled his eyes. "God we're lame!"

They both laughed as they put out their cigarettes and went back inside the tour bus to get themselves ready for their last show.


AN: A NEW STORY! YAY! This one is a little crazy. But I figured I didn't want another boring Ferard story so this one has all sorts of insanity in it. Not to be taken to seriously of course guys, come on, it's me we're talking about here. I want you to enjoy it.

I want to know what you think, because your word is love. So if you have the time, please review, if not, just read, I can see how many people are reading and will continue if the numbers keep up. I've written most of this already, so updates will be very frequent. Enjoy :)
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