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Chapter 3

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In comes XxRawr!TisBreeLynnxX XxYeahHo,ItsBella!xX XxWait,What!?ItsSarahxX

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Posted October 28
By: XxRawr!TisBreeLynnxX

So this guy named Frankie asked me for my screen name yesterday. I said at the time I really don't know him well. So we're suppose to hangout tonight. He really cute tho... Haha. Hey, if everything goes good. I might have some new friends.. Haha Wish me luck!

XxYeahHo,ItsBella!xX: Go Bree, haha. Maybe he can get Bill off your mind. Have fun hun!

XxWaitWhat?!ItsSarahxX: Yay! Go Bree! haha Have fun chicky!!

Posted October 28
By: XxRawr!ItsFrankie!xX

Ahhh!!! Guyss she gave me her SN!!! Yay!!! Oh my, I had the best night tonight we walked around the park. I learned a lot more about her. Shes totally sweet. And we're going to play gutair together sometime!!! Haha 2 more days bitches!! Haha Oh and I invited her to my party!!! Haha.. And umm.. Guys I'm sorry but we kinda decided we were going to dress up as Chucky and Chuckys Bride. You guys are going to have to be the teletubbies without me...

XxYeah,ItsRayxX: Frankie! I'm excited for you yes. But how could you do this to us. We all already decided we were going as the Teletubbies, you can just change at the last minute we already fitted you for the Tinky Winky costume!!

--XxRawr!ItsFrankie!xX: Sorry guys but I promised Bree too.

XxTisGeexX: I'll just say this once. I hope you don't let Bree get in the way of us and the band. I know you might date and shit. but don't let us down Frankie. Or else...

--XxRawr!ItsFrankiexX: I promise Gee I wont....

Posted October 29

I'm a bit upset because of Frankie droping the Teletubbies idea at basically the nast minute.. Haha Now there is not Tinky Winky to finsish the Teletubbies, cause no one wants to be him.. Arg! Frankie ima kill you!!!


Posted October 31
By: XxRawr!ItsFrankie!xX

AHHHH!! haha... SHE SAID YES LASTNIGHT GUYS! SHE SAID YES!!!!! Haha I totally owe you guys for not killing me. You guys won first place tho! Haha With me and Bree in second!!! But I'm so excited guys!!! Haha... Alright I think ima go. Eat candy, get fat, mess around with my presents and call Bree... Haha talk to you guys later!!!!

I Love Bree!!!!

XxTisGeexX: Congratz Frankie!! Hope you liked my present! Haha. Have fun. Don't get too fat. That wouldn't be good.

XxYuppers!ItsMikey!xX: Yeah a fat Frank would be a gross Frank... haha

XxRawr!TisBreeLynnxX: Haha Hey Hun... I guess I better go get back the phone and await your call. Haha. Love you too Hunni. And please watch your Sugar intake, your already Hyper enough... Haha

Posted November 1
By: XxRawr!TisBreeLynnxX

Haha... Geez I'm bored. We should hangout soon guys! I miss you! Exspecially you Hun. I'm really cold... God I hate November... Grr... Hunni come over and warm we up. [[Not in a perverted wayy either]] haha. How about we all come to my house after school tomorrow guys...

XxRawr!ItsFrankie!xX: I'll be over in a bit Babe! Alright sounds good to me.

XxYuppers!ItsMikeyxX: Me and Gee'll be there.

XYeah,ItsRayxX: I'll be there!

XxItsBobert!xX: Me too..

--XxRawr!TisBreeLynnxX: Alright guys.. Haha. Ima go Frankie will be here soon. Haha.. Se you dudes tomorrow.. haha
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