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Something More, Maybe?

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kind of a filler, but explains a littl emore about Audrey.

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Even though the blonde haired man’s look would have murdered anyone else, Audrey just rolled her eyes and replied to his question in a annoyed voice.
“He needs some place to stay, so I offered to let him stay here.”
“What’s his goddamn name?”
“I’m Gerard.” Gerard butt in, trying to look as tough as the young girl next to him. Landon just raised his eyebrows, and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket. He said to Audrey, completely ignoring Gerard,
“I’m going out for a day or so. Don’t die or make a mess or anything, ‘kay, Audrey?”
“Gotcha.” she replied, leaning against the wall, so Landon could start walking down the dim, narrow hallway. The teenager sighed and gestured for Gerard to step into the apartment.
The older man figured he had no other choice than to do as she said, and walked through the threshold.
Inside, the apartment was as clean as an inner-city apartment could get. There was a couch and a thread bare recliner in the living room section, that was ajoined with a small kitchen. There was an empty box of peperoni pizza on the table, with about three or four slices left. All over the kitchen and living room, there were cans of beer, Dr. Pepper, and Diet Coke scatter on various pieces of furniture.
Audrey looked at Gerard. She could easily tell he was nervous. Hell, she would have been too. Probably even more so. Of course, it was also obvious Gerard had never been this far into a city before. Audrey’s lips pulled into a soft smiled as she said, trying her hardest to sound friendly,
“You can sit down if you want. I know there isn’t much to this place, but you can sleep in Landon’s bed tonight, since he’s gonna be gone.” Gerard’s eyebrows furrowed in worry.
“Will he be okay with that? I mean, he seemed pretty pissed that I was here,” he replied. Audrey grinned.
“Trust me,” she said, “He was just cranky ‘cause he probably hasn’t a hit in a day or two!” Audrey noticed Gerard’s worried expression increase. She stopped grinning, curious at why Gerard seemed so surprised that Landon was a junkie.
“What’s up with you? You don’t look to dandy.”
“I just didn’t realize you were living with a druggie,” Gerard began, “Doesn’t that bother you?” the ebony haired man looked into Audrey’s stormy eyes, and she looked down.
“I don’t let it get to me. I’ve tried most of that shit and it just isn’t something I want anymore of.”
“Same here.” Gerard replied, remembering back to the days when he would get wasted and high, not caring about life at all. Drinking and drugs almost killed him. Gerard finally got clean and sober, but he still had to be careful when he was around the very things that almost drove him to suicide.

A few hours later, Gerard and Audrey were sitting in on the couch, watching the television that only got four channels. Gerard was drinking a Dr. Pepper and Audrey had a Diet Coke in her slight, thin hand. They were watching The Simpsons, laughing occasionally, talking about how retarded the show really was, but at the same time how it was so much fun to watch.
“It’s horrible!” Audrey giggled., “The show is so fucking ridiculous that you can’t help but watch it!” Gerard replied, saying,
“It’s like a train wreck. You just can’t seem to look away!” Audrey smiled at him, and yawned. It was about 10 at night, and Audrey hadn’t eaten yet, so she got up and sauntered over to their kitchen.
“You hungry?” she asked Gerard, pulling her hair back and fishing for a hair tie in her jacket pocket.
“You bet,” he replied, “Anything is fine with me.” Audrey found an elastic at that moment and started putting her wavy mousy hair into a lose pony tail.
“M’kay.” came the replied from the girl.
Audrey yanked open the refrigerator door and looked around inside. Sighing, she shut the door then opened the freezer.
“All we have is sausage pizza. Is that okay?” she question Gerard.
“Yep.” he answered the raven haired man, still watching TV. Audrey opened the package and turned on the oven.
She’d had pizza for probably the last week.
“I need to get groceries tomorrow. . .” She mumbled to herself, scratching her shoulder.

“Okay, Gerard, I’m gonna go to bed now.” Audrey stated, rubbing her eyes with exhaustion. It was about one in the morning, and Audrey had been working all day, trying to get some money to help pay the rent. She did random jobs for people and her usual day almost always consisted of running errands. But she got paid enough to keep up with her payments to Landon, and as long as she worked extra hard, sometimes into the late hours of the night, Audrey sometimes had left over cash to buy some clothes and CDs.
“Yeah, I probably should be heading to bed myself.” Gerard stated, standing up. Audrey began to walk to her bedroom, in the far end of the apartment, and she heard Gerard say to her,
“Hey, is this my room?” She turned and saw Gerard gesturing to the room across from hers, and nodded, saying
“Yep. Just come wake me up if you need anything, ‘kay?”
“Alright.” came the reply, as Gerard walked into Landon’s room. The thing was, there where no doors, except for the entrance and the one to the bathroom, so the rooms were closed off my blankets in the frames, held up by nails. They were fairly thick, but when a light was on inside the room, you could see the silhouette of the person(s) inside.
This used to bother Audrey, since Landon often brought girls he’d met at clubs, hookers, and occasionally actual girlfriends home, and since there were no doors, Audrey had spent many sleepless nights listening to a very high or drunk Landon fucking until the early hours of the morning. Now, though, Audrey was used to it, and often slept out in the living room, with the TV turned on or her CD player on full blast.
“‘Night, Audrey,” Gerard called to Audrey. Audrey looked up from slipping on her pajama bottoms and awkwardly replied back,
“Um, ‘night, Gerard,”

Audrey shut her lights off and laid down on the mattress that served as her bed. It was next to her stereo that she’s saved up enough money to buy. The Moonlight and the light from the dim, yellow street lamp outside mixed and fell through onto her blanket covered body.
Audrey stared at the ceiling and thought about the man that was sleeping in the room across from her.
Was he a simple guy, with a normal, planned out life, or an adventurer, with nothing better to do than live where ever and however he wanted? Gerard seemed like such a strange person to be looking for State Street. With his shoulder length, black locks and pasty pale skin, his seemed to average, too not normal.
Audrey willed her mind off of the thoughts that followed. She thought about the fact that somehow, he’d silently come into her room and steal all of her hard earned money and leave, or maybe he was some kind of psychopath, who would try to rape Audrey or even kill her.
But after only about 15 minutes of thought, Audrey fell into a peaceful sleep, not wanting to care about the day ahead, and all of the new twists it brought with it.

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