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Concrete Angel

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The next morning.....

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“Hey, Gerard, do you want some breakfast?” Audrey’s voice called from the front of the apartment. Upon waking, Gerard had forgotten about the night before. But when he heard the girl’s voice, Gerard remembered everything: the robber, the knife, the blood, Audrey’s cruel eyes, everything. Gerard clenched his eyes shut for a moment, and then called back to her,
“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute or so,”
“Okay!” came the cheerful response. Gerard dressed, and all the while thought about what he was going to do. Was he just going to pretend as though nothing had happened? Mention it, maybe? What if Audrey had saw him there, watching her? Gerard didn’t even like to consider this possibility. Because, in Gerard’s mind, if that was the case, he could very well be the next victim.
As the man walked out from behind the blanket that covered the door and walked down the hall way from the night before, he shoved those thoughts out of his mind and concentrated on not looking suspicious when he saw Audrey.
“Hey, Audrey.” Gerard said to the girl, who smiled back and replied,
“Good morning!” They were both silent for a moment as Gerard took a seat on the sofa and Audrey continued to scramble some eggs and bacon. The silence didn’t last for very long, though. Audrey broke it by saying,
“I knew you were watching me last night,” Gerard looked up anxiously and Audrey continued, “You looked pretty scared. I would have been, too”
“Why did you kill him?” Gerard managed to ask, his voice quiet, and rough. Audrey replied, saying,
“He broke in while I was in the kitchen, getting something to drink. He came up to me, and, a-and he. . .” Audrey’s voice trailed off as her back began to shake with silent tears. Gerard stood up, and walked over to her, her small frame still hunched over the stove. The man put his arm around Audrey, and while he comforted her with one hand, Gerard took the pan off of the burner and turned the stove off, so the food wouldn’t burn.
Audrey’s head was down, and as Gerard walked her back over to the couch to sit beside him, her breath became harsh and heavy, sobs escaping her lips every so often. Gerard pulled Audrey close to him, her head resting on his heart, and Gerard wrapped both arms around her frame, attempting to soothe the crying girl.
Finally, after about five minutes, Audrey began to lift her head, ready to tell the rest of her story. She was still crying, so Her words came out slurred and choppy, but Gerard listening, and rubbed her back in gentle circles, doing everything he could to make Audrey better.
“H-he came u-up behind me,” she continued from earlier, “a-a-and I felt his h-hand go up my sh-shirt, a-and. . .” she stopped, and Gerard told her, in a soft consoling voice,
“It’s okay Audrey, take all the time you need.” Suddenly, Audrey lifted her head once more. But this time she composed her self, he voice still slightly wavering, but she told him the rest with out stopping, seeming so much more confident than before.
“He tried to rape me,” she said, and Gerard’s heart skipped a beat. “He threw me against the wall, but I was able to kick him hard. I suppose all of those fighting lessons on the streets finally paid off.” when she said this, both of them chuckled quietly, and then she continued on,
“So, while he was down, he dropped his knife. I grabbed it and got him against the wall into a position I knew he would never escape from. I was going to let him live at that point, I swear, but I really wanted to know who it was. So, I took off his mask.” Audrey took another deep breath, and wiped away some tears that had begun to swell up in her grey, sparkling eyes.
“It was my father.” she stated, and Gerard gasped, his eye brows furrowed.
“Why would you kill your own father?” Gerard asked Audrey, looking at her with disbelief in his green eyes.
“Do, do you really want to know?” Audrey questioned, looking straight into Gerard’s eyes, still close to him for comfort. She knew that he would automatically want to know, but something in Audrey also knew that it would shock him even more than he showed. But, regardless of what reaction she was going to get, Audrey told Gerard about her father.
“He was horrible. Once, he locked me and my sister up and starved up for days, not even letting us out to go to the bathroom. He beat us raw, and he drank and did probably every drug know to mankind. Finally, one day, he left. He was only gone for a week. But when he came home, something had changed,” once again, Audrey’s eyes began to tear up. It was obvious she had never told many about her father. Maybe she hadn’t told anyone before Gerard. She continued,
“He didn’t beat us and yell at us, calling my sister and I names like he had used to. Instead, he acted like a normal dad should. So, since my sister was finally 18, she moved out. My father had wished her good luck, and let her leave. He’s even told us that he loved us that day. But that night, I realized why he’s been so kind.
“He told me we were going for a drive. I didn’t pay attention to where we were going, but soon, I saw that we had stopped in an alley way. Another car was there. My father got out and I followed, and what was about to happen began to dawn on me. The man standing by the other car was a drug dealer. Once I knew that, I screamed, ‘I hate you’ to my father, and I ran away from him, and he could follow. I don’t even know if he did. It’s not like he ever cared about me once in his goddamn life! He fucking tried to sell me for drugs!” At that last sentence, Audrey’s voice crack and she pulled herself onto Gerard’s lap, sobbing into his black t-shirt for what seemed like hours.
Gerard laid his head down on Audrey’s shoulder, rubbing circles onto her back, trying his best to comfort her. She’d been through so much. Hell, she’d even killed her own father. The funny thing was, Gerard couldn’t blame her. He’d tried to sell Audrey for drugs, for the love of God. And then with him hunting her down to this apartment to try to rape her. Gerard would’ve done the same thing.
At that moment, Gerard heard the door open, and a familiar voice saying,
“Hey Audrey.” then, Gerard lifted his head to see Landon, his tall figure, and shaggy blonde hair. He looked much more mellow, and even had a slight smile on his face. Until he realized Audrey was crying, of course. When Landon noticed that, he asked Gerard, walking over to them,
“What the hell happened to her? Is she alright?” He sat down on the left of Gerard, and put his hand on Audrey’s back. He pressed his forehead against the side of her head, and murmured to her,
“Can Gerard tell me what’s wrong?” She nodded. Landon looked at Gerard with a worried and questioning look on his face. Gerard told him,
“It was her dad.” Landon’s eyes got wide and he stood up, obviously angry. He yelled,
“Why wasn’t I here, dammit?!”
“It’s okay, Landon,” Audrey said, sitting up and wiping her eyes. “I took care of him.”
Landon smiled, and it was clear to Gerard that he knew what Audrey did.
Maybe Gerard really had landed himself in a house of dangerous criminals, just looking for people to murder. Like in those horror movies. But for some reason, Gerard couldn’t bring himself to think of Audrey as a ruthless killer. She just seemed to innocent, even after watching the girl kill someone, something about her seemed so. . .angelic.


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