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Painful Memories

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Audrey is at the grocery store, and er apst begins to catch up with her.

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A few pigeons gurgled as Audrey walked by, her footfalls barely audible in the morning sound of traffic and the people passing around her. Normally, there weren’t a whole ton of people crowding the streets in this part of town, but today being Monday, everyone was off to work, most of them with killer hangovers from the weekend. Audrey made her way though the throng, flitting in between people, trying to reach her destination a few blocks away as fast as possible.
Audrey felt rather bad, keeping Gerard in the dark about his nightmare, but she thought it was best that he didn’t have to relive it at all. Gerard had seemed so frightened. It just wasn’t right to worry him over it. Besides, she didn’t know him that well. For all Audrey knew, he could be a total lunatic and rip her throat out for trying to help him.
Entering the tiny store, the clerk, Mr. Long, nodded to Audrey as she made her way to the bread section. Picking out two loaves, and putting them in basket she picked up off of the counter in the store front, Audrey went through her grocery list in her head. At the apartment, they needed bread (check), milk, some fruit and veggies for the nights when cereal wasn’t sufficient, cereal itself, for when Audrey and Gerard were to lazy to cook, and eggs.
Picking around for all of these items, Audrey heard someone who sounded astoundingly like Landon. Turning her head to see who was talking, Audrey saw Landon himself, surprisingly. He was with a man, slightly shorter than Landon, with dark, curly black hair. They hadn’t noticed that Audrey was standing there, watching them quite yet. And all to suddenly, Landon, bent down to his companion, and planted his lips harshly onto the shorter man’s lip, and, furiously, they began kissing heatedly. Blushing in shame, Audrey quickly turned and walked the other way, not wanting her only guardian that every cared about her to realize that she had witnessed him with his (obviously secret) gay lover.
Audrey got the rest of the food she needed into the basket and went, head down, to the check out. Mr Long took his time scanning her items, so long, in fact, that Landon walked up and stood behind her in line. She was expecting him to ignore her, as if he didn’t have any clue as to who she was, but instead, she felt his large, warm hand on her shoulder. Turning around and bracing herself, she said, pretending to take in a moment of recognition,
“Oh, hey Landon! I didn’t know you were so close to home. Where you stayin’?” Audrey immediately regretted asking that last question upon noticing his ‘friend’ come up behind him. Thankfully, Landon didn’t seem to have any problem answering her question..
“I’m staying at my friend’s. Audrey, this is Ryan.” Landon shoved the friend up in front of him, and Ryan stuck out his hand for Audrey to shake.
“Hey, Audrey, nice to finally meet you,” he said, as she took his hand, smiling back to him. “I’ve heard you stay at Landon’s apartment with him. Or with some other character at the moment.”
“Yeah, I’m staying up with Gerard right now, or rather he’s staying with me.” They both laughed, along with Audrey. At that precise moment, Mr. Long butted in with a short cough, as to signal that Audrey could pay, and then leave.
Turning away from the two, Audrey slipped out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to the senile old Chinese man, who gave her the required change. Taking the bags of groceries, Audrey turned to Landon an Ryan, saying
“Well, Ryan it was nice meeting you, and I have to get on home. Don’t want Gerard to think I got shanked or anything!” They shared a laugh with her, then waved goodbye as she left the store, ready to get home.
Once, after a minute, Audrey turned and saw Ryan and Landon in the distance, and Ryan intertwined his hands with Landon, who openly offered the sign of his affection. Audrey didn’t even notice she was crying until the tears dried onto her face, cold in the brisk air. Quickly wiping the tears away, Audrey immediately found the reason why the tears where flowing from her eyes a little too freely:
One night, about a year after she’s been under the care of Landon, something happened that Audrey never thought about, for fear of turning it into a memory that brought itself up much too often, which is what it was, for a few weeks.

Audrey had long gone to bed, and as she was beginning to fall into a relaxed, exhausted sleep, Audrey could hear Landon in the bathroom, brushing his teeth. Audrey had smiled, thinking about how much of a freak he was about personal hygiene. The toilet flushed, and the bathroom door opened, and surprisingly, Audrey heard Landon’s footsteps walk into her room.
His silhouette was dark ,and tall in the blackness that engulfed her tiny sleeping space.
“Audrey?” she heard him ask. Finding her voice, she replied,
“Yeah?” He laid down on the edge of the bed, too long for the width of the mattress, so his head hung off and rested on the floor. Landon often did this, it was just his way of making himself feel at home with people. Audrey thought nothing of it.
“Do you ever miss your parents or Heather at all?”
“Heather, yeah. Parents?. . . no.”
“Hmm. . .” Landon took a moment to think. Interrupting his thoughts, Audrey said, trying to be polite,
“You don’t have to lay down there like that, you know. It’s not like your gonna rape me or anything!” Landon laughed, and took up her offer, maneuvering his way up next to her.
Landon smelled like cinnamon and pot, that was evident. But there was something else to, almost seeming to tinge the air every time the blonde man breathed. Listerine, Audrey thought, and giggled. Landon turned to face his younger friend.
“What the hell was that all about, Audrey?”
“Your breathe smells like Listerine.”
“Um, yeah, it does, I suppose.” came the reply. Audrey began to grin, but then she found herself speechless as she realized Landon’s eyes, blue and shining. He, too looked into Audrey’s, realizing how beautiful they were. Leaning toward her, Landon pressed his lips against the younger girls, and much to his surprise, she kissed back.

Remembering sent a new wave of tears racing into Audrey’s eyes. They hadn’t stopped with just a simple kiss. That turned out to be the night that she lost her virginity. At first, Audrey was excited, hoping Landon would love her, because no one had ever really been there, as a parent, or anyone who cared, for that matter. But she was crushed, the next morning.

“Good morning, sunshine. How’d you sleep?” Landon asked, as Audrey walked into the front room, nervous as could be. Thinking up something cute to say, she replied,
“What do you think?” Landon laughed, then, at the same time, broke Audrey’s heart.
“I would have no idea. I was so high I can’t remember a thing.” Audrey held back the tears all morning. That night, she sat in the bathroom and cried until she puked everything she’d eaten that day into the toilet. Landon has asked Audrey if she was alright at one point, but all she could say was,
“I’ll be okay tomorrow.”

That was a lie. It still was. Audrey’s face streamed as she walked back to the apartment, groceries in arm, her heart breaking all over again.
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