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Sound The Alarm Bells

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k i just want to say, i know the next part isnt exactly one of my best scenes ever, so dont have too high expectations for this part

remember, still in Gerard's POV:

“Look.” She snarls, pushing me on the back.
I scream and yelp for help as I feel myself being pulled in, unfamiliar voices calling to me, bididng me to join them.

“NO!” I scream, my legs going weak while she holds my head in place.
I screw my eyes shut, my heart pounding rapidly in my rib cage.
I want to get away from here.
My arms just fall to my side as i try to push her off me, shaking violently.

“Let go!” I splutter, suddenly becoming short of breath.

Watching this Iero man pull out a packet of Silk Cut, I tried to push the memories to the back of my head.
“What’s wrong, Mr. Way?” asked the doctor unsympathetically, who still stood by the desk.
My eyes stayed glued to the hooded man, who dragged heavily on a cigarette and walked away from the building, roughly shoving the packet into his pocket.

“Frank Iero,” stated the receptionist, “Not even heavy-duty antidepressants work on him. Poor guy,” she said, sighing heavily.

“No-one quite knows what’s wrong with him,” Dr. Toro added, as I pushed back my own rave hair and shut my eyes, leaning back in the chair.

A sudden dizzy spell overwhelms me.
Her grip loosens and I fall to the ground on all fours, my stomach tightening painfully fast.
She’s laughing manically – as if she takes pleasure from seeing me bring up the contents of my stomach onto the dirty floor.
I collapse onto my throbbing stomach, centimetres away from the vomit, willing her to leave me alone.
She spits on me, saliva dribbling down the back of my neck as she calls me tramp and stalks off, leaving me in a shaking heap on the floor.
I sigh and roll cautiously on to my side, curling up in a ball.
My prayers have been answered.

“Gerard!” snapped the doctor, “Come with me, now.”
I looked at him quickly, and then looked back to where this Frank had walked off.

Getting up I strode to the exit.
“Sorry,” I muttered to the confused doctor, “I can’t be here right now.”
I heard them calling me back but did nothing to stop me leaving.
“Sorry, doc.” I said to myself saracastically, as I stepped outside the building, moving in the opposite direction I saw Frank go.


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