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Chapter 1

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XxRawr!ItsFrankie!xX XxTisGeexX XxYuppers!ItsMikey!xX XxYeah,ItsRayxX XxItsBobert!xX

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Posted on October 18th
By XxTisGeexX

So today in school I got threw out of my math class because I was to busy drawing to pay attention to Mrs. Bink. As I walked out of the room I could hear Ray and Bob laughing at me. Those fuck heads... Anyways, I went to the office sat there and listened to the principal sit there and lecture me and then the next thing I knew he was slapping a DR infront of me, I looked down to see that I was suspended. 'Oh great, that fuckin sucks...' I though. Moms going to be a bit pissed off. Well I'm going to have fun the next three flippin days.

XxItsBobert!xX: Lol, that was funny. You really need to pay attention in her class Gee, then you woundn't be kicked out ever class, and then you wouldn't get suspended. haha.

--XxTisGeexX: Fuck you Bobert!!!

XxYeah,ItsRayxX: How'd your Mom take it?

XxYuppers!ItsMikey!xX: He's grounded for 2 weeks.. Haha

--XxTisGeexX: Thanks Mikey...


Posted On October 19th

Gee had an awesome time today, hes lucky. He gets to stay home. Though I could go without the grounding haha. Anyways, Frank did the most funniest thing today. During lunch he got pissed off at this one pretty cheerleader so while he walked buy her he pretended tp trip and dumped the rest of his try all over her. Its was so funny. She got so pissed she stormed out of the caf and we never saw her the rest of the day. haha, today was awesome.

XxRawr!ItsFrankie!xX: Haha that was funny! She got so embarrest hopefully she never gets cocky with me again. Does a little dance Go Frankie, Go frankie! Haha and for Gee, that lucky bastard!

XxTisGeexX: Haha nice Frankie. Wish I could of seen it, but yeah I'm kinda suspended. Damn its fun, yet is boreing.

XxItsBobert!xX:You guys are retarded.


Posted October 20th


XxTisGeexX: No your not getting anything you were a bad boy! >=)

--XxRawr!ItsFrankiexX: Awe! =( But Gee its not Christmas its Halloween!!! And I knoew what we should be for Halloween! I'll be Ask Ketchum and you can be Misty. We'll be the cutiest couple!!! And Mikey can be Brock!! haha

XxYuppers!ItsMikey!xX: Haha thats funny Frankie... but I doubt Gee will agree to that...

XxTisGeexX: Frank, THERE IS NO WAY I'M DRESSING UP AS MISTY! I'm not a chick, I'm a dude..

XxItsBobert!xX: Once again, you guys are retarded...
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