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the next morning. . .

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Audrey awoke to a yell from Landon’s room across the hall. Gerard. She threw back the blanket that covered her, stood up and ran to the other room as fast as her tired legs would carry her.
Audrey slowly pulled back the thick brown blanket in the doorway, her heart beating rapidly in her chest. As she did, Audrey saw Gerard’s silhouette sitting up in his bed. He seemed to be shaking, and his arms looked as though they were wrapped around his body. Audrey switched on the dim lamp on the night stand, and sat down on the bed next to Gerard’s terrified figure.
He looked up at Audrey, his eyes glazed over, his face beaded with cold sweat. Audrey realized he must have had a nightmare. She gentle put a hand on Gerard’s shivering back, stroking his shoulder blades carefully.
“Shh, it’s alright, it was just a dream,” she whispered to her friend, trying to comfort him. Audrey continued, “Do you wanna come sleep in my room?” She felt awkward saying this, but this is hat she could remember Heather telling her when Audrey would have nightmares. Gerard once again looked up at Audrey, like a little child saying,
“Yeah. . .”


Sunlight poked through the closed shades of Audrey’s room, falling on her closed eyes. Annoyed by the intruding light, Audrey squinted open one of her brown eyes, trying to find the source of the irritating light. When she did so, her gaze suddenly met the flushed and frowning face of Gerard, still asleep. Unable to function properly, Audrey couldn’t remember why he was lying next to her, clad in his dark green boxers.
At that moment, Audrey scream, startled, and scramble into a sitting position on her mattress. Gerard’s eyes shot open, and he, too, yelled, also not recognizing his surroundings.
“Oh my God. . .” Audrey said, exasperateed, now realizing what had gone on the previsious night. Gerard, on the other hand, did not.
“Why the hell am I in your room, Audrey?!” he asked confused and almost frustrated. Audrey gave him a strange look, the found that he must not have remembered his nightmare from the night before, and how shaken he was. While Gerard was still waiting impatiently for an answer, Audrey decided to keep the past events to herself, as not to trouble Gerard. She made up an excuse.
“You probably got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and accidently came in here instead of Landon’s room.”
“Oh.” Gerard said his brows knitted together, as if in deep thought. “That’s weird.” Audrey, trying not to make the current situation any more awkward than it already was, stood up, saying cheerily,
“Well, I’m gonna go make breakfast, ‘kay?” Gerard followed her lead gratefuly, standing up as well. He mumbled something incoherent under his breath, smiled at Audrey, an left the room, walking clumsily back into his previous sleeping space.
Audrey breathed a relieved sigh to herself, and walked down the hallway, into the small kitchen, and began searching though the refrigerator.

In Landon’s room, Gerard looked into mirror and suddenly began very nervous, as if his own reflection wanted to strangle him.
“You’ve been watching too many horror movies,” Gerard said to himself, turning away from the eerie feeling of the mirror and began to get dress and cleaned up. And as he did this, Gerard could smell the breakfast cooking, courtesy of Audrey. Smiling though his curtain of dark hair, Gerard lifted up the blanket to the hallway and strode out into the living room, sitting on the couch, flipping on the TV.
Even though Audrey had told him he had just gotten the rooms mixed up from exhaustion, Gerard still couldn’t help but think there was more to last night. After all, in the back of his mind, he could almost feel a certain sense of fear inside him. But pushing these thoughts aside, Gerard focused his attention to the morning news, listening to Audrey hum to herself.

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