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Chapter 2

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Yup yup...

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Posted October 23

Haha.. Gees no fun, He wont be Misty for halloween. Mikey did agree to be Brock.. Haha.. I should tell him we'll dress him up as Pikachu. Then he wont have a fit about being a flippin girl... I really think he should. He'd make a cute Misty.. Haha... So yeah Gee finally came back to school... But it sucks cause hes grounded so we can't have band practice. Not even at his house... But o well. Only a week and a half left to go.. Haha... 7 MORE DAYS BITCHES! I better get some good fucking presents!!!

XxTisGeexX: The the last fucking time Frankie. I'm not being Misty end of fucking story, and I'm not going to be a flippin rat either. Get the stupid Pokemon idea out of your head... And about your birthday... Like i said, you were a bad boy your not getting anything... At least, not from me..

--XxRawr!ItsFrankie!xX: Gee your no fun.. =( no present from Gee... Your sooo mean!!! Runs away crying

XxYuppers!ItsMikey!xX: Frankie your something else. Don't worry I'll buy you a present... Haha.. You better come up with a better idea because Gee wont do the Pokemon idea..

XxYeah,ItsRayxX: Your guys are something else.. I got an idea!!! W can go as the Teletubbies! Gee can be Tinky Winky, I'll be Dipsy, Frankie can be Lala, and Mikey can be Po... AND BOB CAN BE NUNU!! Haha...

XxItsBobert!xX: Why am I friends with you guys again...

Posted October 24
By: XxYuppers!ItsMikeyxX

Haha... I guess its all settled... We're going as the flippin Teletubbies... Only Gee said he'd be NunNu.. Frankies being Tinky Winky, and Bobs Lala.. Haha... I'm still Po and Rays still Dipsy.. I don't know where they come up with this shit. But its pretty freakin funny... I get to ride a scooter around! haha.. This is going to be one Funny Halloween.. Haha

XxRawr!ItsFrankiexX: I only wanted to be Tinky Winky so that I could be a Big Purple thing and carry around a purse... I can store my candy in it nicely.. Haha. This is going to be the best Halloween! Haha

XxItsBobert!Xx: I still don't understand why I let you guys talk me into this...

XxRawr!ItsFrankie!xX: I used my mind powers on you! Thats the only reason you agreeded!! Uses mind powers on Bobert You will dress up like a monkey tomorrow at my house and do a Monkey dance... DANCE MONKEY DANCE!!

Posted October 24
By: XxTisGeexX

Note to self... Need new friends....

XxRawr!Its Frankie!xX: Gee don't like me anymore. Cries You hurt my feelings mister! Runs to a coner to sit in the fetal position and rock back and fourth crying.

XxYeah,ItsRayxX : Yeah Gee I agree we do need new friends. Haha

Posted October 25

Gee and Ray decided that they need new friends.... I just decided we need to get rid of Frank... AND FOR THE LAST TIME FRANK YOU DON'T HAVE MIND POWERS! So stop trying to make me dress up in a freakin Monkey suit and do a monkey dance... You stupid moron...

XxRawr!ItsFrankiexX: Okay okay... I don't have mind powers... But... RAWR! I'M A DINO AND IMA EAT YO FACE! And thats how I got you to be the Teletubbies with us. haha

--XxItsBobertxX: Your not a dino Frankie... I really feel bad for your Mom.... Shes had/has to put up with you all her life.. That poor women. Where is her sanity...

Posted October 26

Dude... I meet this really awesome chick! He name is Bree.. Shes in my Math class. Shes like into everything I am... She even plays gutair.. ahhh. I invited her to My Birthday/Halloween party! I'm so freakin excited.. I wonder if she has a Screen Name... I should as her tomorrow!!!!

XxTisGeexX: Go for it Frankie!

XxYuppers!Its Mikey!xX Go Frankie!!!

--XxRawr!Its Frankie!xX: 4 More days guys!!! Gee you ungrounded for my party!?

XxTisGeexX: Yeah, of course. I woundn't miss it for the world!!!
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