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State Street?

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Audrey meets a man who has apparently gotten lost in Chicago. Little does he know that this might have been his worst-and maybe last-mistake.

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It was 8:00 pm at night, and the light was beginning to fade on the skyline of Chicago. The multi-colored candy clouds in the west were getting darker as all of the street lights began to flicker on.
A young teenage girl in an old, ripped pair of jeans and a grey, zipped up hoodie over a blue tank top had her head leaned against the window of the city bus, dozing off slightly. Her lanky, bony frame rose and fell with her gentle breathing. Her long, wavy brown hair was mildly messed up, an her soft, pale pink lips were somewhat parted. At that moment, she seemed to be the epitome of peace.
The bus was nearing it’s final stop for the night. Only a few people were left besides the young girl, mostly suspicious looking characters. No one really rode the bus much into this part of town. The West Side wasn’t exactly the most touristy place in the city, to say the least.
The bus squealed to a stop, and everyone cleared off. Almost everyone, that is. The girl waws left sleeping. As the driver walked to the back, making sure no one was left, he spotted her. The driver shook her shoulder and said through his thick gray moustache,
“Hey, girl, you gotta get off. Last stop.” Her eyes fluttered open, and she sat up, her clothing wrinkled and her chocolate hair falling into her hazel eyes. She grabbed her cloth messenger bag and stepped around the bus driver silently.
When she got off of the bus, and began walking towards the alley, she saw a man with long, greasy black hair, looking rather lost. His eyebrow were slightly furrowed, and his arms were crossed against his chest, trying to block out the cool air. The man wore a simple pair of jeans, and a dark blue sweatshirt, with a black tribal design on the back.
The girl walked over to him, and he looked over his shoulder when he heard her light footsteps coming up to him.
“Hey, are you lost or somethin’?” she asked, flipping her hair out of her eyes.
“Um, kind of. I’m looking for State Street.” The girl raised her eyebrows, surprised. She replied,
“Your kidding me, right? That was, like, a bajillion stops ago.” The man sighed, his shoulders slumping.
“That was the last of my money, too. . .” he mumbled under his breath, biting his lip. The girl tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, and stuck her hand out to the man.
“I’m Audrey.” He gave Audrey a confused look, but took her hand anyway, replying,
“I’m Gerard.” Audrey smiled and let go of his large, pale hand.
Gerard was obviously eight or nine years older than Audrey, her being only fourteen. He was about six inches taller than her, and she noticed a small smile playing on his lips. Audrey took a deep breath and asked her new acquaintance,
“Hey, I have a place a few blocks from here, ya know, if you need a place to stay for a night or so.” It was true. Audrey stayed with her friend Landon, in an old, rundown, apartment above a abandoned restaurant. Landon was only nineteen, but Audrey new him from her sister, who had moved up to a better part of town long ago. Landon wasn’t the best role model for a young teenager, but he protected her from every mistake he’d made in the past, and that was the only reason Audrey’s sister, Kim, had trusted him to live with Audrey.
“Sure, that sounds great, actually, if you don’t mind.” Audrey grinned and replied,
“Follow me.”

When Gerard and Audrey came upon the old building, Gerard became apprehensive. Besides the fact that he had just met this girl, on a bus in a dogy part of Chicago, of all places, the building that she was leading Gerard into was about the creepiest thing he had ever seen.
The brick front was beginning to grow ivy, and there was various sections of graffiti tags, and the glass in the door was cracked. Above that, there was a little roof, with missing shingles that looked as though it could fall through at any one moment. On the second floor, above the tiny black roof, one window was curtain covered, but the other was open, the curtain swaying out of the frame slightly in the damp breeze.
Audrey walked up to the door and pulled out a key from her pocket, sticking it into the lock. She pushed open the dirty door, holding it open for Gerard to walk in, which was probably the first show of manners he’d seen so far.
They walked into the store, and inside, it was dark and rather musty smelling. It obviously hadn’t been open for awhile. There was dust piling up on the furniture, and it was apparent that no one had taken the effort to dust, either.
Audrey stuck the key back into her pants pocket, and motion for Gerard to follow her up the stair that were partially visible from where he stood, taking in the new environment. The stairs, too, he noticed, were dusty, and Gerard truly began to wonder if Audrey was leading him to a trap of some sort. Maybe as a sex slave or a victim of a arising serial killer. Gerard once again had to pul himself out of his imaginative daze to continue following in the footsteps of the brown haired girl.
At the top of the stairs, there was a small, cramped hallway, and at the end there was a door. And on the right side of that, there was another door, adjacent to the end one. They both had locks, and seemed ominous in a way to Gerard.
Yet Audrey kept walking, unaware of Gerard’s unease. She reached the end door, and knocked her fist against it, calling out,
“Oi! Landon, open the door! It’s Audrey!” there was some shuffling sounds to be heard from behind the threshold, and after a moment, a lock was turned from the inside and it was opened by a tall, blond haired man.
“Who the hell is this?” were the first words out of his mouth, a scowl on his young face.

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