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Chapter 4

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This ones in actual story view. From here on its going to go from being storyish to be the computer stuff..

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Plus I sped things up. It will now be Gees and Bobs senior year of HighSchool. And its Ray, Mikey, Franks, and Brees junior year. And Frank and Bree have been dating over a year.

~Bree's POV~

I was lying with Frankie on his livingroom couch. I was between him and the back of the couch and I was lying on my side with my head resting on his bare chest. He was lying there in only a pair of boxers and I had my green tinkerbell shorts and tanktop. We were layin there watching TV when suddenly his front door flew open sending Frankie to the floor. I rolled over and looked towards the front door to find Gee and Mikey standing there.

"What the heck are you two doing?" I asked.

"We came to get Frank." Gee said "The rest of us decided to have band practice at the last minute."

Frankie who was still laying on his stomach on the floor let out a moan and rolled over onto his back.

"But Gee! Brees over and I don't want to get up." He said

Gee looked at Frankie than at me, then back at Frankie. "We didn't interupt anything did we?" He asked

"Nothing besides us cuddling and watching TV." I said

"Frankie come on you lazy ass." Mikey said

"No I don't wanna." He said in a little kid voice while pouting and crossing his arms.

I got up off the couch and walked over to him and smiled and crouched down.

"Your so cute when you pout." I said "But Honey come on I'll come on we'll go upstairs and get dressed. By the time your done choosing what you want to wear Ray and Bob'll be here"

"Fine.." He said while sighing.

He got up off the floor grabed my hand and draged me up the steps to our room. Yeah I said our room. Since our 9th month anniversery. I've been spending a lot of time staying at his house. Since my Mom is always away on business I don't want to stay in my house alone. Plus Ms. Iero loves me, it was her idea that I basically move in here.

When we got to our room I walked over and layed down on our King Size bed. You may wonder why Frank needs a king size bed. Well I know why. Hes all over the place when he sleeps. Because sometimes He'll fall asleep while I'm on the computer, and one night I watched him. Hes all over the bed. Except when I'm in there with him. He stays right in hid place.

"Arg. I almost fell alseep to." I said

Frankie came over and climbed on top of me. "Sorry for our crazy friends Babe." He said causing mr to laugh.

"Its alright that they're crazy Honey, I'm just as crazy!" I said with a smile.

Frankie smiled back and leaned down and kissed me. That kiss then turned into a makeout session. It was deep and passionate. His hands started exploring me. They moved down along my hips and made me jump. For the year that we've been together, believe it or not. This is the first time he ever really made a move like this. It surprised me. I pulled back and looked into his hazel eyes and smiled.

"I don't think so Mr. Iero. Your friends are downstiars wait for us." I said

His eyes lit up and I instandly knew what he way thinking.

"Maybe." I said pushing him off and heading over to his closet. I pulled out a pair of his brown cargo shorts and his favorite Misfits t-shirt and his favorite studded belt. "Honey... You know you love me right?"

"Of course you can wear my clothes Babe." He said "You always do."

I got dressed and he put on a pair of baggy riped at the knee jeans and his Iron Maiden t-shirt. I bushed the hair that he had in the front of his head to the side so that it covered his left eye. He smiled at me and kissed me then we walked downstiars and to the basement. When we got down there the rest of the guys where there.

"Nice clothes Bree." Ray said.

I smiled and twirled in a circle. "Thanks Rayie!" I said

"I bet your comfy." Mikey said

"Yeah Mikey. I am very comfy." I said

They all took their places to start and I looked at Frankie.

"Honey. I'm going to go upstairs for a bit." I said "I'll be back down in a bit."

"Alright Babe." He said

I went up staurs abd webt into the kitchen and picked up the phone and called my best friend.

"Hey Bree." She said

"Hey Bella. You think you can come over to my house?" I asked

"Sure. I'll be right over." She said

"Alright." I said

I hung up the phone and then called and ordered 3 pizzias and when I got off the phone Bella walked into the door.

"Hey Hun." I said

"Hey." She said. "I take it they're having band practice."

"Yeah." I said "I just ordered pizza."

"Awesome!" She said

When the pizzas and soda got there Bella grabed the paper plates and plastic cups and we started down the basement steps when we got down there they just finshed playing. They were all sweaty expecially my little Frankie and once they layed eyes on us all there faces lit up.

"PIZZA!" They all yelled.

We put them down on the coffee table. And they ran over. Me and Bella sat down on the couch and Frankie came over to me and kissed me

"Thanks Babe." He said

"No problem Hunni. I got growing boys I gotta feed somehow." I said. "Theres our Pizza." I said pointing at the box infront of me.

It was a veggie pizza since both of us are vegitarians. He smiled at me and dug in. Mikey walked over to Bella and sat down beside her and gave her a peck on the cheelk. Yeah, Bella wasn't only my best friend. She was Mikey's girl friend now too. They got together about a month after me and frank started dating.

They all started shoving food into their mouths and we all started chating up.

"We have our first gig this Friday Babe." Frank said

"Thats great!" I said throwing my arms around his neck.

I was so happy. They all we're putting their hearts into this band. The news was the best I've heard in awhile!


After everyone left and we cleaned up we walked up to our room and fell onto our bed. I was tired. I hadn't slepted much lastnight because I was on the computer most of the night. Frankie came over and again layed on top of me.

"Hey Babe." He said He leaned down and kissed me. Again it turned into a makeout session. This time, I let his go farther. He pulled off my shirt and I pulled off his. He then took off my bra and we just layed there tounges battling each others. Before I knew it both our pants were off. Frank broke the kiss and looked at me.

"Babe. You sure you wanna do this?" He asked

"Of course." I said "If I didn't I wouldn't of let it get this far."

He smiled and sliped off my undies. He then pulled off his an had to do something first. [[Like I always say, don't be silly, wrap his willy.]] He looked down into my bright blue eyes with his hazel ones.

"I love you Breanna." He said

"I love you too Frank." I said

He started kissing my neck causing me to let small moans out. He came up and stated again kissing me, as he positioned himself above me. He then slowly started to push into me. Pain shot through my body.

"Ah!" I yelled and he stopped.

"Frank Anothony don't you dare stop. Just trust into me to make it quit." I said

He did as he was told and I again yelled in pain. He then started to trust more. The pain left and was replaced with pleasure. I started to moan as did he. As he tursted they got faster and faster causing my breathing to speed up. He leaned down and with each breath he said "I love you." I to said the same. As my orgasm grew nearer I started moaning his name. He to did the same. My back arched up and I moaned even louder. When my orgasm came I screamed Frankies name and he too did the same. He collapsed onto me and I could feel his heart racing. I smiled at me and ran my fingers through his hair.

"Fwankie?" I said in a little girl voice.

"Yes Bwee." HE said mocking me

" I wove you." I said

He smiled and kissed me "I love you too." He said between kisses. He got up off me and opened his dresser drawer and pulled out 2 pairs of boxers and through a pair at me. He picked up the Misfits shirt I wore today and handed it to me and we crawled into bed and I layed my head on his chest.

"Honey?' I asked

"Yes Babe?" He replied

"I never want us to end. I love you, and I hope we last forever." I said

"Me too Babe, me too. But right now." He said lifting my head up and looking into my eyes. "You need to get sleep beautiful."

I smiled and kissed him and layed my head back down on his chest. He put his arm around me and started running his fingers through my hair till I drifted off to sleep.
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