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Shadowed Past II

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AU on how the X-men came to be. Major Jott and Kurtty. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kitty, Evan, and Rogue have all had horrible lives. See how they ban together and become the future X-men with the help of ...

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X-men: Evolution of the Heart
Chapter 19: Shadowed Past II

This chapter is based on the episode of Evo when Kurt first learns about his relation to Mystique. It's a bit different then the actual episode, so please bear with me.


"Vhat's this?" said Kurt as he walked in to his room after returning from school.

There was a single envelope on the foot of his bed with no writing on it other than his name printed in large letters. Quickly, Kurt opened it and read the short, handwritten note.

'Dear Kurt, if you want to know the truth please meet me at the south Bayville construction sight immediately. Sincerely, your mother.'

Kurt nearly dropped the letter upon reading it. He had rushed back home to find what the Professor had found out about him, but instead he found this.

"Kurt? Are ya in there?" said a voice from outside Kurt's bedroom door.


"Yeah, it's me. The Professor says he ready to talk to us about the dream, are ya comin?"

"Nein, something else has just come up. Tell him I'll be back later," said Kurt as he grabbed his jacket.

"What? But I thought..."

"I got a note Rogue. Somebody wants to meet me...Somebody important. I think they may know more than the Professor," said Kurt.

"What are you talking about?" asked Rogue.

"See for yourself," said Kurt as he handed her the letter.

It didn't take long for Rogue to read it, but when she finished it she was almost as shocked as Kurt was.

"Oh ma God. Kurt, I'm coming with you," said Rogue eagerly.

"Vhat? No, this note was addressed to me."

"Like it or not Kurt, it was MY dream to begin with! I have just as much right to know as you do!" replied Rogue in a tone that left no room for argument.

"Fine," said Kurt with a sigh, "Then let's go!"

With that, Kurt grabbed her shoulder and teleported out in a puff of smoke...Leaving the letter to fall to the floor.


"Did I miss anything?" asked Evan as he rushed in to the living room where everybody was gathered except Kurt, Rogue, and Kitty.

"Nope, just waiting for blue boy," said Logan.

"He's not here yet? He's been stressing about this all day, how could he be late for it?" asked Evan.

"This is a very important matter for Kurt, I doubt he would want to miss it," responded Storm.

Just then Kitty came running in to the room with a piece of paper in her hand.

"Professor, Kurt's gone and so is Rogue! I found this in his room," exclaimed Kitty as she handed the note to the Professor.

It didn't take long for him to read it.

"Oh no...Suit up everyone. We have to find them!" said the Professor.

The team didn't ask questions, they just scrambled out of the room and prepared for whatever faced them.

"I only hope we're not too late."


After a few trips via teleportation, Kurt finally reached the construction sight the letter had referred to. There was nobody there, so they just waited anxiously.

"Kurt, I've got a bad feeling about this," admitted Rogue as she felt the air around her suddenly grow cold.

"I do too, but I have to know the truth."

Suddenly a mysterious lady in a dark cloak walked out of the shadows and approached the two teens from behind.

"Hello Kurt," said the lady.

Rogue immediately had a flash of memories go off in her head as she saw this lady. She was definitely the one from her dream, but she did not show her face.

"It's you isn't it? You're the one from Rogue's dream," said Kurt as he approached her.

"Yes I am, and for good reason too. Kurt...I'm your mother," said the lady unveiled the cloak revealing herself to be none other than the blue shape shifter, Mystique.

"Mystique?! It...It can't be!" exclaimed Kurt.

"But it is...If you've been having that dream then you know it's true...Son."

"Rogue? Is it..."

Kurt was at a loss for better words. He never would have thought this could happen and he refused to accept it.

"It's true," said Rogue as the memories of the dream washed over her mind again.

She remembered that this had never been a memory of Kurt's to begin with, it was a memory of Mystique. Rogue had touched her on that fateful day when the Professor recruited them at the docks. And now her old thoughts had manifested in the form of dreams that told the truth.

"No...It's not possible!"

"It...It is Kurt."

"No, you must have made a mistake! She..."

"Don't talk to your sister like that son," said Mystique.

This time, Rogue felt the shock as she struggled to comprehend what Mystique had just said.

"What did you say?" stammered Rogue hoping she hadn't heard her right.

"If you've touched me before then you know the truth, Rogue. I adopted you when you were four...You are my daughter...And Kurt is your brother," responded Mystique.

