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You Know Where the Money Is.

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Kepp the lights off, of Audrey will be asking questions.

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Audrey was finally asleep, laying in her bed, exhausted from crying. Landon had calmed her down and she fell asleep on Gerard, his t-shirt soaked. Once Audrey had been carried to bed by Landon, Gerard sat on the couch next to Landon, waiting for the blond haired man to speak. After about five minutes of flipping channels, Landon turned off the TV and said to Gerard,
“I’m sorry I was so mean to you the other day. I was kinda in an off mood.”
“Yea, it’s okay. Audrey explained that.” came the reply. Landon looked over at Gerard suspiciously, saying,
“What exactly did she explain?” Gerard replied to him nervously and cautiously, not wanting to rub Landon the wrong way. It was obvious he was sweating speed.
“She explain that you probably hadn’t had a hit in a few days. . .” Gerard’s voice trailed off. But much to his surprise, Landon laughed, and agreed with Gerard.
“Yeah, I’m good now though. Got myself an eightball, so I shouldn’t be biting your head off for a few days!” Gerard forced a smile onto his face, uncomfortable. Something was slowly beginning to arise in him that was longing for one more hit. What could it hurt, right? No, not again. Gerard mentally slapped himself and tried to be polite as Landon turned back on the TV, ever once and awhile talking about which ever show he was watching with Gerard.

Audrey’s eyes flutter open and the poster covered walls of her room greeted her as she awoke. At first, she wondered at how she’d gotten there, but all at once, the events of the morning and the night before came flooding back into her mind. Tears threatened to fill her grey eyes, but Audrey stopped them before they came, getting herself out from under the covers.
Audrey walked over to her mirror on her wall and checked her reflection. Her brown, wavy hair was messed up and tangled, her eyes were glassy and red rimmed. Audrey’s pert nose was red at the tip and her lips were cracking. Audrey grabbed a brush and combed her hair back down into a pony tail, softly hanging down her neck. Audrey even grabbed her brown eyeliner, trying her hardest to not look as though she’d been crying. Though the attempt was unsuccessful, Audrey made her way out into the living room.
“Hey, feeling better?” Landon greeted her, Gerard smiling next to him. Looks like they got along finally.
“Yeah, a little bit, thanks.” Audrey walked over to the recliner and sat down, crossing her legs and focusing on the TV. She still didn’t want to admit to herself that she’d cried in front of Gerard. Audrey had never told anyone about her father. The only people who knew were her sister, Heather, and Landon, who was told by Heather.
Out of the tow, Heather had always been more open about her emotions. Audrey had been just as content with keeping what she felt to herself. It had hardly ever been a problem. Heather told her it wasn’t good for Audrey, but, still, Audrey never spoke to anyone about her past, let alone shed a tear for herself. It could always be worse. That’s what Audrey had always told herself. At least she had a place to live during her younger years. At least she had Heather to get her out when she was old enough. At least she had Landon to protect her. For Audrey, those things were enough. After a few minutes of silence, Landon stood up, announcing,
“Well, guys, I’m off. I just wanted to make sure everything is good now!” His voice was cheerful as Landon smiled at both Gerard and Audrey. The man ran his fingers through his tousled blond hair, and grabbed his black, leather jacket from the kitchen stair. Waving one last time Landon said over his shoulder,
“I have no idea when I’ll be back, so if we get the bill, Audrey, you know where the money is.”
“Gotcha.” Audrey replied, smiling back to Landon’s back, which was disappearing behind the closing door. Once Landon had gone, Gerard broke the comfortable silence by saying,
“Looks like it’s just us again.”
“Yep. And I told you Landon was a lot nicer when he isn’t in the middle of a withdrawal.” Gerard laughed, agreeing.
“Yeah, I can tell!” For some reason, gerard was able to brush Landon’s drug abuse off, when usually, the slightest joke about drugs often times didn’t sit well with Gerard. Depp inside, Gerard felt a nagging voice telling him he should be careful, since there were probably drugs somewhere in the apartment, but Gerard disregarded the tiny voice and told himself to relax, and watch TV and talk to Audrey.
Gerard rummaged through the drawers in Landon’s room. They had to be here. Gerard knew they were. Even though it was dark, he could see the outline of clothing and deep down at the bottom of the drawer, a little plastic bag. Gerard grinned as he hungrily took the bag and opened it up.
Inside, there were little crystals, and they just seemed to call out to Gerard. Also in the bag, was a shard of a mirror, and a razor blade. Taking these two items out of the bag, Gerard’s anticipation grew. It has been so long since the last time. Gerard didn’t know how he’d even survived the last few years. The dark haired man’s smile grew as the though of doing a few lines grew more vivid in his mind.
Gerard walked over to the table in the corner of Landon’s bedroom and sat down on the old, wodden chair. He sat the bag, mirror fragment, and razor down on the dark surface. Gerard knew he couldn’t turn the light on, Audrey would notice and ask questions. Those were the last things he needed. Questions. So he kept the lights off, and began his work in the dark.
Dumping out some of the precious crystals onto the mirror, Gerard picked up the blade and began chopping them down into a fine, white powder. He scraped the drugs off of the reflective chopping board, and pushed them into two parallel lines, licking the access powder off of his fingers when he was done with that. Now, only one thing was missing. Gerard looked around on the table, and found it immediately. A little cut off straw.
Gerard put the straw into one nostril, his heart racing, ready to begin the perfect high. Closing the other nostril, Gerard snorted the first line. A mushroom of ecstasy exploded in front of his eyes, as his nose burned with the intake of the powder. Gerard got ready for the next line, ready to crank it up.
“Hell yes. . .” Gerard murmured to himself. Crank by far had to be his favorite drug. Snorting of course was his only option, since needles scared him shitless. Even so, he supposed it got close to the same effect. Not that he’d ever know, anyway.
Right after the second line, Gerard began to feel something very different. He felt his heart begin to race out of control, and his throat was closing up. What the hell is happening, Gerard thought. This had never happened before.
His vision began to go blurry, and little lights popped up in front of Gerard’s increasingly heavy eyelids. Gerard felt his body fall out of the chair and onto the floor. His body twitched, and Gerard began to realize it wasn’t an overdose. Overdoses didn’t feel like this. They never had before, anyway.
He tried to scream, but once again, his constricted esophagus prevented him from doing so. Finally, darkness overtook Gerard. And as it did, he heard a voice saying,
"You know where the money is, Gerard."


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