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A Far Cry From Innocence

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Gerard awoke to a crash...

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Gerard suddenly awoke at the sound of a crash from the front of the apartment. There were footsteps, then a yell. Gerard sat up, and yanked the blankets off of his body. As he went to pull back the blanket covering the door, he heard a girl speaking in a low, quiet voice.
Gerard ran out into the hall, only to be stopped by an unimaginably scene.
A man was there, in the apartment, with a black mask and a all black clothes, staning up against the wall. Audrey had a knife pointed to his throat and was speaking to him so quietly Gerard couldn’t hear her words. The man, on the other hand, tried to plead with her in a scared tone, loud enough for Gerard to hear clearly.
“P-please, I-I, you don’t have to do this, y-ya know?” This time, though, when Audrey spoke, Gerard heard what she said, her tone so menacing and sadistic it gave the dark haired man shivers and a nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach.
“Yeah, I do know.” Gerard saw the knife blade press ever so slightly harder against the robber’s neck and he squirmed, trying to escape the sharp knife against his flesh. Audrey reached up and pulled off the mask that covered the man’s face, revealing his identity.
His skin was paper white, and glistening with a cold sweat, his eyes wide with fear. Gerard couldn’t see exactly what color his hair was in the slightly lit apartment, but it appeared dark. Brown, maybe. It was messed up from the mask the had been removed by his captor, and it was short, barley falling onto his forehead. The man’s mouth was agape, trying to stutter out more pleading words, but by now, the fear of the knife upon his exposed neck was proving too much for him to be able to form words, let alone sentences.
Gerard watched in shear terror and amazement as Audrey began to smirk. He could see her eyes dancing with a slightly amused light that struck Gerard with fear. This didn’t seem like the girl he’d met on the bus, not at all. She looked so brutal now, so much older than her 14 years. It was almost sad, Gerard thought, that someone so young could be so harsh and unforgiving. It only proved to show that all of these years living with that drug junkie had made her so hard. Gerard wonder what Audrey would’ve been like, if she hadn’t been shoved into all of this reality. Then again, maybe it was her choice. Gerard would probably never know.
But at that moment, Gerard’s breath hitched in his chest as he heard Audrey say,
“Die, motherfucker.” And she pulled the blade smoothly across his skin, ripping open a red line that began to pour out blood. Once she’d hit the vein, the crimson liquid began to spurt out in pulses, splashing onto Audrey’s pale, emotionless face, only a smirk still visible through the blood.
The robber’s eyes rolled back into his head, and his body twitched violently as his body began to lose blood. Audrey walked away and into the kitchen, out of Gerard’s sight. As the soon-to-be-dead thief squirmed upon the floor, his limbs flailing against the wall every now and then, Gerard decided to go back to his room before Audrey saw him watching.
Even though Gerard felt like he was going to vomit, he just quietly walked back into his room, his breathing still ragged and his eyes starting to fill up with frightened tears. His body shook as he laid under the blankets, the sick feeling still residing in his stomach. At that moment, Gerard wanted something that he hadn’t wanted for a long time. Something he’d vowed never to use again.

okay, we got this show on the road!!!
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