Rogue looked over at Kurt with shock all too apparent in her eyes. She then looked back at Mystique and a flood of other memories consumed her mind. She suddenly saw images of a crying little girl in a dirty orphanage. She saw a mysterious lady come and take her away from it...And saw her face in the process. It was Mystique...But there was more. She saw Mystique abandon her years later when she started having seizures due to her emerging powers. She witnessed as she was sent to live with her foster mother, Agnis and how Mystique never returned and the endless pain and suffering of her old home set in.

"But how can this be?" said Kurt seeing that Rogue was at a loss for words.

"When you were born...I made the mistake of letting a terrible man named Mr. Sinister experiment on you. You see, I thought he could help you as a mutant...But he turned out to be a monster. Those experiments are responsible for some parts of your appearance. They are the reason why your powers manifested much earlier than most other mutants. When I saw the way he was experimenting on you I grabbed you and ran. He chased me...And I dropped you in to the river," said Mystique solemnly as she recalled the unpleasant memory.

"But you KNEW he survived!" said Rogue finally as she broke her silence.

"Yes...I saw that another family found and adopted him. After that I knew he would have a better life than if he stayed with me...So I left."

"You abandoned him!" yelled Rogue, "The same way you abandoned ME!"

Mystique was taken aback by Rogue's harsh words.

"Rogue you must understand that I did everything I..." but Kurt cut her off.

"You knew!? You knew vhat happened to us after you left us! You knew vhat happened vith my adopted family...And vhat happened after they died..." said Kurt who was trying to hide his rage.

There was no more hiding from it now. Rogue knew more than Mystique was willing to tell. The shape shifter could only try and defend her actions that the two bewildered teens had come to so greatly regret.

"I couldn't do anything about it! I couldn't help you...But I tried! I did all I could!" yelled back Mystique.

"You did everything...Except be our mother!" yelled Kurt

Mystique looked as the anger grew within Kurt's eyes. It was a mixture of tears and pain.

"Kurt, Rogue...I wanted to help you but..."

"But you didn't..." said Kurt as he cut her off in mid sentence. Then, he started to walk towards her. "You didn't help either of us vhen ve really needed it. Do you have any idea of vhat I had to go through because of you not being there?! Do you have any clue as to what happened to me?! DO YOU HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA OF VHAT A LIVING HELL MY LIFE HAS BEEN?!"

Kurt couldn't go on after that; he couldn't reveal any more even though there was so much he wanted her to know. He wanted to tell her about all the beatings, assaults and rapes that he had to go through because she wasn't there. Mystique tried to look stoic, but Kurt's tone was all too harsh and he looked like he was on the verge of crying.

"You think you were trying to do the best thing for us..." said Rogue as she felt the anger grow within her. "YOU ABANDONED ME! YOU ABANDONED US! You sent us both in to terrible homes that nearly killed us!"

Kurt was now within inches of Mystique. Anger had given way to sadness as the memories of the terrible story that was his life took over his mind once more. Mystique saw her two children and couldn't help but feel angry herself. They way they spoke to her and the way they felt about her now that they knew only made her blood singe with resentment. She had hoped to win them back, instead she pushed them away.

"I did all I could for you...And this is how you repay me!? You blame me like it was my fault!" said Mystique as she started to let her anger out.

"Repay you?! This is your fault and you know it!" yelled Kurt.

"I gave you LIFE!" shot back Mystique not willing to admit anything they were saying.

"Yeah...Vell you can have it back for all I care...Mother."

Those words stung and the blue mutant's rage grew. Just then, the ground started to shake beneath them. Kurt stumbled back towards Rogue as they both sensed a new presence in the area.

"Back off blue boy!" yelled Lance as he came in to view.

Soon he was joined by his four other teammates.

"Having a party Mystique? Well, your superior thought it would turn out to be a bust. Looks like he was right," said Pietro in a cocky tone.

Wanda's eyes immediately started to glow as her gaze met Rogue's.

"Payback is way overdue X-geeks! You're outnumbered this time!"

Just then, a red optic blast hit the ground near them. The rest of the X-men had arrived.

"Not anymore!" bellowed Logan as she lunged at Mystique.

Wanda then attacked Rogue, launching a barrage of hex bolts at her. Using the features of the construction yard to her advantage, Rogue was able to dodge them. Quicksilver immediately went for Evan as he started to circle around him and easily avoided being hit with his spikes. Scott and Jean were busy subduing the immovable Freddy "Blob" Dukes. Scott's optic blasts knocked him back, but didn't stop him. Jean's telekinesis was helping, but Blob was still putting up a fight. Toad immediately went for Kurt and was able to fight strongly due to his current state of mind.

"Aw, what's the matter momma's boy? Want her to kiss away your boo boo's?" taunted Toad as he delivered a swift kick to Kurt's chest with his powerful legs.

"Err! Shut up Toad!" said Kurt as he struggled with all that had happened to him in the last few minutes.

Kurt tried to hit the nimble amphibious mutant, but he was quick and Kurt was a lot slower than he usually was.

"Ha! You're losing your edge yo! This definitely hasn't been your day!" said Todd as he hit Kurt again with a kick.

"You know something...Your right."

That caught Todd off guard just long enough for Kurt to teleport right behind the young mutant to deliver a single knock out punch.

Meanwhile, Lance was hesitating to fight against Kitty. He had hoped she wouldn't come to this, but she did. He couldn't understand why, but there was no time to contemplate.

"You shouldn't have come here Kitty...This doesn't concern you or the rest of the X-geeks," said Lance as she stood ready to unleash another tremor.

"Your wrong Lance...If it involves Kurt, it involves me too," replied Kitty.

"Why do you insist on helping that blue fuzz ball?" said Lance getting a little too frustrated.

"I've told you before...But you just don't listen! Kurt it my best friend in the world...And I won't let you or anybody else tell me that I can't help him when he really needs it!" said Kitty in a harsh tone.

Kurt had heard this and couldn't help but feel thankful for her words, but Lance on the other hand only responded by rolling his eyes back and starting another tremor. This disrupted everybody's fight as Quicksilver stumbled to the ground and Mystique and Wolverine stopped fighting. However, that didn't stop Wanda...She was still firing hex bolts at Rogue like a maniac. This proved to be fatal as her aim was hindered by the shaking ground and she accidentally shot the base of a wood pile out, causing it to tumble down towards her. But as she jumped out of the way, she was met with Rogue's hands and knocked out cold. Armed with Wanda's powers, Rogue put an end to Lance's little earthquake and the rest of the Brotherhood soon fell.

Seeing her team fall yet again, Mystique felt it was about time to make their escape.

"Give it up Mystique...You lose," said Logan.

"This time perhaps, but soon it won't matter," said Mystique ominously.

"NO!" yelled Rogue as she approached Mystique from behind and paralyzed her with Wanda's powers. "No more lies!"

Then, Rogue touched Mystique's face and absorbed her powers and thoughts. As new images streamed through her mind, a clear picture of Risty appeared before her. She saw the truth as she watched the events of the past few months between her and Risty and saw Mystique transforming in to her and befriending her. As Rogue let go and Mystique fell to the floor unconscious, Rogue started to feel lightheaded and dizzy from everything that she had just learned.

"Rogue...Are you okay?" said Logan as he ran to her side and prevented her from collapsing.

Rogue kept breathing in short, ragged breaths, but she would be okay.

"Yeah, I'm fine...I guess."

"Come on...Let's get you home," said Logan as he helped her regain her balance.

As Pietro got up and saw that the fight was lost.

"Looks like it's time to make our exit," said the speed demon as he used his speed to kick up a dust storm and get everybody out of there.

Before Mystique was taken away, Kurt looked back towards her with a fury of harsh emotions clouding his mind. He had found his mother...But now he wished he hadn't.

"Goodbye...Mother," said Kurt as his head sunk in a state of despair.

Kitty ran to Kurt's side upon Mystique's defeat and immediately put her arms around him, knowing that he needed her right then and now.

"Kurt...Are you okay?" said Kitty in a worried tone.

Kurt just turned and looked deeply in to her beautiful blue eyes. He remembered what she had said earlier when she fought with Lance. She came there for him when he really needed it and helped him as he struggled to take in everything that had happened to him on this one fateful day. Her eyes, her touch, her presence only comforted him as he managed to smile.

"Ja...I'll be okay...Thank you Kitty."

"Anytime Kurt. Come on...Let's go home."


Later that night the Professor filled both Kurt and Rogue in on what he knew, but it only confirmed what Mystique had told them. They didn't say much that evening and nobody could blame them...Not after everything that had happened.

"So now they know the truth," said Logan as he sat with the Professor in the library to discuss everything that had just transpired.

"Yes...I hoped that it wouldn't end like this. After everything both Kurt and Rogue have been through, I guess they deserve a little closure. But it still doesn't change what was done to them," said the Professor.

"Do you think they will be okay after all this?" asked Storm.

"I'm not sure Ororo. Like I've said before, they all guard their memories, feelings, and emotions more fiercely than I could ever hope to sense. What has led them to feel this way, is something we can only speculate. But from what I can tell, they have already been through a lot of pain in their short lives. I can't imagine how they must feel. But right now...They need to come to terms with Mystique and who she really is..."


Later that night, Kurt sat out on his windowsill with the cold air running through his fur. Rogue entered his room, with one more thing on her mind that she needed to talk about.

"How ya holdin' up Kurt?" said Rogue as she stood next to him.

"I'm getting there Rogue. I just...Need to think, that's all."

Rogue stood beside him in silence, not knowing what else to say. Everything that they had found out was a lot to process. She had found out that one of her only friends at school had been Mystique all along and that all this time when she thought she was alone in this world, it turned out that she had a brother right near her the whole time. Even if it wasn't by true blood, it was still family never the less.

"Yeah...But ya gotta admit there was at least one good thing that came outta all this."

"Vhat's that?" asked Kurt even though he had a good idea what the answer was.

"You gained a big sister...And I gained a little brother."

The both of them could only smile, for it was the first real family they had ever thought they'd have. Even thought they were very different people, they still stood by each other as friends through some of the worst times any of them had ever faced.

"Ja...I guess ve have. Thanks Rogue."

"For what?" she asked in reply.

"For helping me know the truth even if it wasn't very pleasant...For both of us."

"Yer welcome...Brother."

After that, Rogue got up and left Kurt back to his own thoughts. Kurt didn't see it, but the gothic girl had tears in her eyes, for she had found family. As she left, she noticed Kitty standing in the doorway. As she passed her, Rogue simply nodded knowing that Kitty would probably the best person for Kurt to be with through this difficult time.


"Hey Kitty...Look, I've been meaning to thank you for vhat you did back there," said Kurt as Kitty took a seat next to him.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Kurt took a deep breath, for he wanted this to sound perfect for her without revealing too much of what he wanted to keep secret.

"I mean that thing you said to Lance. I know you really like him...But fighting him for me...Vell, I just can't tell you how much it means to me. You being there for me...Like you always have just, well...Thank you Kitty."

Kurt struggled to get the right words out and for a moment he thought he messed up, but Kitty's warm smile proved otherwise.

"That's what I'm here for Kurt. We've always been there for each other through some of the worst times. And I know that the whole Lance issue has you, and even me for that matter, spooked, I want you to know that I will always be there for you...Because you were always there for me."

Kurt didn't know what to say after that...He was at a total loss for words. He only responded by putting his arms around Kitty's waist and hugging her close. She sunk in to his arms, for they offered a feeling that nobody else could mimic; not even Lance. Kitty sensed tears in Kurt's eyes, but they weren't tears of sadness.

"I can't believe I have a friend like you Kitty. I mean...Me, a fuzzy blue demon that everybody fears and runs from...Has an angel like you," said Kurt softly as he gently ran his hands down her face.

Kitty blushed at his words and even though the wind was cold, she felt warm in his presence.

"I'm lucky to have a friend like you, Kurt. And don't forget...You are not a demon. You're perfect the way you are."

"Really?" asked Kurt.

"Of coarse," said Kitty as she ran her fingers down his fur-covered face, "Besides...Blue is my favorite color."


Later that night, Scott played a special song for Kurt on his guitar to help him reflect on all that had happened to him. In a way, his friends whom he bore no blood relation to were more family than Mystique could ever be. It was hard knowing that one of your greatest enemies was your mother, but in the end blood isn't always thicker than friendship.

Fathers hands
Were lined with dirt
From long days in the field
And mothers hands
Are serving meals
In a cafe on Main Street
With mouths to feed
Just trying to keep
Clothing on our backs
And all I hear about is
How it's so bad
It's so bad

It's too bad
It's too bad
Too late
So wrong
So long
It's too bad that
We had no time to rewind
Let's walk
Let's talk
Let's talk

You left without
Saying goodbye
I'm sure you tried
You call and ask
From time to time
To make sure
We're alive
But you weren't there
Right when
I'm needing you the most
And now I dream about it
How it's so bad
It's so bad

It's too bad
It's too bad
Too late
So wrong
So long
It's too bad that
We had no time to rewind
Let's walk
Let's talk
Let's talk

Father's hands
Are lined with guilt
For tearing us apart
Guess it turned
Out in the end
Just look at
Where we are
Made it out, still got
Clothing on our backs
And now I scream about it
How it's so bad
It's so bad

It's too bad
It's too bad
Too late
So wrong
So long
It's too bad that
We had no time to rewind
Let's walk
Let's talk
Let's talk

No time
Last one
Let's go


AN: That was for all you Kurt/Kitty fans out there! That song by the way was "Too Bad" by Nickleback. They own it and I don't so don't sue me! Don't worry, I'm not done writing about Kurt/Kitty just yet. But it'll have to wait because coming up next chapter, is my take on the episode "The Cauldron." See what happens when Scott learns about Alex and see all the Scott/Jean that comes with it! Stay tuned and don't for get to review! Post them on or send them to me at Thanks for reading and best wishes to you all!

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